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Holiday with a xhamster friend !

We had been chatting on xhamster for a couple of years and quickly realised we had similar interests in porn , girls ,cars etc, when we decided to go on a lads holiday together as we were both single . We booked a weeks holiday in an apartment in a popular greek destination. As we lived in different cities in the UK we met up at our apartment for the first time and I was pleasantly suprised to see D (thats what i'll call him) was quite a good looking lad and knew we had a good chance at pulling !
I'd arrived about an hour before he had so had first choice on beds and had sorted my clothes into the wardrobe and grabbed a quick shower . D quickly sorted his clothes out and stripped off to get in the shower . Now i have seen D's cock in pictures but in the flesh it was quite impressive to see .Slightly larger than my own it was about 4 inches flaccid , quite thick and circumcised .
D got out the shower and got dressed to hit the night clubs . After seeing quite a lot of pretty girls about we made our move on a couple in a small bar . They were a bit d***k and very touchy feely with us . We persuaded them to come for a dance and there were a lot of d***k lads and girls getting dirty on the dance floor . The girl I was with was about 5ř long blonde hair , blue eyes and a nice pair of tits ! D's girl was also blonde but about 5ŝ with long smooth legs and a great set of tits ! Before long i was snogging my girl and D was doing the same . I noticed a lad fingering a girl next to me and she also noticed , this made her horny and she began rubbing my rapidly growing bulge .
She whispered in my ear to go to the beach so off we headed and D and his girl followed ! As soon as we were out of public sight i had my fingers in her knickers playing with a perfectly smooth pussy and she had her hand in my pants playing with my balls . I heard a groan next to me and it was D getting a blowjob from his girl ! I felt my jeans being tugged down when i heard d's girl throw up ! Shit game over I knew where this was going and so did D ! We e****ted the girls back to their room and my girl gave me a quick snog and squeezed my balls and said maybe another time .
I was gutted and so was D ! Too late to try our luck again so we decided to call it a night and went to our room .
D went to the bathroom and I undressd down to my boxers as the room was still very warm! D came out and I went in to wash , brush my teeth and take a piss !
When I came out D was passed out on the bed in his boxers but sporting a massive stiffy ! Still feeling horny I pulled his boxers down and released his cock . I took hold of it and began playing with my first cock that wasn't mine ! It was hot and had pre cum oozing from the tip , so I smeared it on his helmet , spat on my hand and began to wank him off .
I knew I was taking a risk if he woke up I'd be busted ! My hand moved quicker and my free hand played with his ball sack . Suddenly his balls tightened and i knew he was going to blow , I glanced up and D was awake , smiling !
I momentarily froze but D told me not to stop and moments later several hot spurts of cum flew out of his slit and on his chest ! I pumped his cock till no more cum was coming out then D wiped the spunk off his chest and told me it was my turn ! He yanked my boxers down and my cock sprang free ! I lay down and D got to work wanking my cock . I was so turned on it only took a few minutes before I let out a moan and D wanked my cock harder than ever before I shot a huge load over my stomach and chest !
I cleaned up and we both went to sl**p to prepare for our next attempt on the girls !

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