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First Time CD In Public

Just got back from a Adult Bookstore with an arcade. Prior to going I had decided to dress in garter belt and hose, short mini skirt, bra and panties, with a see thru top. Put my sweat pants and t-shirt on over it all. Walked out of the hotel and into the car. Drove into the parking lot there were only a few cars there. Went in and proceeded to the arcade. Found a booth went in and locked the door. Put the card into the machine and found a hot she-male video. Took my sweats and t-shirt off leaving me in my outfit.

I must say that my heart was pounding and could feel my head throbbing. Excitment I had not felt in years. I stepped foprward and unlocked the door to my booth and waited. Within a couple minutes the door opened and in stepped a middle aged gentlemen. He immediately locked the door and took all of his clothes off, dropped to his knees and started to suck on my man clit. What a job he was doing long deep throat motions. All the while jerking his 7" cock.
After a few minutes, he stopped sucking and turned me around. The next thing I felt was his tongue lapping around and in my ass. I must admit this may have been the first time I have had it done to me. This went on for a while, and I guess it was a mutual agreement, we both composed ourselves and dressed back to what we came in with.
We agreed to meet again there tomorrow afternoon, but I will not be dressed.

I will tell you all that this is not the last time I dress and go out. I will have to wear clothes over, because there is no way I could be considered "passable"(even if it was in a dark room).
PS- I should mention I am a mwm,65yo, and just found CD in the last few years.

Again, this was such a rush, I can't wait to get ovr the the coast and the adult theater. I will dress and then remove the outer clothes. CAN NOT wait.

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