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Brenda and the dance club

“What do you think?” Brenda gave a spin. John, who had been sitting on the bed watching her dress, gave her a soft wolf whistle.

“Unbelievable, hon,” he replied. “You will get a lot of attention tonight.”

Brenda gave him an appreciative smile, and turned back to the mirror to put the last touches on her make up.

She was dressed in her white silk blouse, and short black skirt. Her freshly shaved legs were uncovered, softly tanned, toned, long, sexy. When she bent over, it was pretty clear that the only garments she wore that night were the blouse, skirt and shoes.

“God, I want you right now,” John said, his voice husky.

“You’ll want me more later, if you wait,” Brenda teased. She gave John a quick kiss, not wanting to ruin her makeup. “Patience, you know I’m right.”

John sighed regretfully, but knew she was right. He knew what would happen at the club, and knew what would happen when they got home. He just wanted the getting home part to be happening right NOW.

He followed Brenda to the car, gentlemanly opening the door for her. As she got in, she made sure to give him a full view of her freshly shaved pussy. He could see she was already wet in anticipation. John closed the door, walked to the driver side, and got in. He half hoped Brenda would give him a blow job on the way, but knew she wouldn’t. She knew how to tease him, how to make him wild with desire for her.

They didn’t talk much on the way to the club. Pulling up, the valet opened Brenda’s door. John was sure he was treating him to the same view he’d just gotten. The look on the valet’s face was priceless as John handed over the keys.

Brenda waited for John to join her, and they entered the club together. Their table had been reserved, right by the dance floor. They sat down and John ordered drinks. The floor was already crowded, the live band loud and hot. John looked around, and as always concluded there was no one in the place to match his wife.

The drinks came. Brenda was sipping hers when the young man approached. “Not dancing?” He asked her. Ignoring John.

“No one has asked me yet,” she replied, giving him a sidelong look, followed by a quick glance at his groin. John knew, she was sizing him up.

“What a shame, no one has asked you to dance,” said the stranger, looking for the first time at John. “Why do you not dance with her?”

“I don’t dance,” John lied. Tonight was not about him dancing with Brenda.

“May I then?” He was asking John.

“My wife is her own person, and she does as she pleases. If you wish to dance with her, then I suggest you ask her, and not me.”

A little confused, but still persistent, the young man turned his attention back to Brenda. “May I have this dance?”

Brenda had been sizing him up the entire time his attention had been on John. This boy was maybe 20 years old. Over 6 feet tall, his waist was slim, his butt firm. Under his shirt she could see his muscles rippling. His tight pants displayed a rather large bulge that hinted to her that he would do quite nicely.

“This dance, and maybe more,” she responded in her breathiest voice. Rising from her chair, she put her hand in the boy’s hand, and he led her to the floor. She made sure not to get to far into the middle. John needed to see everything that happened. He took her right hand in his left, and wrapped his right arm around her, while her left arm went behind his waist.

The boy could dance, what a relief. A good dancer always made it better. John watched from the table as the boy led his wife around the floor. He noted of course that as they danced, Brenda got closer and closer, eventually letting go his hand, and putting both her hands around his neck. Her soft breasts were rubbing against his chest, and he could see her hips so close to his.

Both his hands were around her waist now, as they danced closer and closer. John could see that now Brenda’s head rested on his shoulder, her lips brushing his neck. Her breasts now pressed tightly to his chest as they continued to move to the music. He pulled her closer, their hips now pressed tightly together. John imagined that Brenda was feeling his very hard erection against her mound by now.

They turned slightly, the boy’s back was to John. He could see Brenda’s hands gripping his back, fingers flexing. She was aroused, and John was sure her juices were running. As they continued to turn, John saw that the boy’s hands were now gripping Brenda’s ass, pulling her against him. His hips were moving against her, no doubt dry humping her. Brenda looked John in the eye, and smiled. He saw her moving her mouth to the boy’s earlobe, kissing then sucking on it.

The boy’s hands moved over Brenda’s ass like he owned her, and of course she did not stop him. And then he slipped a hand under her skirt, discovering her smooth, bare ass. John’s own arousal was becoming painful. How he would have loved to simply pull out his cock and begin stroking it right there.

Brenda was grinding her pelvis against the boy now, with both his hands under her skirt. He moved one hand around to the front, still under her skirt. Brenda’s eyes closed in ecstasy, her head falling backward, biting her lower lip. John knew that look. The boy’s finger was already in her dripping pussy.

The only tension for John was how would it end. He had his preference of course, but it was up to Brenda and the boy. She saw her whispering in his ear, and then she looked at John again, with a wicked smile.

The boy was fumbling at his pants, trying to be discreet. But anyone watching them knew what he was doing, knew what they were about to do. Brenda bit her lip again in anticipation, and wrapped her leg around the boy’s waist. John could hear her gasp where he sat, as clearly the boy’s cock penetrated her pussy.

The two continued to sway, now fucking each other to the music. She would tell John later the boy’s size. He hoped he was huge. That’s what Brenda loved.

For several minute Brenda and the boy swayed around the dance floor, his cock buried in her, neither caring if anyone saw or watched. Indeed, John knew Brenda’s desire to be seen and admired. She was clearly orgasming constantly on that boy’s cock. He could see it in her beautiful face, made more beautiful and sexy by her wanton lust.

The boy was slowing his dancing, and then still. John watched as the boy’s buttocks tightened. He could hear the boy groaning, as he pumped Brenda’s wife’s cunt full of his hot cum. Brenda held him tight as he did, milking as much as she could from him. Savoring the feel of his cock in her.

And then they were done. The boy had zipped his pants. He was leading Brenda back to the table, the boy a little apprehensive, having just fucked John’s wife on the dance floor, wondering if John would be angry.

John kept his face passive, refusing to let the boy know that not only was it OK to fuck Brenda, it was what they came for, and he had been simply used. John started to stand, ready to leave now.

But Brenda put her hand on his shoulder, and looked at the boy. “No, I’m not ready to leave,” she said. Then looking at the boy, she asked, “do you have any friends who might like to dance with me?”

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