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Construction Site Gangbang

“Hey, sweety, how ya doin’?”

Kayla’s heart beat a little faster. Ooo, God, go away, you sweaty a****ls, she thought, clutching the blueprints to her full, pert tits and trying to ignore them. The construction workers didn’t stop.

“Hey, baby, ain’t you fucking gorgeous! What’s a little girl like you doing out here?”

Kayla walked faster, as fast as she could on the wooden catwalk on her high heels. It made matters worse that she didn’t quite know where she was going; it was a huge construction site, and her boss was somewhere in it, waiting for the blueprints she carried. Soon she was past the nasty, hairy thugs who were leering at her, though, and she shook out her long, thick hair in self-satisfaction.

At 19, Kayla was the youngest secretary in her architecture firm, and by far the prettiest. Her impossibly sweet face and perfect little body earned her the lust of all the men in the office and the resentment of most of the women. So, she usually got stuck with chores like this one by the more senior secretaries; she avenged herself by dressing even sexier and getting even more attention from the men. Today, she was wearing what could have been a conservative grey tweed business suit… if the skirt hem came down a few inches, and the unbuttoned blouse didn’t show off a little flash of black lace and a curve of pert tit. Now and then, the skirt would ride up far enough to show the lace top of a stocking, and Kayla would top to wiggle and pull it back down again.

Soon the blueprints were delivered to the impatient boss, and Kayla was making her way back to her car. Somehow, though, things looked different going the other way… she wasn’t sure if she should have turned there, or…

Kayla stamped her little foot in frustration, pulling off her jacket. Lost. What a pain… she followed the catwalk she was on past big concrete walls, strange machines she couldn’t identify… it had been awhile since she had seen anyone; it was getting late, and most of the workers had left the jobsite already.

“Well, well, well, looks like you’re lost, little lady? Need some help?”

Kayla gasped and turned to see the same four brutes who had been leering at her before. She wasn’t sure why, but her heart started pounding again. As the men approached her, her eyes fixed involuntarily on the leader. Her breathing quickened as she took him in… the tanned skin, the hairy chest showing beneath his open denim shirt… the coarse stubble, the mustache, the rough look of him. Kayla generally considered herself well out of the league of construction-worker types; she dated architects. But she found herself nervous as the Leader stopped too close to her and hooked his thumbs in his belt, looking her up and down.

“You are one sweet little bitch, aren’t you?”

The others guffawed at the Leader’s rough comment; Kayla gasped in outrage and blushed red down to her tits.

“Fuck you, asshole!” She snapped. “Just show me the way out of here before I have you fired.”

TheRingleader laughed and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her into him. All she saw was bright white teeth beneath his thick black moustache as she instantly surrendered to him. Her hands went up weakly, and wound up resting against his chest as she gasped again, looking away, unable to look at him, ashamed at how easily she had responded to him. His big, rough hand grasped her bottom and he looked back at his crew.

“Don’t let her fool you boys. The little slut is so hot for it, she can hardly stand it.”

The other three laughed, and started pulling off their clothes as the leader roughly pulled off Kayla’s blouse and skirt, leaving her standing in her black lace push up bra, gstring and stockings. All four men stopped and stared at the perfect little angel panting and whimpering like a complete slut for their cocks. Then they rushed in on her.

Kayla didn’t apprehend much as she was f***ed to her knees before them; a Spanish looking man covered in snake tattoos, a fat, hairy sweaty bastard with a big uncut cock… the Ringleader had a fistful of her shining hair, and f***ed her head over to a huge, erect black cock. A big black fist grabbed the hair offered by the Ringleader, and a deep voice spoke. “Who’s your Daddy, little white bitch?”

“You are,” Kayla whimpered.

“Say it, you fucking slut!” he demanded.

“You’re my Daddy. You’re my Daddy and I’m your little white slut to use. Please may I suck your cock, Daddy?”

The black man groaned and shoved his cock into her parted lips. Kayla’s mouth stretched as the giant dick f***ed it’s way in and out of her pretty little mouth. Her hot little tongue worked the bottom of his huge tool as he face fucked her; then he pulled out, and another stud grabbed her hair and pulled her onto his cock.

“Yeah, suck my dick u fuckin’ little whore. Take it. Suck that cock. Yeah… yeah.. you love it, don’t you cunt? You want my fuckin’ cum…” The Fat Man took his turn choking her with his cock, pulling out and forcing her down to lick his balls… then she was onto the next cock, and then the next, and the next, as the all took turns degrading her as she pleased their rock-hard cocks with her soft, wet mouth.

Soon, she was on her hands and knees, with one cock taking her doggystyle and another pounding her mouth. Kayla whimpered and writhed as the gangbang spiraled out of control, as the men spanked her with abandon and cursed her. She had never, ever, done anything even remotely like this, and she felt like it all had to be a dream. The pleasure crashed over her in irresistible, beautiful waves and she came and came for these rough, nasty men. She had their heavy, musky scent in her nostrils as cocks impaled her from both ends at once, and she loved it.

The cock in her pussy pulled out and she felt it pressing against her virgin asshole. She jumped, and the cock in her mouth popped out.

“Please no… I’ve never done that before, and even if I wanted to, you’re cock is so huge that… OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!! OOOWWW NNNNOOOOO!!!”

In three sudden strokes, the eight inch brute was in her ass and pumping, and the pain was unbelievable, and unbelievably sweet. Kayla’s eyes rolled back in her head as she crashed headlong into the joy of complete surrender and shuddered in her most powerful orgasm yet. Another cock was shoved unceremoniously into her moaning mouth and she sucked it willingly.

Soon, there was a cock in her ass, a cock in her pussy, and two taking her mouth in turn. Kayla had lost track of what time it was, where she was, or who she was… the entire universe was beautiful hard cocks, hands smacking her ass and tits, pulling her hair…

“Cunt! Take it u fucking little slut! Show us u want our fucking cum goddamn it!” Someone spat on her tits, and Kayla shrieked into the cock she was sucking. Her hips bucked spasmodically and she gagged on Fat Man’s cock, then then Snake’s, stroking both, in a lost frenzy to make them all fill her with cum. The men were panting, now, do, staring with bulging eyes at their gorgeous fuckslave, cocks getting harder and harder.

“Oh you fucking slut. Oh you fucking little whore.” The Ringleader’s cock, in her ass, stopped moving. She could feel it start to twitch. The others, knowing he was about to fill her virgin ass with his sperm, started to lose it themselves; groaning, cursing, driving their cocks into her defenseless little body with violent intensity. The Ringleader screamed, and Kayla could feel the hot wet rush of his cum blasting her insides, and then the ten inch black monster in her pussy started to batter her savagely as Daddy shot his seed deep into her unprotected white pussy.

Kayla was convulsing in a relentless, violent orgasm as Snake and Fat Man started to unload on her face. She was conscious enough to open her pretty mouth and stick out her tongue, hoping to taste some of their hot sperm as the screamed, jerking their cocks wildly, splattering her face, her hair, her tits… she licked the heads of their cocks, looking up at the men submissively as she cleaned each of any trace of cum with her hot tongue.

The men shoved her aside, and she squealed as she fell, naked, onto the dirt of the jobsite. She shuddered again in an aftershock orgasm, and stayed sprawled on the ground for a few minutes, tasting, smelling, feeling the sex all over her, the cum dripping in and on her body, as the men pulled their clothes on and walked away.

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