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John Andrews appeared to be a normal upstanding
citizen. He was 37, divorced, no c***dren, had a great
job and lived alone in a great big house in the
suburbs. He drove a nice sedan but also kept a sports
car in his driveway under a cover. His 1 acre property
was perfectly manicured and had an in-ground swimming

John dated lots of women and threw a party at least
once a week. He was even known to host the occasional
orgy. The smell of barbecued steak and chicken
permeated the air throughout the entire block during
the summer because of him. Thanks to his promotion to
VP last year, smart real-estate moves and some insider
trading he was worth over $2million.

Despite all these things and his financial success he
just felt there was something missing in his life.
Naturally he assumed the void in his life was a wife
and c***dren. His first marriage didn't work because he
married young and wasn't ready to give up his wild

He wanted sex 3 times a day in any way he wanted and he
wanted to throw parties at a whim. His wife was
certainly no prude, but wanted a more conservative
sexual lifestyle and she was ready to give up the party
scene for a more domesticated role.

So John decided that it was time to have a f****y, but
still not give up any of his more wild habits. So from
that day forth, with every girl he dated he told of his
plans. Most women wanted one or the other but didn't
want marriage/domestication and party/wild. But Betty
wasn't most women.

Betty was one of the girls in the tele-sales
department. She always had the highest hit rate because
of her warm, personable manner as well as her sexy,
sultry voice. John sometimes liked to close his door
and call her with questions just to hear her voice.
Occasionally he would take out his cock and stroke it
as she rattled on about marketing initiatives, sales
budgets and lead cards. No matter what the topic was,
she always spoke in gasped breaths.

To top it off she was a knockout who loved to dress
provocatively. She was always being reprimanded for
wearing skirts shorted than the dress code allowed,
sleeveless button down blouses with no bra and garters.
Her body was right out of a Victoria Secret's catalog.
She was 5'5, 120 lbs, 24 inch waist, 28 inch hips, long
curly red hair and 34D breasts.

John was throwing his annual summer office party at his
house and invited Betty personally. He asked if she
would be bringing her f****y. She told him she would be
bringing her 14 year old daughter but that she was not
married. John was shocked that such a young looking
girl could have a 14 year old daughter.

When he got back to his office he pulled her personnel
file and checked her birth date. She was only 29,
meaning she got pregnant at 14 or 15. John locked his
door and stroked off again as he looked through the
blinds at her. He shot his cum all over the back of the
blinds and ignored it as it dripped down onto the
floor. He took out a tissue and wiped his cock and
tossed it onto the floor. Then he picked up the phone
and called his secretary. "Linda, could you send the
janitor in here when she's finished in Mr. Blake's
office. I seem to have made a mess."

Linda said, "She just went in and is usually there for
a good 20 minutes. Do you want me to clean it?" John
thought for a second of the 67 year old woman on her
hands and knees wiping up his seed from the marble
floor and the blinds but resisted. "No, but thank you.
Miss Santos always does such a great job. Besides, I
have other work for her as well."

As he hung up the phone he wondered how Mr. Blake was
banging the cute 17 year old Mexican immigrant. She
didn't know much English but she knew how to say, "Fuck
me hard!"

Best of all, she was an i*****l immigrant who knew
nothing of labor laws or sexual harassment. She only
knew she was well paid and as long as she let the 5
VP's do what ever they wanted to her body she would
remain in the United States forever. The president was
even talking about paying to bring her younger s****r
over as his personal maid. If John knew Tony it was as
a chambermaid.

The office parties are a lot more subdued than his
regular parties, though to the average co-worker the
party was amazing. Since the company paid for it, he
had a live band, a catered feast fit for a king and a
professional lifeguard to watch the k**s in the pool
while the parents got d***k off top shelf booze.

An hour into the party Betty arrived with her daughter
Molly. Both girls showed up in their bikinis and high
heels. Betty looked better than he could have hoped,
but Molly, to his surprise, was like a goddess. She was
3 inches shorter than her mom but just as thin and with
the same red hair and green eyes. Even her tits were
almost the same size.

Betty saw John and walked over to greet him. She
introduced her daughter who beamed with the same energy
and sexuality of her mother. John shook her hand and
held it for a moment. Then he pointed to the row of
beach chairs and told them to drop their stuff and
enjoy themselves. When the girls walked away from him
he saw they were both wearing thong bottoms.

As the day wore on John played volleyball, horseshoes,
softball and also went for a swim. He was in his house
getting another bottle of mustard when Beth came in.
She was wet and fresh from the pool. She had a towel
around her waist to keep from dripping too badly. "Hey,
how are you?" asked John.

"Oh, this party is great," she said. "We're having a
great time. Your house is so nice. It's so much better
than the little apartment we live in."

John said, "Well, you can both come back to visit
whenever you'd like," he said as he closed the
refrigerator door.

"Oh no, we couldn't impose like that," she said in that
sexy voice.

John looked at her and saw that the air conditioning
was making her nipples poke out through the almost
transparent yellow bikini. He said, "No, it's no
imposition. Any time you or Molly want to use the pool
just come on over. Just give me a call first so I don't
have anything going on around here that you probably
wouldn't want to see."

She looked confused. "d**gs?" she asked.

He laughed, "No, not d**gs. No, I am a bachelor so
sometimes I have a guest or two over. I wouldn't want
to embarrass either of you."

Betty said, "Oh, that's no problem. Believe me, it
would take more than that to embarrass us. We live in
the tailor trash capital of the world. Our apartment
complex is right behind a strip club so we always see a
free show. Sometimes Molly and I sit out on our balcony
and count the blow jobs." Then Betty seemed to realize
she was talking to a vice president of her company
rather than just a friend. "Um, I... sorry."

She looked away but John put his hand on her freckled
shoulder. "Don't worry, I have seen more than my fair
share as well. Maybe one day we should compare notes."
He figured humor would help cut the tension a little.

She smiled that sexy smile and in a soft voice she
asked, "You don't think I'm too naughty?"

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Hey, nothing
wrong with naughty."

She looked down and saw her nipples poking out from her
top and said, "Oh, it's so cold in here I'm popping
out." She seemed to enjoy drawing his eyes to her body.

He said, "Well, I could loan you an extra t-shirt to
put on to help... hide your... pertness."

For the first time in his life he was at a loss for
words. She giggled and nodded yes. He led her up to his
bedroom and walked over to his dresser. He pulled out
an old t-shirt from some rock band he liked and turned

"Here, put this..." He was stunned when he looked at

She had taken off her top and her towel and was now
just in her wet thong bottoms. "Oh thanks. Do you have
boxers or something I could put on as well? These
bottoms are almost see-through when they're wet."

He had no choice but to look down at the front of her
bottoms. She lifted her leg onto the bed to give him a
better view. John could see right through her bottoms
and see her slit. She was perfectly shaven and the suit
clung to her cleft.

John had enough games. He walked over to her and took
her in his arms. He kissed her and she kissed him back.
He pulled his shirt over his head and she kissed his
muscular chest. She kissed her way down his body and
unbuttoned his shorts. He stepped out of the shorts and
she touched his cock through his boxers. She leaned
forward and pulled his boxers down. As soon as it was
free his cock smacked against her face.

She took his cock in her hands and licked the shaft. He
watched her as she very slowly sucked his cock into her
mouth. She sucked him with an enthusiasm and expertise
John had never experienced before but he wanted to fuck
her. He pulled her up and took her over to the bed. He
laid her down and climbed on top of her. He pulled her
bottoms to the side without even removing them. She
took his cock and guided it into her snatch. He was in
heaven as he sank into her velvety cunt.

As he was fucking her, he looked out the window next to
the bed and saw Molly laying on a lounge chair next to
the pool rubbing sun tan lotion onto her body. He
started fucking harder and faster. Betty noticed the
change and looked to see what caught his attention. She
saw him watching her daughter and she whispered in her
sexiest voice, "Yeah, that's it. Look at that sweet
young girl as you fuck me."

He looked at Betty, unsure what to say. She reassured
him with a smile and a squeeze of her cunt muscles
around his throbbing cock.

"Like I said, nothing bothers us. Now look at her as
you fuck me. Imagine this is her cunt you are about to
cum inside." John said nothing but continued to fuck
her as he watched the young Molly. Betty continued, "Oh
yes, you want to fuck her. You know she shaves her
pussy too. I showed her how. Now we shave each other."

John was barely able to resist shooting his load into
her. Normally he could last a full half hour and here
he was about to shoot in just 5 minutes. She liked the
reaction so she continued.

"She's not a virgin anymore. She brings home her
boyfriends and she lets me watch from the hole in the
wall as she fucks them. And when I bring a guy home she
watches. We keep a jar under each bed. After we suck a
guy off sometimes we save it in the jar and share it
later. Or if a guy cums in our pussies we lick it our
of each other."

That was all John could take as he leaned down into her
red tresses and fired his cum deep inside her. As soon
as she felt the first blast of the white hot spunk she
hit her orgasm as well. She couldn't remember cumming
this hard in months. Blast after blast of his cum set
off another micro-orgasm. He looked out the window
through the blinds and saw Molly looking up at the
window. The idea of her seeing him cumming in her
mother's pussy while fantasizing about her was enough
to make him shoot an additional blast.

Betty whispered into his ear, "I bet she wishes you
were dumping your cum in her right now. I bet she would
want me to lick it out of her little pussy and spit it
into her mouth."

John wiped the sweat from his neck as he climbed off
her and said as a joke, "Yeah? Well the party is over
at 9. You should both spend the night."

Betty thought for a second and said, "Well, if you're
serious. I'll go tell her."

With that, Betty bounced from the bed and grabbed the
t-shirt. She put on the shirt and kissed him on the
cheek as she opened the door. She left the boxer shorts
on the ground and wiggled her ass for him as she
exited. John sat on the bed as he put on his boxers and
shorts. He looked at the clock next to the bed and
sighed when he saw it was only 3pm.

The next 6 hours dripped by like maple syrup. When only
Betty, Molly, John and Mike (another vice president)
were left, Mike asked if he needed help cleaning. John
said, "Oh, no thanks. Betty and her daughter said
they'd help. In return I said I'd give them some of the

Mike waited till the girls were both out of earshot and
said, "At least they're better to look at than me. It's
a shame she brought her daughter or you might be
hitting that."

John laughed as he walked the man to the door. "Yeah,
well, maybe next time."

As soon as he shut the door Betty and Molly ran up the
steps. John walked casually up the stairs behind them.
Along the way he found their bikini tops and at the
door to his bedroom were their bottoms. John took off
his shirt and shorts as he entered. Both gorgeous women
were on the bed side by side. They looked more like
s****rs than mother-daughter. John walked slowly over
to the bed and the girls both grabbed him and pulled
him on top of them.

The put him on his back and Betty pulled off his
boxers. Molly straddled his waist and said in a sexy
little girl voice, "Mr. Andrews, will you fuck me with
your big cock?" Her eyes looked like a puppy dog but
her body cried vixen.

John said, "Baby, I'm gonna fuck you so hard your
eyes'll pop out." He put his hands on her waist and
lifted her up so her bald pussy was over his face. He
sank his tongue into her wet snatch, savoring her

Behind Molly, Betty was licking his cock and balls.
Molly talked dirty the whole time, saying, "Oh, you're
eating my pussy so good! Oh, you're gonna make me cum
on your face!" Then he felt something odd. While
sucking his cock, Brenda slid a finger into his ass and
was massaging his prostate. It felt surprisingly good.

Molly said, "I need to be fucked!" Not wanting to deny
her John helped her move down his body. Betty, with one
hand finger-fucking John's ass, used her other hand to
hold his cock for Molly to impale herself on. As soon
as she was balls deep on his prick Betty pulled out her
finger and offered it to Molly to suck on.

"God damn! You are some dirty little sluts," said John
as he fucked up into the 14 year old pussy.

Betty stood and leaned around Molly and began kissing
her on the lips. John was stunned when he saw the
mother's tongue enter her daughter's mouth. When they
separated, Betty felt compelled to say something.

"When you live alone with your daughter in a crappy
neighborhood and you work 50 hours, you have to find
ways to get your fill of pleasure. I've always been a
very sexual person since I was 11 or 12 and even with
no man around I can't give up sex."

Molly chimed in, "Who are you k**ding, Mom? You're just
a kinky slut!"

Betty retorted with a smile, "Yeah? Hi, kettle? It's me
pot. You're black."

John continued to fuck her, ignoring the banter between
mother and daughter. He had his cock buried to the hilt
inside a 14 year old pussy and he was going to savor
every moment. Betty saw that he was very focussed and
in control. She took that as a challenge. She leaned
down and lay next to John. She was on her side and her
legs were spread.

She started to finger fuck herself as she said, "Oh,
you don't look horny enough. Would it help if I told
you about the time I dated this guy named Jim 2 years
ago? I met him on an i****t-p**o web site chat room. He
was Molly's first fuck. He fucked her pussy and then
had me lick his cock clean. The next day he fucked her
in the ass and she couldn't sit for a week. He moved in
with us and we took turns sucking his cock every
morning before he went to work."

John watched his cock go into Molly's body as her
mother told the story. "He even bought us a Russian
wolfhound and had us suck his cock and fuck him." John
was almost over the edge now. Betty continued, "Molly,
honey, don't you love to e fucked by a big dog?"

Molly just moaned, lost in her excitement.

Betty asked, "Don't you love to suck his big 7 inch

Molly opened her eyes and looked John in the face and
said, "Yes! But I'd love to suck off a pony someday.
Little girls love ponies."

John felt the cum boiling in his balls. He knew he only
had seconds. Betty continued, "Hey, I saw a horse in
the pen next door. I bet we could all sneak over there
tonight and we could suck him off. All his cum could
splash all over your face and tits and I could lick it
off you. Or we could clean you off by getting the pony
to piss all over you."

John screamed as he pulled the girl down against his
chest. He held her tightly as he pumped his cum inside
her juvenile body. "Oh God! Oh fucking God!"

Molly quickly said, "Mr. Andrews, give me your cum! Cum
in my little girl pussy!"

John pumped away and when he was spent, she climbed off
and turned around. Her head was now down by his cock so
she could suck him clean while mom sucked the cum from
her twat. John had a great view of Betty licking cum
from her own daughter's pussy. When his cock was clean,
Molly signaled her mom who crawled over her daughter's
body and then let the collected spunk drip into her
daughter's hungry mouth. They locked lips and exchanged
a gooey kiss.

They both got up and sat on either side of John as they
licked their lips. When he regained his senses John
asked, "So that guy you were dating, what happened to

Betty said, "He worked as a janitor in a junior high
school. He got caught getting head from an 8th grader
and they called the cops. Turns out he was living under
an assumed name and had a warrant out for his arrest.
Now he's in prison for 10 years."

John asked, "Do you stay in touch?" She licked her
fingers that were wet with her own juices and said, "Oh
yeah, we write perverted letters. We tell him about
what we do to each other and our dog or the guys we
each bring home and he tells us of the men he sucks off
and how his cell mate loves to fuck his ass while he
tells the guy about fucking c***dren."

John looked at her and asked, "When he gets out, are
you going back to him?"

She said, "I doubt it. Now that Molly is getting out of
that age he likes I expect he'll move on. Unless of
course she or I get pregnant Then he might come back to
fuck that c***d. Why, do you want to knock us up?"

Once again John was at a loss for words. Then after a
second that felt like a year, he said, "I'd love to get
you both pregnant at the same time. I'd milk you both
and take it into work and pour the tit milk in with the
coffee creamer in the fridge. But more than that, I'd
like you both to move in with me. Betty, I want to
marry you."

Now it was Betty and Molly at a loss for words. Finally
Betty said, "I...Yes, I'd love to. I would love to
marry you. But I don't want to give up being a kinky
little slut. I want to keep fucking Molly and the dog
and write letters to Jim. And I want to try a pony. And
I want to go to glory holes and suck off strange men.
And I want to watch my daughter fuck men and..."

John interrupted her. "Whoah! Easy there! Don't worry,
I wouldn't want you to change And I'll buy you both a
pony tomorrow. And when Jim gets out he can fuck our
c***dren as long as I can as well."

Betty leapt into her arms and kissed him on the cheek.
Then Molly climbed up onto them as well and kissed them
both. Then Molly said, "Well, now that that's settled,
can we sneak next door and suck off that pony?"

John said, "You won't have to sneak. Pete's a bit of a
perv too. I was at his house one time and saw a whole
stack of magazines with i****t, pedophilia and
b**stiality. One magazine had twin 8 year old girls
sucking off a goat as a baby goat nursed on their
mother's tits. I am sure if I ask him he'd be happy to
let us use Snicker as long as he could watch. And maybe
you should offer to suck his cock as well, Molly."

Molly licked her lips and said, "Great, let's go!"

The End...for now.

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