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Mom and Frank

When I was 8 years old I had already become a world class dick sucker. I would suck the big dicks of my moms bring home friends. It wasnt until my mom met Frank. A large black man with a dick the size of Texas. I woke up one night hearing terrible screams from my moms bedroom. When I went to check on her the door was open and I saw the biggest black dick I've ever seen being shoved in and out of my moms ass. Instantly my cock was rock hard. Frank looked up and saw me and told my mom. She yelled that I was her helper and told me to come in and play with his huge balls. As soon as I grabbed one Frank started to moan and told me to suck his balls. That was all I needed to hear because by then I was addicted to big dicks and hairy balls. Within seconds he was cumming inside moms ass and as he pulled out I immediately licked along his donkey dick and then began to clean moms asshole. Once I finshed I cleaned Franks dick with my mouth. We all fell alseep with me at there feet. I woke before they did and began to suck Franks dick with ease while it was soft. The slurping noises I made woke mom and told not to stop until he came. When Frank woke up he smiled and the began to roughly fuck my throat with his massive dick. It had grown to 11 inches. My mom helpled by pushing my head further on his b**st. When he came I almost died from how much cum exploded. From then on when Frank came over my job was suck that dick until he came or told me to stop. My mom would always be there to watch and coach me. Next she is going to let him fuck my virgin ass.

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