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First Time Bi MMF Threesome

This is our first story ever, so please be gentle with us lol. This is a true story and happened earlier this month.

My wife Stephanie and I have been fantasizing about having a bi threesome for some time now. We constantly watched videos on here and read all of the stories. Stephanie is 35, a bbw, and in my opinion, smoking hot. After about 2 months of heavy fantasizing and playing around with her toy, it was time to find a guy. She was going to bed and mentioned it would be hot to wake up with 2 guys feeling her up. Off to the internet I went. I posted an ad online with some of her pictures and waited for an email.

Jim emailed us and stated that he had never done anything like this before, but was more than interested in trying. I explained that she was asl**p and that the room would be completely dark. There would be no sitting around and getting to know each other, just straight to it.

Jim showed up and I met him outside. He was taller than me and his cock was just a bit smaller than mine, but a little bit thicker. I led him into the room where Stephanie was laying in bed, but had woken up. I immediately started to eat her very wet pussy and Jim stood by her head on the side of the bed. I could hear his hands roaming all over her body and he started to play with her tits and nipples while I continued to eat her pussy.

I slid up and started to kiss her and squeeze her left tit while she reached over and began to rub his cock through his pants. I slid my hand over and started to rub his bulge with her and could feel him getting hard. We were all very nervous, and Stephanie asked him to pull out his cock for us.

Jim took off his clothes and laid down on the bed with Stephanie on his right and I laid down between his legs. They were making out and he was feeling her up while I went down and started to stroke his cock. I got up the courage and slid his cock into my mouth and started to slowly suck him. I reached down and rubbed his balls while working my mouth up and down on his cock. I could hear him moaning and he found Stephanie's clit and started to make her moan.

Stephanie slid down with me and we both took turns sucking his cock and licking it together. I ran my tongue around the tip and could taste the precum. This made me get harder and I started to suck him harder. Stephanie leaned over and began to suck my cock while I sucked Jim's. Jim was still fingering Stephanie's pussy and used his free hand on the back of my head to guide me down further causing his thick cock to make me gag a little. Since this was my first time sucking cock, I was a little inexperienced.

After licking more of Jim's precum off of the tip of his cock, I laid back and told him to go ahead and fuck her. Stephanie climbed on top of Jim and started to rub her pussy all over his cock. I leaned over and would alternate between licking her ass and pussy and licking Stephanie's pussy juice off of Jim's cock. I grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy and watched as she slid all the way down on it. She began to ride him a little bit faster and i laid back watching as best as I could in the dark and rubbing his balls and her ass. I was stroking my cock while they were fucking and Jim reached over and played with my balls. Jim had started to get a good pace going and was fucking her pussy so hard and deep that he was lifting her up off of the bed. Every now and then they would stop fucking and I would lean over and lick Jim's cock and Stephanie's pussy. The taste of both of them on his cock was out of this world.

Stephanie was riding Jim for all he was worth and I sensed that he was getting ready to cum. Knowing that Stephanie is not on the pill and that Jim was not wearing a condom, I got her to slide off of him. I got up off of the bed and walked around to kneel on the side of the bed. Stephanie started to stroke his cock and I began to suck him. He was started to breathe harder and I sensed that he was going to cum soon. Having never tasted cum, I wanted to let him cum in my mouth. I started to suck harder and Stephanie started to stroke him faster until he reached up and pushed my head all the way down on his cock. All of a sudden I felt his cum flood into my mouth and I continued to suck until I had milked him dry and swallowed every drop.

Stephanie laid down and I got behind her and slid my cock into her soaked pussy. I started to fuck her and felt Jim rubbing her clit and occasionally rub my cock. I finally fucked her for all she was worth and came inside of her. It was our first time with a guy and Jim's first time with a couple. We have fucked nonstop since and cannot wait to try this again. I think that I would be willing to try some anal play and of course, that is what Stephanie wants to see. I can tell you that I definitely want to taste cum in my mouth again though.

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