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My wife with her ex-boyfriend

My wife Clare and I were boyfriend and girlfreind when we were young. We broke up and went onto other relationships and finally got back together 15 years later and married. For the whole time we were apart I'd fantasise about about her and be constantly jealous of her current boyfriend.

My wife's most recent boyfriend just before we got back together was a chap called Adam, and a friend of mine. He was renowned locally for having a big cock which I was gutted about, knowing that he was regulalry banging my lifelong love. He wasn't the best looking chap in the world but his reputation seemed to get him loads of beautiful women (including my wife). He was often telling me stories of how he'd get his cock out at work and have it sucked off by one of the girls in his office.

I remember the first few times Clare and I had sex once we got back together; her pussy was incredibly loose! I'd get her all juiced up and start fucking her, and by the end her pussy would be farting and squelching like an incontenent old lady. Neither of us mentioned it but we both knew why. She gradually tightened up again over the first year we were together.

Recently we've been talking much more about sex fantasies and the things that turn us on. She knows that I've developed new ideas and love the idea of her being with other men. One night in the pub after a few vodkas I was asking about the big cocks she's had. I mentioned Adam's (I've never seen it so am extremely intrigued!) and she said 'well, it's not that much longer than yours, but it's bl**dy wide!'. 'How wide!?' I ask. 'About like this' she says holding up her half pint glass! I nearly burst out of my jeans at the sight of her hand around the wide glass and the thought of her enjoying a cock of this girth!

A few months went by and we continued to fantasize. We'd even had a situation where she'd had to give Adam a lift into town to pick up his car after we'd been out for the night with him and his wife, Lucy who was still asl**p in bed with a hangover. When she got back she winked at me and said 'I know what you were thinking as I drove out of the drive...'. 'You can tell me all about it later' I said. That evening she made up a little story about her stopping in a layby and sucking him off, then fucking him in our car. We both played with ourselves and came very quickly as she told the story.

A couple more months went by and we were out in town again with Adam and his wife. We were all quite d***k on tequila by the end of the night so we got a taxi back to our place. In the taxi the tequila had loosened my tougue and I started to 'joke' about the girls getting their tits out (Adam's wife has huge breasts!) etc. I was pleased that Adam joined the fun and suggested that Clare tickled his balls. It was all said in 'jest' but I could feel some excitement in the air...

Back at ours and out came the weed and the vodka and on went the music. After a couple of spliffs and some shots, the girls started dancing in the longue. Adam and I rolled a couple more spliffs and watching the girls grooving to Rhiana as we smoked them. They started some more sexy style dancing at which point Adam blurts out 'come on then, lets see some boobs'! To my amazement Clare looked at Lucy and without a moments hesitation whipped off her top and bra. Lucy followed instantly. My god! What a pair of tits! Big natural, plumb tits with huge brown nipples. The girls continue to dance and we decide to join them...I dance in front of Lucy and Adam in front of Clare.

After I few minutes I turn round to see Adam stroking Clare's boobs lovely boobs as she dances. She's smiling and looking at him straight in the eye. I watch as he passes his thumb over her hard nippple, something I know she loves. I decide to take advantage of the huge rack boucing in front of me so continue to dance with Lucy cupping and squeezing her tits. She's fairly oblivious to it and just continues to dance. After a while I turn round expecting to see Clare dancing. She's not; she's stood still with Adam's cock lying in her hands as he continues to stroke and squeeze her boobs. She's looking at him with a coy, almost embarrassed look in her eyes. His cock is protruding from his jeans and is sat semi errect in both of her hands like a pound of steak.She started to run her hands along the underside of it and it became evidently harder. There was no way that cock was 'about the same length' as mine! It was now fully errect and 8-9 inches long with a huge helmet and a shaft that was certainly the circumference of a half pint glass! Clare's hand gripped it and was nowhere near closing around it. Her coy gaze had changed into one of lust and intent. She's looked at me as if for approval, I nodded and she sank to her knees and kept her eyes glued to mine as she ran her tonugue from the balls up the underside of Adam's big dick.

Physically, Clare on her knees in front of Adam wasn't going to work because she couldn't reach the end of his dick. She pushed Adam back on to the sofa and proceeded to unbutton his jeans and pull them down. He wasn't wearing any boxers. Then with his long thick cock standing up like a rock, she went to work. Streching her mouth round his big helmet and wanking him slowly into her mouth.

I turned to Lucy who was still fairly oblivious to it all (she was stoned and d***k) and continued to dance and foundle her boobs, making sure I was in a position to watch the action on the sofa. Clare was getting really worked up and was devouring every inch of Adam's balls and dick. She gives great head and was using all her skills to great effect.

It was wonderful to watch her be in complete control. She'd decided she needed more so she stood up, took down her jeans, took off her socks, and let her pants drop to the floor. Completely naked, she then climbed on to Adam's lap and started to kiss him passionately as she ground her pussy against his hard cock. He squeezed her tits and groped her arse, slipping a finger into her wet pussy from behind. I stood in amazement at the sight of another man's hands all over my wifes body.

As they kissed, I noticed Clare's hand between her legs wrapped around the cock. She aligned it with her wet hole and began to slowly sink down onto it.

Lucy had noticed that I'd stopped playing with her tits so had taken the initiative to get my cock out. She had an almost comical smirk on her face as she started to wank my relatively small, hard cock that was glistening with juice.

I heard a wimper come from Clare. She had Adam half way in and her pussy was stretched tight around his shaft. She was slowly and gently easing up and down, egding that hard cock in a bit further each time she pushed down. Every time she raised up I could see more of her pussy juice being left around his dick. She started to increase the pace and started to grunt a gutteral noise every time she plunged herself down. She had him balls deep inside her and I could tell she was starting to cum. With her hands either side of his face, she looked longingly into his eyes, almost as if she was going to burst into tears. Then she let out a shout and grunted and came properly, shaking and quivering as his cock continued to slide all the way into her.

She flopped off him and laid by his side, but he wasn't finished. He rolled over between her legs and propped them up over his arms. I then witnessed the most sexy thing I've ever seen; my wife's gaping, sopping wet pussy with Adam's large cock ploughing into it. As he entered a load of juice was squeezed out with a loud wet farting sound. 'Urgghhh' was all I heard from Clare. He then fucked the shit out of her with such f***e I almost stepped in to stop it. The only reason I didn't was that her hands gripped his buttocks firmly as she was almost pulling him into her. She started to cum again and as she did I heard him say 'I'm cumming too'. 'Fill me up baby' she panted. And he did. Ploughing long strokes into her as she kissed him, her tongue filling his mouth.

When he'd finished he pulled out and flopped over to one side. Clares pussy opened up like a tunnel and a stream of cum and juice ran out onto our sofa.

Adam looked at me and smiled. He looked down at Lucy who had been watching and wanking me off and was covered in my cum.

None of us said much. We all headed to our beds and Clare cuddled up to me, still naked, and simply said 'Thank you darling'.

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