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The beginning

The beginning
Chapter 1
Well, I was active bfore on xhamster…found my first fucker in here. But, after that, I had only disappointing experiences. Guys in Osijek (Croatia) were interested, but when I said ok, I will be in my apartment waiting u naked with dildo in my ass nd wanting ur cock inside nd ur tasteful cum in my mouth…they ran away. Weren’t online for days…Their loss. Found two web sites nd guys in there interested in sex (real guys, not pussies or fakers…) nd after only few days had several invitations to 3somes nd many 1on1 invitations…Though would like to b fucked in an orgy, I found one great guy who became my fuck buddy. This is the true story without anything added or changed.

I wasn’t active on this site for a long time, just few days with only few (non sexual) pics of my body nd legs. Had many interested guys calling nd started to arrange meetings. It isn’t easy for me to arrange that since wf is at home…yes, I am married but I like to suck dirty cock, love to b fucked nd what is better than cum explosion in my mouth? Love sex with wf, but with a guy…it is wild nd my true sexuality is shown at its best. I realized I am gay, but have to continue my marriage cause of different things.

He contacted me nd we started to chat. He wrote hi has 32 yrs (in fact he is 42 but that in only a pint + for me…prefer mature guys over boys or students). I am in my 39yr, looking much younger, brown medium long curly hair, green eyes, swimmers build, M sized cock (lower M size to b precise, 13 cm, but with very long foreskin), my cock is very slimy since I produce huge amounts of precum. I have hairy legs nd hole, but my upper body is hairless (love hairy guys though). I send him my personal pics…he didn’t send me his…said there r some problems with the site. Was he another fake? I didn’t know that, but still, agreed to meet him. We firstly spoke on a phone, his voice is quite soft nd gentle (love wild guys, I have one sub part of me nd want to be dominated by powerful nd rough guy…he was in more gentle category), but what the hell, he had cock I needed in my mouth nd in my ass.

We arranged a meeting near my work place. I described what would I wear nd brought with me my toy (test tube 17 cm × 3 cm nd a rope…love to play with my ass nd rope was for a ball bondage…didn’t know was he interested into that…but u never know). So, while I was walking to the meeting site (my cock was oozing precum, briefs were wet, nd felt butterflies in my stomach), I heard a horn. There he was, waiting for me. I was nervous, of course, it is never easy when u meet someone for the first time, blind dates are dangerous nd u never know. He opened his car door nd I came in. Well, he is a good looking guy ;) Dark hair, powerful chin with dark beard shadow (asked him not to shave), big green eyes… I liked him. But I am not of the superficial kind, I am triggered more bout personality than just looks or cock size (prefer M sized…). We started small talk, nd I liked him. Intelligent, gentle. We came into his apartment, empty one, he had a blanket with him…I didn’t mind. Still think that is better than car sex I had with my first fucker.

When we came in, he said he needs to go to toilet…I said ok, nd was waiting for him in the living room. Started to undress, little slut I am, my cock semihard, a bit nervous stil…He came back, his fly closed, I wanted to see his cock right away but we must start slowly, I want to experience as much as I can with him.
He is few cms taller than me, round 175 nd build nicely. He came close to me, I felt the heat of his body when his hand grabbed the back of my head nd pull me closer to his face. He wanted to kiss me. Whow! I haven’t kissed a gay 6 months ago when I had suck party with a guy in Novi Sad when I was at the conference. A month ago, I was with 3 guys (not at the same time though ;) nd no one was into kissing (all of them married with wfs…all of them fucked me nd only one sucked my cock…he is mentioned in 3some story). I didn’t wait longer, my lips met his. What a feeling, his kiss was wild nd rough, I felt his beard poking my face, his tongue exploring my mouth…That is how guy is kissing. Loved his roughness, so different to my wfs lips. This excited me so much, I licked his lips, started to nibble them, savoring his taste, accepting his tongue in my mouth…What a thrill, my cock was rock hard. My hands were on his head, caressing his hair, touching his ears…loved to touch a guy. While we were in passionate kiss, my hands started to explore his body, I touched his back, my hands were between his pants nd boxers, I grabbed his butt. I couldn’t help myself, I had to carry him in my arms for a few moments, wanted to show him my power, still kissing him. He was surprised by this, but think he loved it. I felt his hard cock pressing me nd I couldn’t resist any longer. I went down nd start to unbutton his pants.

I pull his pants down, exposing a bulge in boxers. I started to caress his cock over the fabric nd inhaled his scent. He was a clean (love to suck dirty cocks) but I didn’t mind. I grabbed his cock nd started to stroke him over the fabric nd then I pulled him under to finally see his tool that will make me moan of pleasure. His cock is great, 15 cm × 4 cm (rough estimation), tight nd small foreskin nd he doesn’t ooze a lot of precum. I sniffed him firstly, the scent was so erotic nd warm. Cocks have so nice scent nd my mouth started to water…I wanted to lick him nd suck him right away. I looked him up nd saw him smiling to me…suck it, he said. I didn’t wait a second. My lips were on his head, licked it round, exploring his foreskin, pulling my tongue under his foreskin…The taste was great great great! Loved the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth. I licked it up and down, fondling his balls, enjoying in his scent. Started to lick his balls, they had a salty taste, were shaved like his pubes (usually I don’t like that, but he is very hot to me nd I didn’t mind at all). My hands were on his butt, I felt his hairs on a muscled butt nd that is what I wanted…love hairy guys so much. I left his hairy crack nd hole surrounded by hairs…I couldn’t wait to start lick him. My tongue never touched guys hole…but today, I will try many things for the first time ;)

Undress, I told him nd started to do it myself. He started to unbelt his pants, I was naked in a second. The blanket was on the floor waiting for us…I grabbed his cock nd started to stroke it. Nice one, I said, u will fuck me so good. He liked what I told him, saw his lips nd eyes smiling. I started to suck him deeply sitting on a blanket. His hands were on my head nd he was in control now. Started to fuck my mouth. I opened my mouth as far as I could, my tongue was touching his cock, my spit was oozing from my mouth. Wait, I said. I want u slam ur cock over my face. He smiled nd indulged me. He was hitting my lips, my cheeks nd eyes, my nose with his wet hard cock. My cock was so hard. This is so damn erotic to me. Then he bent down nd lick my face, lick all traces of my spit nd his precum. I felt great feeling his lips nd tongue on my face. My hands were not still though, I was stroking his cock nd licking my hand of his precum (he doesn’t produce it much, but I still loved the taste).

Lay down he said. I said ok. He started to kiss my body, licked my nipples nd went down on my cock. His warm mouth engulfed my rock hard precum oozing cock. I felt his tongue under my foreskin, scoping my precum. Please kiss me, I sad. I want to feel ur taste nd my precum from ur mouth. He smiled nd kissed me in the most erotic wet kiss I had in my life. Loved the way his spit connected with my precum, the taste was amazing, making my cock even harder.

He went to suck my cock after kissing me, his fingers playing with my hole. He spit on his finger nd started to finger fuck me. After a while (my cock was still in his mouth), he inserted the second finger. I enjoyed in his action so much. Wait, I asked. Let me lick ur finger. He pull out his fingers from my ass nd offered me to sniff them nd lick them. I saw them covered with his saliva, scented oof my hole. Couldn’t wait to suck them deep. He fed me with his fingers nd I loved the taste. I am such a slut I thought, but I don’t care. I have found a great guy who is sexy nd wild nd I don’t care.

He spitted on his cock, preparing to enter me. I wanted to be fucked barebacked. Always wanted to feel cock head to enter me without any protection. I know it is a dangerous. I would never recommend it to anyone. But the lust I experienced was too much. I wanted him inside my ass. I cant say I am so active nd my hole is not so loose so I asked him to use my test tube. He said why, but I said this will open me more so u will fuck me wild like I want to experiences with u. He spit on my ass nd lubed test tube nd started to fuck me slowly. I was open nd enjoyed in his guidance, his left hand was stroking my cock. I felt so so so good. I looked him in his eyes, nd he know what I wanted to tell him. Without words, with a smile, he pull out the tube nd pressed his cock on my ass. I felt his wet lubed cock head on my ass nd a pressure he applied to open me. My legs were up, my hands pull my ass cheeks apart to make easier access to my fucker. He smiled watching lust in my eyes. I wanted his so much. At first, I felt little pain but then he was in all the way. I asked him, please, go slowly, when I am warm enough u can fuck me wildly like I want. His hands were holding my ankles nd I felt his balls touching mine. He was all the way in. I felt so full. What a great moment for me. Though 3 guys fucked me recently, no one was passionate like this guy. He pushed my legs on my chests nd leaned over to kiss me. Felt his rough beard on my lips nd we kissed while he was fucking passionately my hairy ass.

We were fucking several minutes nd then i wanted something different. I wanted to b fucked in doggy style. I asked him that, he said sure, I will fuck u like u want. He pull out from my ass, but I couldn’t wait, I wanted to feel his taste. So I leaned nd started to suck his cock. He tasted so great. I sucked him deeply nd then licked his wet balls. What a feeling I thought, I am so lucky he exists. But my empty hole was waiting so I stopped sucking him nd bend down on my 4rs. I turned my head nd saw him looking on my ass with a lustful smile. He bent down nd started to lick my hairy hole. Whow, I was never rimmed bfore. I felt his chin, rough, unshaved on my ass crack nd his warm tongue licking me. He swirled round it nd went as deep as he could. I was in heaven. And then, I felt his cock head entering my hole. OMG, my eyes rolled down when he was all the way in. His hands grabbed my waist nd started to fuck me wild nd powerful. Though I am looking gentle I want powerful fucker, wild one to feel his power. He fucked me so wild, his right hand started to wank my hard cock. I could only wish a cock in my mouth right now, the slut in my mind answered.

But then I felt something changed. The fucking became different. I turned around to see what is happening. Saw his hand bhind his back. What is he doing, I thought? Nd then I saw what…he put my tube inside his ass. He was fucking him while his cock was buried inside my hole. I smiled. So, finally a person who is versatile, I wondered. This excited me so much, so I grabbed the end ot tube with my hand nd started to fuck him. Our hands grabbed tube together nd we were fucking him. His fucking my ass stopped. Didn’t know why. I turned round. He was looking me nd said, fuck me. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I never fucked a guy. Never. Said ok. He took a strip I brought with me nd tied my balls. He tied them nd slammed them with his hand. Love to feel the power nd love him beating my balls. It wasn’t too rough, but I still felt his power ;)

He turned around. His ass crack is hairy nd this is the way I like it. His butt is covered with tight black hairs nd yes, that is so so so erotic. His legs r strong, muscled nd covered with black hairs. I started to lick his calves, leg all over…always wanted to try that. My fingers started to play with his hole while my tongue was wondering over his legs. I fingerfucked him with two spit lubed fingers. Then I pull them out nd started to lick his hole. Never rimmed a hole…but as I said, today I will try many things. I started to lick his hole, felt his hairs on my tongue, licked him up and down. Made him so wet. Then I spread his cheeks further nd my head dived in. I licked hole, kissed it, started to eat it and suck it. What a feeling when the whole hole was in my mouth nd I started to make suction up nd down moves. He was moaning loudly. I knew I was doing something very good. For few minutes I was sucking his hole nd then I made my tongue rigid nd start to tongue fuck him. I went inside him nd swirled my tongue. I felt his tender flesh nd enjoyed in his taste. He was so clean, but 2 b honest, I wouldn’t mind if he was dirty. I wouldn’t mind at all. My tongue inside his hot wet hairy hole!

But he asked me…fuck me please. I sad, u know, I never fucked a guy. Well, I will be ur first one, right. Fuck me please. My cock head was so big since bondage, all red nd covered with thick precum. He was bend over, my cock head touched his hole nd I tried to enter.

Slowly he said. So I did. Slowly, my cock head entered his hairy hole. I felt the heat of his inner space. Slowly, only lubed by spit, I started to fuck him. He started to moan. My hand grabbed his cock nd started to wank. Felt his muscles round my cock. I fucked him, fucked a juicy hole, fucked a real guy, fucked a sexy guy, for the first time. Felt my bonded balls hitting his, what a nice waves of pleasure gave me every movement. I fondled his hairy butt, playing with his hairs…what a beautiful ass he have! I fucked him for few minutes, but then I wanted to taste him again, so I pull out my cock nd started to lick nd suck his hole. When I went out, his hole didn’t close right away so my tongue entered without a problem. That was so good, licking him all around. I pressed my lace on his crack, licking as far as I could!

He wanted to lay on the blanket. So he did. I pull up his legs by his ankles nd his hole started to open. Waiting for my bonded red cock. I entered him without problems. He was so lubed by my spit nd open…I felt great. I have one fantasy…want to lick nd suck hairy toes. So I asked him can I? He said yes, so I pull down his socks nd yes…he has nice toes. Covered with long hairs…my favorite one. I pressed his sole on my face, enjoying the scent nd started to lick it. I licked him up and down, the taste was amazing (he was clean…but I could lick him even if he is dirty one too!). I sucked his toes, trying to engulf more of his feet in my mouth. That experience excited me so much nd I started to cum. I pull out my cock of his ass nd started to wank. My cock was so hard nd tied balls even made it harder. With every wanking movement I felt sexy tension in my balls. I started to cum looking him in his eyes. Came so much in my hand, my cum started to fall between my fingers…I am not of the cum wasting guys. So I licked every drop. I licked my hand dry nd enjoying in taste. Was I selfish cause I didn’t offer him a taste? Well, I am a cum addict…next time will offer some of my juices.

His cock was hard nd we didn’t have the time to spend. So I sat down and opened my mouth. I needed his cum. He started to wank in front of me. My hands were grabbing his butt, one of my fingers found his hole nd I started to poke it. He started to moan. I licked his head between his jerking movements…Nd then I felt his ass clenches nd I knew it is my time to react. I started to suck him fast. He was in my mouth all the way nd started to cum. What an explosion it was! I felt his cum hitting my throat, but I kept sucking him till the last drop. I swallowed everything. Cause I love the taste of cum. I was sucking him till he became soft…didn’t want to stop right away…When he became soft, I kissed his lips to enjoy in his taste nd to memorize the feeling of a passionate sex we had.
Never had better experience with a guy in my life…He is strong, powerful, versatile…great fucker.

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