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Summer holidays at nuns house

It was the summer holidays and with mum working i had to stay at my nans for a few weeks. It was not a big house and there was my nan and grandad, my uncle and two aunts. it was a three bed house, my uncle's room was small and lloaded with his things so i had to sl**p in with my two aunties. every morning my nan, granda and uncle would get up and leave for work along with my oldest aunt, so it was just me and my auntie left in the house. she was fun and would look after me all day, on one of those days we were in the bedroom lying on the bed looking out of the window, still in Pjs, she had been up a while and had come back to bed to wake me up, she was eating something and said if i could guess what it was i could have some, well i couldnt guess what so i tried to gab from her hand, we started to play fight, she was much stonger than me and could always keep her hand out of my reach. while rolling around i saw her milky white breast through the sleeveless nighty, i grab at her breast while her hands were above my head, this brough both her arms down for me to reach her hands, it was an apple she had. I took the apple and lay in the fetus posisition face down so i could eat the apple, she got on my back and started to ride me like a horse eventually she turned me over and still sitting on me held my arms up above my head, she moved herself up my body so that her butt was on my chest and my arms held up with her knees, i could see her fanny only a few inches from my face. She must of seen me looking, "you pervert, like to look do you" she moved herself up a little more, my head was under her nighty and her fanny right infront of me, with my arms restricted and unable to move from her, "lick it" she said, i couldnt see her face only this beautiful hairy fanny, i could smell it, it smelt a bit like pee and a sweet kind of smell. I stuck my tongue out to taste it, it was okay, if there was a taste to it, then it was like tomato's. i tasted it again, "like it till i tell you to stop", i licked it and started to enjoy the taste and texture, she came forward a little more, covering my face with her fanny, keeping me closed in with her thighs, i lick and sucked, her hands were rubbing my hair, pulling my head hard into her fanny. her fanny was rubbing all over my face, it was really wet, i thought she was peeing on me, i started to struggle my way out from her grasp she held my head tight to her, i could hardly breath. Then she let me go and rolled over, lying on the bed she orderd me to get dressed, saying she wanted to take me to the shops for a nice suprise. i thought she was crazy, i didnt know if i liked it or not. i got washed and dressed and we went out to the shops, that night i was in bed and couldnt sl**p, when my two aunties came to bed i pretended to be a sl**p and watched them undress, when they got into bed i turned face to the mattress as my cock was very hard and wouldnt go down, i didnt want them to know. we had laid there for a long while i still couldnt sl**p, thinking of my aunties lovely fanny, her nighty rolled up as she got it, and as it turned to cuddle her back i felt her warm skin, soft and smooth, she snuggled back to me, her bottom was right up against my, cock which was now beginning to to grow, i went to tuen on my face again, but felt her hand come behind me and pull my bottom which made my cock snug with her bottom, closer to her it felt so lovely my cock pressing through my Pjs and against her soft bottom. we were quiet like mice, not a sound only the slightest of movement, her hand freed my cock, she put it between her ass cheeks, it felt so warm almost hot, then it found a nice little warms spot were it lodged, i couldnt help but push, she bent forward alittle, and i could beel a tightness around my knob, i push again, it moved in, then we lay still for a moment, my cock twitching, or her hold, there was a wounderful sensation in my belly and in my cock, i pushed me or, then she started to move very gently, holding my ass to keep me still, i could feel my cock all the way in her, it was tight and hot, she rocked her ass on my cock, it felt like i was poking her again and again, she held me and pushed back, the sweetness was to much, the sensation in my body was to the limit, i held her around the waist and pulled her hard to my cock, whilst pushing my cock in as deep as i could, holding her and buring my face hard into the pillow, my cock was pumping warm hot jets into her ass. i think i fainted. i woke the next morning, she was sitting on the side of the bed looking down at me, "did you sl**p well". that was the best summer ever

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