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New master 3

my master texted me and told me to come to his house, he said to wear sweat pants and no panties(he calls them) so i drove to his house and went inside, once inside he told me to put on what he laid out for me! it was a black jock strap, dog collar, wrist and leg restraints! so i put this on and then he said to put on his bath robe! we got into his car and drove to a friend of his house, we went in and went into his basement, once in there my master took off my robe and told me to get into this wooden stock type thing, my head was in the middle hole and my hands were into smaller holes to each side of my head and i was on my knees bent over with my ass in the air kinda!! my masters friend asked "can i have this bitch fist?" my master says "sure i am gonna get a beer and watch"
at this point my masters friend,(Jack)walks in front of my face and asks me if i want to suck his cock? i say yes sir and he says first he wants to make my ass red! he shows me a big wooden paddle, walks behind me and wacks my ass about 5 or 6 very hard times, then he told me to beg him to suck his cock! so i told him PLEASE can i suck his cock! he went back behind me and wacked my ass very hard agian about 6 or 7 times, and my god my ass was on fire! at this point i was begging him to put his cock in my mouth! he then pulled out his cock and rubbed the head on my lips, telling me he is gonna fuck my throat real good for me!! then he pushed his cock in my mouth and slid about half of his huge cock in my mouth until the head was just at the back of my throat, he told me to breath deep and get readdy bitch, and shoved his whole cock down my throat and held it there! god i could feel the huge head down my throat and his balls on my chin, i started to choke and he pulled back some then pushed it right back, holding his cock there, telling me "thats it bitch take that cock!!" i couldnt breath and was choking but he just held his cock there for what seemed like forever then he pulled back and slowly started fucking my mouth pulling almost all the way out of my mouth and pushing all the way to his balls back down my throat! all i could do was try to relax my thraot and take his cock
then he pulled out after about 5 mins of throat fucking and walked around behind me and wacked my ass about 5 or 6 more very hard times, telling me to get readdy to have my man pussy fucked like a bitch needs it fucked! i felt him squirt some lube up my ass and on my ass cheeks! then all at once he rammed his cock str8 up my ass and i thought he was tearing my ass hole up!! i went from my ass tight and unused to having his 8" huge cock deep up my ass all the way to his balls!! god it was rough! then he started fucking me like a porn star! very hard and deep!! while he was fucking my ass my master put his cock in my mouth and they both fucked my like hell!!! my master would put his cock down my throat and hold it until i choked, making my ass so very tight around Jacks cock in my ass! then they switched places and i could taste the lube in Jacks cock as he fucked my mouth! then jack pulled his cock out and made me beg for his cum!! he made me say "please sir cum in my throat and let me taste your cum like a good bitch"
after that he fucked my mouth and all at once he held it down my throat and i felt his cock get real hard and he shot one blast of cum down my throat, then pulled out some and filled my mouth up! god he came soooo fucking much i swallowed when i could, he just kept slowly fucking my mouth as he was cumming!! when he was done my master walked up and put his cock in my mouth and shot his cum too!! god my ass was fire red and my ass hole was fucked hard, and i could taste the 2 guys cum for days!!!

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