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Close call. Booty call.

This is my second post. I had fun writing the last one, I decided to write another(and possibly more) about my past sexual experiences. So here goes. This one happened around June and an ex of mine decided after about a few months of not texting me, to text me and ask how I was. I didn't know how to respond cause we stopped talking. It went well and we both decided we were sexually hungry and wanted it bad. I didn't feel like waiting for someone to come along, and she wanted it just as bad, so we agreed to do it. Few days went by and we have been super busy not able to do it. About 10:00 one night she texted me and said her k** was being watched by her cousin, and she would stop by. I was tickled pink cause she was one of the best lays of my life. So tight. I said all right and it was settled. Only it wasn't settled. There was a catch. She said she had a friend with her, and asked if I had a guy friend to entertain her friend. It was like 11 at night and to be honest, none of my friends were up at this time. I didn't want her friend to just wait in the car while I was with my girl, but I didn't have anyone that would be up. I sent a text to one of my buddies and asked if he'd wanna come over and entertain a girl while I got it in, and he said yes. Much to my amazement. He came over like 10 minutes later and we waiting for my girl and her friend. Joking back and forth about how rusty I was and how he wouldn't have to wait outside that long. I mentioned how I didn't have a condom. He was even nice enough to give me one. True scholar. Then my girl pulled up, wearing just a tshirt and sweatpants, signaling that it's going down. Her friend was in the passenger seat, busted. I felt bad for my buddy. He got in the car to entertain her, and I took my girl into my house, and into my basement. It's quickly been known as the "Love Basement" Lol. We got down there and talked for a bit cause her and I haven't seen eachother in a long, long time. I decided enough of the bush beating and let's get to work. Her and I didn't see eye to eye on the whole lights on, lights off concept. She always wanted them off for more mystery, who can blame her. But I'm sorry if I like them on so I can cherish the sight of a beautiful body, sue me. We turn off my basement lights, but leave on the laundry room lights, much to her dismay, but I didn't care. I lay down next to her, and start to kiss her slowly. Knowing how much I miss it, I keep going, but deeper. She has such soft lips and her tongue tastes amazing. I start to move my hand between her thighs and rub her pussy a little bit. I remembered how easy it was to get her wet, and I did that. Started kissing her neck softly and rubbing faster. I took her sweatpants and thong off(which she always wore), and started rubbing her clit and a little bit inside her pussy. Then I inserted my middle finger deep inside her pussy, holding it in there while moving it around, and pulling it out. I'd do that for a little bit longer, which she loved. She noticed how hard I was getting and began to stroke the outline of my cock outside my boxers. She told me to take it out, and I didn't waste a second. I took off my boxers and laid on my back. I haven't had my cock sucked in quite some time, and she was one of the good ones. I couldn't see her do it really cause of the darkness, but it was still great. I moved her hair as I looked down. Her tongue to mouth ratio was incredible. She loved to circle her tongue around the head and then go as far as she could down, which wasn't that far. She would grab my balls as she would go faster. Then she stopped. I figured since I've never done this, that I'll go down on her. Figured I'd owe her that much. She was on flat ground and so was I so my neck was bent back, horrible position. I spread her lips with both thumbs and began to lick inside. Getting a nice good taste of it. Then I licked faster and deeper. Keeping my tongue in there, I began to use one of the free thumbs to rub her clit. She liked it when I rubbed it rough, so I did. Her and I couldn't take it anymore and we decided to just do it. Instead of using the condom my buddy lent to me, I decided that I knew her so an STD wasn't an option, and I'd just pull out. It's been successful so far. She started on top. She stood up and kneeled down on top of my hard cock. As soon as it got in, I let out a big moan. I've needed this for so long. Then she sat down on it and started rocking back and forth, bouncing up and down. I was in heaven. We did that for about 25 minutes until she got "tired" even though she came at least twice. Then I turned her on her back, and decided it was time for me to do my damage. I held where her knees bent with both hands, grabbed the base of my cock and thrusted my cock deep inside of her. Holding her knees I pumped back and forth so fast, and so hard. Her moaning with me. Her pussy feeling so good, just like I remember. Did that for about 10 minutes before I knew I was going to cum. Her pussy felt so good that leaving to pull out and cum didn't seem like the right idea. So, like a dumbass I came inside of her. I just looked at her afterwards and told her. She laughed, I laughed and we talked afterwards. We got dressed and I walked her out to her car to meet our friends. She drove off and I didn't talk to her for about another 2 weeks to a text saying "You better hope I'm not pregnant...." Oh fuck!! Thank god she wasn't. No more close calls.

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