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Thanksgiving with my ex and her girlfriend

I was invited over to my ex wife and her girlfriends house for thanksgiving , I asked if I should bring anything and was told nope we have everything here . figuring there would be some hot kinky sex after dinner I wore my Tuxedo g-string and my long black coat and nothing else . when I arrived at her house upon entering my ex's g/f said can i take your coat ? I said sure and I dressed for the occasion ... I took off my coat and she noticed my thong right away and said I love it , she called my ex in who said well sir I guess we are over dressed . she said get yourself a beer and we'll got get dressed properly for dinner . the both came back wearing black thigh highs and black corsets and were both wearing strap-ons , I was like Oh baby you know what I like . so we ate dinner and cleaned the dishes and went into the living room to watch some hot gay porn . in a matter of minutes I was on my back on the floor having a fake cock stuffed in my mouth while my ex was stroking my cock and fingering my ass ... I pulled the cock out of my mouth and said what ?? no whipped cream ??? too which they both replied you'll get your cream , with that said My ex lubed my ass and plunged her fake cock deep into my ass while her g/f fucked my throat with her fake cock . my ex lifted my legs up high in the air towards my head and began fucking me deeper while stroking my seriously hard cock .her g/f held my head as far forward as possible ( with my hard cock just a foot away from my face ) she my ex said time for that cream baby and she drove her fake cock deep into my ass and the pre cum began to drip .her g/f said open your mouth and take baby take it all , one drop hit my tongue followed by the massive hot load that coated my tongue and chin . they milked every drop out of me and what I didn't get in the mouth , they made sure it made it's way into my mouth and once I had a mouth full of cum they said now swallow it all .. doing what I was told I did and enjoyed it so much , while I recovered from being fucked silly and being made to give myself a facial . my ex and her g/f laid down and sucked off each other fake cocks in an awesome 69 . once I recovered I took turns banging their tight asses and came all over their ass cheeks and watched as they rubbed my cream into their skin .. we had sex two more times that night before passing out on the living room floor ...


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