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Recent business trip (True story)

This week I was at an upscale hotel I frequently travel to. I got back to my room at about 11:00PM after a work dinner. There was knock at what I thought was my the door. When I went to look through the peephole. It was actually a woman knocking on the door right next to my room. She was dressed like a business woman. Tall, great shape, attractive. My room had a door that opens to their room I guess if someone wanted a two room suite. I could hear them pretty clearly. They were chatting about work so I went to watch tv again on my bed. I just assumed they were from the same company since they sounded like they were going through a presentation. After about an hour the tone of their conversation changed to laughs etc. So not really chatting about work anymore. Then pretty quiet. I put my ear up to the adjoining door and they were definately fooling around. It then went pretty hardcore as she got very loud when he went down on her pulling her panties off. She was telling him exactly what she liked, where to finger her and slide a finger in her ass while he licked her clit. Vocal and hot! Shen then went down on him and I could hear his moans, he was calling her a bad girl and telling her suck his cock. My mind was telling me to knock and ask to watch but I held back. They started fucking, pretty rough but erotic. Some ass slapping, her screaming harder and everything else she wanted. They went on until they both came, she asked him to cum all over her breasts. Then she said she had to go back to her room for the night. As she was leaving, I left my room at the same time and we ended up in the elevator together. She smiled the whole time because she knew I could hear everything. That was just a couple of days ago. Still hot in my mind!

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