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A gentle old lady part 1

My very first sexual encounter was with a mature woman, she was my moms and my beautician. I went to her place for a treatment on a bi-monthly basis and that way I got to know her very well. When she got fired from her job, she started to treat me and my mom in her livingroom. Due to the lack of professional beauticians furniture, I always had to lay down on her couch.

And this is the part where it all really began. Back then I was just xx years of age and I never ever had sex before. I stept into her linvingroom and lay down on the couch, it was a horribly hot summer and I was wearing thin shorts and a shirt, she was wearing a almost seethrough shirt and a rather long skirt. Our beautician was not very hot, she had long dark, greayish hair and she was rather big, but so were her breasts. As she was giving me the treatment she noticed that I was very hot, so she told me to get my shirt of, and so I did.

In the middle of the treatment I streched myself and by accident touched her boob. Being the young lad that I was I instantly got hard and my face blushed. She told me that it was not a big deal, as I did it by accident. I was relieved that she did not see my boner, cause that would have been embarrassing.

She stood up and told me that she had to fetch a fresh shirt for herself from her bedroom, horny as I was, my first thought was to go after her and maybe sneak a peak at her boobs, just thinking about her big tits made me so hard that I started to touch myself. Being trapped in my horny thoughts I did not realize that she has reentered the room. I blushed so hard, I think my face must have looked like some sort of tomato. She just sad there and acted like nothing happend at all.

When she finished treating me, she leaned over me, grab something and I am sure she did that on purpose, he massive boobs touched my face. My cock got so hard, I could not even think straight. That was the first time that actuall boobs touched my face. She just said, you are good to go, you can get up now. I was so embarressed to get up, due to my thin shorts and my huge boner.

As I was standing there, all blushed and hard, she asked me if I got a problem? And I told her, no. I said that I was just a bit embarrassed fo my boner. And then she said a few words that would forever change my life. With her gentle voice she said that she could help me to lose the boner.

Just come over and don't be scared she said. So went over to her and she started to touch my naked upper body, then she slowly slipped her hand down my shorts and started massaging my cock. It was the most awesome feeling and it did not take long for her to pull the shorts down and start to wank my cock hard and fast. I asked if I could touch her boobs and she took one of my hands and placed it under her shirt. I felt her huge boobs in my hand and I started to play with her nipple. This situation made me so horny that I came after just 2 or 3 minutes.

Snapping out of the orgasam I just had I realized what just happend. I stood there with this mature lady and she had her hands full of my cum. She took a tissue and cleaned her hand. Then she left the room, I quickly put on my shorts and shirt and was about to leave, when she asked me to get into the bedroom. She was sitting on the bed and she lost her shirt and bra. She asked me if I would like what I see, and frankly I said that I like it. She was old and rather thick but hey, I was a teenager and she had huge boobs and was willing to give me more than I asked for.

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