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Driving the other day when I saw a woman splashed by a big truck in front. It had been raining hard and as usual the drains hadn't coped leaving the gutters and roads with lots of standing water. She was drenched from head to foot so I over to see if I could help. I got out of my van just as another truck went past giving me a soaking as well as giving the woman another good splash as well and to top it all it started pissing down with rain again.
"Can I help, offer you a lift somewhere?" I asked.
"I live the other side of the city and there isn't another bus for an hour" she said, tears or rain trickling down her face.
"Hop in, and I'll have you home in no time" I offered.
"Thank you, that's so kind".
"No bother."
We drove for about twenty minutes until we got to street of very nice houses on a very new estate which I had seen advertised in the local paper for an eye watering price, more than I could ever afford.I pulled the van into the side of of the road outside a very nice detached town house.
"Thank you very much, would you like to come in and dry off and have something to warm you up?"
I had finished for the day so I told her that would be very nice, thanks.
We got inside and she immediately disappeared and just as promptly came back with a couple of towels and a big fluffy dressing gown and told me to get out of my wet clothes, saying she would put them in the tumble dryer. She directed me into a downstairs bathroom and told me to undress and chuck my wet clothes out while I had a nice hot shower. I did as instructed with my gear and stepped into the lovely warm shower, it was like heaven as I felt the hot water warming my freezing cold body, I found the shower gel and really enjoyed myself for a good 5-6 minutes, then I towelled dry and put on the fluffy dressing gown.

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