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My hairy ex...

The last person I expected to see when I walked into my local (downstairs) cafe for my breakfast was my hairy ex-g/f, but there she was sitting at my usual table with her back to the door and I walked up to her table, stood in front of her and said 'That jacket better be all that you are wearing or else you can leave right now'.
She quickly stood up and I thought she was going to leave but she just dropped her arms to her sides (her arms had been keeping the jacket closed) which of course allowed her jacket to full open then she opened her jacket really wide and told me that her jacket was all she had worn as she had walked the mile or so from her mums house, in the falling snow to the bus stop and caught a bus (she had no money with her so she had to show the bus driver that she was naked so that he would let her on the bus) and then she had walked the last half mile from the bus stop to get here to show me how sorry she was.
I started smiling because I could see her really hairy pits, and her massive saggy tits hanging really low down and almost covering her very hairy belly (her beautiful treasure trail), then I looked lower down and I could see she was barefoot too, so I told her to go to the counter and get mugs of coffee and order breakfast for us too, so she did then I saw that she couldn't fasten the jacket because it had no buttons anyway, so my mate behind the counter gave her our breakfasts for nothing.

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