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My really hairy ex...

Today I am meeting and, all being well, will be going out with my extremely hairy ex-g/f
I knew Carolyn from the time she was at primary and I met her again when she was almost 16 when I literally bumped into her one day as she was coming out of our local tattoo & body piercing parlour, so I asked her what she had been doing in there, and she said she had just had both nipples and her pussy flaps pierced, one 1/4 inch ring in each outer flap and one 1/4 inch ring in each inner flap, making four in total, and a 1/4 inch ring through each nipple of her really nice size 36B tits, then she took great delight in showing me all of them (she had always been an exhibitionist, even all through her p*****n years her mum could NEVER get her to EVER wear ANY underwear) right there and then.
Carolyn is now 40 years old and she told me when we met again at the piercing place, that she has NEVER, EVER shaved since then and in fact now has a 1 inch ring in each flap and a 1 inch ring through each nipple and wanted to show me them too so I walked her to my car and we had just got inside my car and she pulled her micro mini skirt up to her waist and opened her legs really wide, to show me her flap rings then pulled her flimsy top over head, to show me her nipple rings on her absolutely massive size 40JJ tits
We had been together previously, for a long time but she rebelled and shaved her pits so I dumped her, but now she says she really wants to be with me and, as she is a true submissive she just cant help herself.
She knows she will be doing exactly what she is told by me this time around whether we are in the flat or when we are out ie; what to wear and what to do, but she still insists she wants to be with me so she will only ever wear a micro mini skirt and sheer top or a similar style of dress and she will NEVER WEAR UNDERWEAR even if the weather forecast is very cold and wet.

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