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2 cocks in 1 gurl

First a bit of background to this story. This is an actual account of one of my experiences. I am a male cross-dressing Bi-sexual. Versatile but prefer to take the sub bottom role. Chris is a guy I have met a few times, he is top only, well hung, not a good repeater but quite a long stayer. He does not actually do anything to me, just likes to be sucked and fuck, which is fine by me. A typical session has me dressing for him, sucking his cock and balls, then spreading my ass cheeks for him to penetrate my usually tight hole. He fucks me for between 10 and 15mins, less if I give him a good long sucking. The last time we met I told him I could take more and would like to – he promised to do something about it.

The next time we met he brought a friend, Dave. Chris explained that Dave was a Bi top, fairly well hung and liked to be dominant – the boss, who participated in the fun rather than just lay back and fuck like Chris. He also had good staying power and unlike Chris was a good repeater. When we got to my place Dave wasted no time, he told me to go and get "dressed", I was told to look like a real slut and bring back into the play room any toys I had and plenty of lubricant and condoms.

I went into my bedroom, undressed and opened my box of tricks. From my selection of fem clothes I selected a crutch less body stocking, brief panties, suspender belt, stockings and bra – all black fishnet. I also too out my black shoulder length wig, some makeup, knee length high heeled boots, a big bottle of lubricant, condoms and a selection of vibrators and dildos. First the makeup, I put plenty of rouge on my cheeks (face and bottom), mascara and bright red lipstick. A big gross pair of red earrings finished it off. I think red and black go well together. Time to get dressed. I put the bra on first with a couple of pairs of rolled up socks inside to give me a pair of tits, then the body stocking, suspender belt, fishnet stockings and black boots. By now I was getting excited and had difficulty getting the suspenders to clip onto my stockings. Dave shouted from the play room "hurry up slut – I got a big fat cock needs sucking".

All that remained was to put on my wig and panties. The wig was no problem but the panties were another thing. Getting into "slut" mode had got me turned on, my cock was rock hard and sticking out of my panties, what top wants to see a slut with a cock? I whacked it a few times and eventually it went limp and I could hide it in my panties, the masses of pre-cum leaking out I could do nothing about.

I gathered up the lubricant, toys and condoms and nervously went into the play room. Both guys had stripped to their jock straps, big bulges evident at the front. My cock twitched and leaked out yet more pre-cum. Dave saw this and told me to remove my panties, he told me to lick all the pre-cum out of my panties, keeping it on my tongue, then squeeze the rest out of my puny cock onto my hand, I was told to lap this onto my tongue also. Dave then got onto the bed on his hands and knees and spread his ass cheeks. He told me to spread all the pre-cum from my tongue all around his hole. I did as I was told, then he spread his cheeks wider and told me to poke my tongue deep into his ass and tongue fuck it. My tongue went deep into him and moved in and out, his anus tasted great – clean but still an anus.

When Dave's anus had been pleasured to his satisfaction I was told to sit down. Both guys were standing in front of me, my face level with the bulges in their jocks. I got started on my favourite hobby – cock sucking. First I teased them both, gently biting at the bulges, the bulges grew bigger. Then I slowly lowered their jocks, just enough so two big bell ends were showing. Neither were fully hard yet. One at a time I pulled the foreskin forwards and sucked it into my mouth, while sucking the foreskin into my mouth I slid my tongue inside it to lick the bell end, still sucking the loose skin into my mouth I tongued the bell end and cum slot. It was not long before both guys were rock hard, foreskins no longer available as the two cocks strained, both long, hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum juice. Jocks were removed to reveal two very nice cocks and four big hairy low hanging balls.

I used the remains of my pre-cum with that of the two guys to lubricate my mouth and lips and gave them both good head, stopping now and then to suck a big ball into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. Both were getting close. Fingering their anus holes got them closer. Dave asked if I had ever been face fucked, I had not, he also asked if I had cum recently to which I also replied no. Good he said, cos we need loads of natural lube on my cock so I can get deep down your throat and give it a good fucking. With that he lay on his back and told me to straddle him and wank my cock, making sure all my pre-cum and spunk landed on his erect throbbing cock.

I was on all fours wanking away when I felt something probe my tight anus, it was Chris with my small vibrator. He pushed it in a bit and switched it on, then started a steady in and out motion with the well lubricated buzzing cock. After a while he pulled it out and I felt a larger dildo enter me. I knew what he was doing, getting my tight hole slippery and opened up for cock. He got about 8 inches of the dildo into me and started fucking me with steady deep strokes. Just before I came Chris pulled the dildo out and f***ed a long fat vibrating butt plug in it's place. This, and the fact that I was so turned on was too much for me, my cock erupted and covered Dave's cock in wads of cum, having not cum for weeks there was loads of it..

Dave told me to get on the bed on my back, head back over the end of the mattress and mouth wide open. He stood above me with his big tool erect, just before my spunk started to drip off it he spread all the gobs out to cover the length of his throbbing 9 inch cock. He then pushed the red swollen bell end into my mouth – it was the first time I had tasted spunk and it was quite nice and well horny. He told me to take a deep breath then slowly pushed his cock deeper. I gagged a bit when it hit my tonsils – this was as deep as I had previously taken cock in my mouth, he pulled out to let me take another breath then slowly pushed back into me.

His spunk lubed cock went in to my tonsils and I gagged again but he did not pull out, he still had a good few inches of cock to go. He slowly fed the rest of his cock down my throat till his balls were up to my chin. The gagging stopped, my only problem was I could not breathe. He slowly drew his cock out a little, then back in, taking care not to let his bell end out of my throat past my tonsils. Just when I was going dizzy from lack of air he pulled back so just his bell end was in my mouth and I could get some air.

The vibrating butt plug was still buzzing away deep in my rectum. Dave then told me to prepare for a good face fucking, making sure I got some air when he pulled back. He then slowly pushed down my throat up to his balls again then pulled back, bell end only in my mouth, then back in deep. I put my hand over my throat and could feel it expand as his cock went deep down it. He kept this up, ploughing in and out of my throat with me getting a gasp of air when he pulled back. I knew he was about to cum when he speeded up. At the point of no return he pulled out completely and a couple of powerful jets of spunk flew into my open mouth, then he rammed his cock deep down my throat and I felt it jerking as he emptied his balls straight down my throat. I was then told to lick his cock clean and swallow my own spunk along with his, which I had kept in my mouth. My lipstick was well smudged but the texture and taste of loads of spunk was great.

We relaxed a bit for Dave to recover. After a while I could see his cock twitching, Chris was still rock hard and dripping pre-cum – I lapped this up and sucked the remaining out of his cock. I then took Dave's semi erect cock into my mouth and tongue teased it while I fingered his balls and anus. He soon grew, his cock lengthened and as he reached full erection his cock slid right down my well lubricated throat once again. I was in heaven, 9 inches of cock down my throat and a big fat vibrator buzzing in my rectum. It was now time for these studs to fuck me.

Dave got on his hands and knees and spread his ass cheeks, it was obvious what he wanted and like a slut I obliged. I got behind him and ran the tip of my tongue from his balls, along his crack, around his anus up to the small of his back, then back to his balls.....and so on. Chris eased the plug out of me – my anus was now well lubricated and loosened up a bit. Then I felt his 9 inch rod slide slowly into my anus, it felt great when his big bell end stretched my sphincter open, he continued till he opened up my inner sphincter, then further till all 9 inches was deep in my rectum. This turned me on good style; I took over the spreading of Dave's ass cheeks and concentrated on his anus, running my tongue around it and deep inside it.

Chris picked up speed, all 9 inches ploughing deep in and out of me. Dave turned around and offered his cock up to my mouth, like the slut I am I sucked hungrily on it, sucking it in and out in time to the thrusting of Chris behind me.

After a while they both pulled out and relaxed for a bit – they did not want to cum just yet. Then they swapped ends and the process was repeated, one cock fucking my mouth and another ploughing my tight anal fuck hole. This continued for a good while, I was getting the good long fucking I wanted, I have it on video, in all up to the grand finale, I was fucked fairly hard for 25mins.

By now my nice tight hole was well loosened up and oozing with lubrication. The boys had used 5 condoms each so you know how many times they changed ends, bearing in mind only the cock in my botty had a condom on.

The grand finale – remember these guys both had fairly thick 9 inch cocks. Chris got on his back, his throbbing anal probe sticking up in the air. I got on my knees straddling him and slowly lowered my bum so his cock slid up my boy cunt. I rode his cock for a while, getting the full length of his cock in and out of me, then Dave told me to keep still with cock buried as deep as I could get it, and lean forwards. Dave got behind me and I thought my anus would tear as he pushed his bell end into me, I had 9 inches of fat cock up me and a fat bell end in too. I did not think I could take any more, but being the anal slut I am I demanded more.

Without further ado Dave pushed the full length of his pole into me, my anus has never been so stretched and my rectum never so full. 18 inches of fat hot throbbing cock up me. They started off gently but it was not long before they were pounding me hard and fast. They alternated – thrusting in to me together, then thrusting into me taking it in turns to be deep inside and nearly all the way out. I was in heaven. This carried on for more than 5mins, then they picked up the pace, they were pounding into me like there was no tomorrow and I knew they were close. My cock was rock hard and oozing loads of pre-cum, using this as lubricant I started wanking and with two big cocks pounding my boy cunt it did not take long before I came like steam train. It was so violent that I splattered Chris's face with spunk.

When I came the anal contractions I have when I cum were too much for the guys. They both came at the same time- long and hard. The frantic throbbing of the two cocks exploding in my botty were fantastic – I thought my bowels were going to blow up.

The best fuck I have ever had.............I look forward to the next one.

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