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Late night suprise

Me and a few of my mates had gone round to another friends house for a night of beer and gaming .His name is simon and he has a very pretty gf called alice .She is about 5ŗ and a size 12, brown hair , brown eyes and nice 32D tits.
Unfortunately she had gone out with her gf's so I couldn't ogle her tonight . Time was passing away and many games of Cod , halo and fifa had passed and a few beers downed .At about 1 O'clock in the morning we called it a night and began leaving , except I had driven some distance and had a few too many to drive home so Simon offered me his couch to sl**p on . I accepted his offer and he brought me a blanket down before going to bed himself .
I stripped down to my boxers and lay on the couch under the blanket and drifted off to sl**p. Not sure how long i'd been asl**p for when Alice stumbled through the door .It was dark in the lounge and I had just coughed ,Alice opened the door and walked in . You waited up for me she said ! Before i could respond she slipped off her dress and was undoing her bra , her body silhouetted in the very faint light . She pulled her panties down and pulled the blanket off me . I murmered a sound of wait but she just said quiet this is your treat for waiting up ! My Cock was bursting through my boxers and she grabbed at them, i lifted my ass slightly and she yanked them off me . Alice climbed on me and impaled herself on my near painful cock ! Alice groaned as she slid down my fuck pole and i placed my face into her warm breasts.She rode my cock hard and i moved my hands down to her pert little ass gently pulling her cheeks apart exposing her arsehole to the cold air . Her hands moved around my head as I licked and sucked her nipples in turn . It was then she realised I wasn't Simon ! Fucking hell she nearly yelled out , but before she could climb off I rubbed her clit and slid a finger into her ass ! I'm coming she yelped and that set me off ! She was no longer trying to climb off and I unleashed my hot cum deep into her womb .
Alice quickly climbed off and begged me not to say anything ! As if i was !

The next morning I was awoken by Simon asking if I wanted breakfast , i replied that i would . He said Alice apologised for waking me and I told him it was no problem ! Simon then went on to say how horny she was when she came to bed and had got into bed , sucked him off then rode him hard ! He said she was so wet his cock slid in with real ease ! Yeah thats my cum that was coating your cock last night mate I thought !
Simon gave me breakfast and a coffee before I left , Alice never came down ! She never knew which of his mates she had fucked !

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