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Step Father Darius 8

He ran the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy. I moaned, feeling the
thickness of it. He let out a small groan. "Do you want me inside you Arri?" He
pressed the tip against my clit.

I arched my back. Biting my lip I enjoyed his playing with my clit while I
thought. This is my mothers husband. My new "father" in a way. Not much older
than me but still. Was I attracted to him? Yes. Does he make me feel good? Hell
yes. Should we be doing this? No. Do I want to do this? Definately.

I gasped as he pressed harder against my clit. Oh God, I thought. Damn, my mind
was made up. Fuck what was right and fuck my conscience. I wanted Darius and he
wanted me. That's all there was to it right now, in this bed.

I looked up at him. His whole body was taught, like he was struggling to hold
still. I reached down and grabbed one of his arms and his cock. I gave it a few
strokes before putting it right outside the entrance to my pussy. He moaned and
leaned forward, the tip starting to push in. "Only if you want me to," he said,
his jaw clenching and unclenching, voice strained.

Wrapping my legs around him I whispered, "I want you to..." I didn't finish,
couldn't. He slammed in to me, most of his cock slipping inside. My pussy too
tight to let him in fully yet. He threw his head back and groaned. Pulling out,
then pushing back.

"Damn, Arri. You're so wet, tight." He pumped in and out some more, so much
pressure building inside me each time. His cock sliding a little further in. He
grabbed both my hands and pinned them above my head. He thrust a little harder
and bent down to suck on m nipples. I gasped and lifted my hips, letting him
slide even deeper. We were both sweating. My pussy was slippery wet. His cock
was completely inside me in his next thrust. I cried out, he was hitting my g
spot so good. He sped up, fucking me faster and harder. I tightened my legs
around him, wishing I could touch him with my hands but he was still holding
them down.

His cock puhing in and out of me felt so good. Pressure building, building. I
cried out, arching my back as I came. My pussy tightened around his cock. He
slowed down a little but still kept thrusting, keeping my orgasm going. When it
done I was a little shaky. He leaned down and kissed my neck. "I want you to
ride me," he whispered. I bit my lip and nodded. He pulled out and laid on his
back. I got on top of him.....

There will be more soon, I promise. ;) hope you like it so far though my fans.

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