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The Interview

Sitting against the wall at a table, is an attractive woman wearing a silky print dress. It is low cut front, revealing her perfect cleavage and has slid up her thigh exposing a leg I immediately start to fantasize about. I can tell she is wearing sheer to waist pantyhose. I stare - thinking about how much I would love to feel those legs! The girl behind the counter asks me for the third time, “Can I help you?” The woman at the table looks up and catches my stare. She starts to pull her dress down, but stops and smiles. Instead, she teasingly runs her fingertips across her thigh and smiles.
I turn and order a large coffee and can’t resist turning back to look again. After I get my coffee, I go over to the woman and say, “I didn’t mean to stare, but… never mind (blushing). “ I walk out the door, but just before I do, I stop to steal one more glance of those gorgeous legs. I take a very deep breath and I hear her laugh very low. I walk slowly to my car, parked in the back. I am almost to the car and I look over my shoulder and she is behind me.
“Excuse me; I’m hoping you can help me. I am looking for an office where I have an appointment.”
“Sure (taking another deep breath and staring at those legs again).”
“I left very early in case I had trouble finding it. Do you think I look OK for an interview?”
“You look (clearing my throat) fantastic!”
She looks at my crotch and there is no way to hide my erection. She takes written directions out of her purse and puts them on the hood of the car and leans over the hood. Standing beside her and without realizing, I put my hand on her shoulder and slowly run it down her back and then her ass. The feel of that silky dress rubbing against the nylons is almost too much. I feel like a schoolboy staring down the front of her dress and my hand caressing her ass. I feel her adjusting her legs, spreading them. I run my hand up under the dress and up her inner thigh. I hear a slight moan from her, so I continue. My fingers are on her pussy. I can feel she is not wearing anything under the hose and I feel her wetness seeping through.
I turn her around and lift her onto the hood of the car. I pull up her dress, wrap my arms around her legs and bury my face between her legs; licking, kissing and savoring her juices that have soaked her crotch. Her hips are now moving to press tighter against my face. I poke my fingers through the crotch and kiss her very wet pussy like it was her mouth sliding my tongue inside. As she hears and feels the nylon tearing, she realizes that she has become lost in the moment. She starts grinding hard and I feel the rush of her orgasm cover my face.
Her orgasm is not typical. Instead of bringing her down, it actually increases desire. She becomes ravenous for absolute raw sex. She grabs her tits and I hear her say, “Fuck me!”
I undo my pants and they fall to the ground. I slide her ass to the edge of the fender and slide my throbbing cock into her tight pussy. She clamps her legs around my waist and starts grinding again. The feel of her nylons wrapped around my waist and my hands caressing her thighs is absolutely incredible.
Suddenly, I feel her pussy tighten on my shaft and I feel her explode again. Like before, she intensifies. She unlocks her legs and sits up. She not only wants to feel the raw lust, she wants to taste it. She slides off the car and onto her knees. She wraps her arms around my legs and opens her mouth. She looks up at me as if she is starving and wordlessly pleading for my cock. She wraps her lips around the head and sucks on it. Then feel and see her totally engulfing my shaft. As I fuck her mouth, I lose control and start ramming my cock to the back of her throat. She takes one hand and slides her fingers in her pussy and is fucking her pussy and my cock wildly. I know I am now close. I reach down and pull her to her feet and turn her around, bending her over the hood of the car. I slide my cock back in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. I am ramming her hard and fast. Her hands are pounding the hood of the car and we both explode as the same time.
With this orgasm, she becomes almost limp. I continue to fuck her until my cock is finished pulsating. My cum is running down her leg and I hear a very low and satisfied moan coming from her. She straightens up, turns around and wraps her arms around my neck. She kisses me and then smiles.
“I guess I’m going to be late for my interview. I better call!” She collects herself a bit and gets her cell phone from her purse that is lying on the ground. She walks around to the other side of the car as she is dialing. Then, my cell phone rings; she doesn’t hear it. I pull it out of the pocket of my pants and answer it quietly; I don’t want to interrupt her call because I can hear her. I hear on my cell and her voice from the other side of the car, “I’m sorry, I had …car issues…. And I won’t be able to make my interview appointment.” I answer, “That’s fine, just one thing, let me by you another pair of nylons for your rescheduled appointment.” She quickly turns to me and gasps. I close my cell and say to her, “You have the job!”

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