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Next FemDom pt 2

with my asshole plugged, my face freshly fucked and a cock cage keeping my cock in pain, i was let down the stairs by my leash and collar. i was surprised Mistress had allowed me to take the stairs in an upright position.

quickly after reaching the bottom step, Mistress walked over to where she usually kept some devices of use, grabbed a pair of handcuffs and bound my hands in front of me. Mistress reached for something else. my hands were then placed in what i could only describe as metal mittens, or metal spheres, and locked down. even if Mistress would let me use my hands in any way, i would be unable.

"You can come out now." Mistress said. my heart skipped a beat, i looked all around and saw nobody but the two of us. slowly, out of the shadows appeared a woman. she began to make her way toward us.

she was short, maybe five ft. four or so, very skinny, very pale, blond hair pulled into a ponytail, and the closer she got to us, i realized she was naked. she was skinny, her breasts were smallish, a B cup at most. her nipples were perfectly round and no bigger than a quarter. narrow hips, and she was wearing a collar as well. i had no idea Mistress used women the way she used men. i wasn't foolish enough to think i was the only toy she used, the thought of her with another woman had never crossed my mind.

Mistress knew this woman was everything i didn't find attractive about women, and i wanted her. (just because i am a sub to Mistress does not mean that i don't enjoy vanilla sex, or using a lil slut of my own.)

when she was within Mistresses' reach, she grabbed this woman by the collar and roughly pulled her in very close, almost nose to nose with Mistress. Mistress reached out and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.
"boy, this is girl. girl, this is boy. I am about to have some fun with the two of you. I know neither of you will let me down."
"no Mistress" we said, almost in unison." my cock was throbbing.
"girl, go bend over that bench there." she did as she was told, the bench seemed to be made for her.
"Now you", Mistress said as she grabbed my leash and gave it a sharp tug toward the girl bent over the bench, "On your knees and eat her pussy." Mistress pushed me downward and grabbed me by the back of the head and shoved my face in girls pussy. i eagerly went to work licking, sucking and tempting anything i could get my tongue or lips on. my cock throbbed in pain, i wanted nothing more than to jerk my cock off and cum right then and there. at that moment, i didn't care if Mistress punished me for dis-obeying, but Mistress was smarter than i. the cock cage and the metal mittens prevented any possibility of it happening.
Mistress spanked me with what felt like a paddle. "Get her cunt wet, I want to fuck it more." Mistress confirmed what i suspected. girls pussy tasted like Mistress' rubber cock. i wondered how long they were at it before i got there.
Mistress pushed me into her again. "Hurry up bitch boy." I felt something odd this time, i took a quick peek around, girl was plugged. it looked like it was a small plug, but she had something in her asshole.
"That's right bitch boy, she is plugged just like you (Mistress never missed anything). I have two little plugged bitches to fuck. Out of my way bitch boy." Mistress said as she swung her hips and slapped my face with her huge rubber cock. "Don't go far, I want you to watch me fuck her."
Mistress grabbed girl by her hips and plunged that huge cock of hers straight into girls' pussy. she was so thin, i could see it expand her stomach. she let out a cry. Mistress motioned to me, i crawled to them. without saying a word or missing a beat Mistress pulled the small plug from girls asshole and shoved it straight into my mouth.
"Hold on to that for me." i nodded to agree, as if i had a choice.
Mistress really went to work on girl. she pounded that huge cock in her over and over again, girl got a bit louder with each thrust until she moaned out.
"Cum on my cock you fucking tramp, cum while I fill your loose cunt." when she came, i thought my cock was going to explode. i let out a moan that made me drop the plug out of my mouth, Mistress,again, without skipping a beat, grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me very close to girls hip, and held me there. Mistress pulled the cock out of girls pussy and shoved it into my mouth, deep and fast. as quickly as it was all in my mouth is a quick as it was gone and back in girl. Mistress repeatedly fucked her pussy, then my face, then her pussy, then my face. over and over again. i felt like such a dirty slut.
girl seemed to be on the verge of another explosive orgasm. Mistress gave up on fucking my face, clutched girl by the hips and really tore into her. girl came violently. so much so that her legs gave out from under her for a brief moment. i knew the feeling. Mistress buried her cock in girls pussy and let it sit there for a bit while girl recovered.
"I bet you'd like out of that cage now, wouldn't you bitch boy?"
"very much Mistress."
"Soon bitch boy. One thing first. Look at girls cunt as I remove my cock from her" i did as i was instructed. while Mistress held her apart,girl gaped open like a cave. my eyes got wide, Mistress saw it.
"Stand up, I want you to put your caged cock in her cavernous cunt."
i stood and positioned myself behind girl, Mistress holding her pussy wide open for me. i pushed, my cock in its cage only touched one side. i wanted to cum, but because of the cage i was unable. i let out a whimper. Mistress knew, she always knows.
"To bad you cant cum in her the way you'd like huh bitch boy." i nodded. i removed my cock from girl, and Mistress released her grasp from holding girl open. Mistress then removed my cock cage. as good as it felt to have it off, it hurt just as much to let my cock become fully erect. Mistress slapped my erecting cock.

"Now we are going to have some fun bitch boy."

i could not wait for what was next.

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