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My neighbor, the Milf

When i was 16 years old, we lived in a duplex. So happens that there is a 31 year old single mom living next to us. When I say she was hot, I mean she was HOT! I've thought about her when I had masterbated in my room and in the shower.

So one day she came knocking on the door, I thought, omg she wants my young dick! We'll not so much...her lawn mower broke down. She had asked if I could mow her lawn a few times until she got hers fixed. I gladly said yes! After a few days i noticed her outside tanning, this was the perfect time. I get out our mower and started cutting her grass. She was in the back, so I started in the front. She was laying on her stomach, her beautiful ass was hangin out of her bikini bottom, I started to get a chubby, while trying to cut in straight lines. At this point I didn't care, what do I have to lose, and i don't get embarrassed easily. As I made my way to her, I killed the mower, she was lookin at my bulge, smiled and said she would move on the patio so I could do the rest. I started to cut the back and kept lookin at her. After a few mins I noticed her rubbing her nipple lightly for a few seconds. I got instantly hard. I told her I was goin to get some water, she insisted I come in to get water from her fridge. We walked in, me tryin to hide my raging boner, it wasn't easy. She says, waters in the fridge, help your self. I grab a water, turn around and she grabs my dick. Again, I'm wearing boxer underwear and basketball shorts. Adrenaline rushes through my body like crazy! She starts to pull down my shorts and my 8 inch thick tool springs out, balls filled with a huge load are right behind. She puts a death grip on me and starts jerkin. Soon I'm now layin on the floor, her hand is goin slow, not for long. Then she slides her bikini bottom off and gives me a lap dance, bare butt on hard dick. Cow girl, reverse cowgirl, lap dancing i didnt even know was possible. She lifts her big boobs out from her bikini, an amazing rack she has, little darker red nipples, I lean up and lick as much as I can. Sliding her way down, lickin my dick, suckin my dick for a moment. Remember I'm a young teen, getting one of my first hand jobs, second different girl to be exact. After about 15 minutes, I'm about to blow, she can tell cuz my legs are starting to twitch, my dick is throbbing. I tell her I'm cuming, her hand does about 5 long strokes and I blew the biggest load I ever had, even by myself. It gets even better....she licked and sucked all my cum off her hand, off my dick and off my stomach. I licked the little but off her left boob. I gave her a kiss and I went back to cutting her grass...about a week later, her grass needs cutting again, guess what, I got a HJs every time I cut her grass, she didn't get her mower fixed, guess who shoveled her driveway in the winter...ME ; ) Money isn't everything, I'll accept sexual payments anytime! Never did fuck her, well I am friends with her on facebook...

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