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Amber's Cuckold (Part I) - Afterglow2

The woman I loved was lying on her back exhausted with her black stud lying by her left side. Her legs were spread and her left leg was d****d over his right thigh. Her pussy was bright red and appeared almost beat up…I had never seen it like this before. Just moments before, this black man (a man neither of us had met in person before tonight), had filled Amber’s pussy with a large, creamy load of sperm. As he pulled out of her, I caught a glimpse of something I will never forget. For just a moment, I could see his large, white pool of sperm inside her gaped pussy. It was like a cup that was about to overflow. Almost instantly after he pulled out, her pussy seemed to begin clinching and contracting like it was holding onto its treasure and trying to pull it deep inside her…working it in towards her fertile womb. She looked at me a little uncertainly as she lightly ran her finger between her cum filled lips. “Baby?” was all she said.

We had both fantasized about tonight hundreds of times during fantasy role plays. Tonight though, it was all real. With each moment, we were crossing new thresholds and uncertain about which step might be one too far. My mind and heart were in a whirlwind. Love, romance, and erotica danced with jealousy, betrayal, and emasculation. Through it all, my cock dripped with excitement.

I almost couldn’t believe what I had seen tonight. A muscular black man with a much larger cock that mine had actually fucked the woman I loved…a woman that loved me and wanted to have my c***dren. I can admit that it stung to see another man making her cum…multiple times. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest and my knees were weak as she came time and time again over his long, thick black shaft. She now had a new benchmark now for how good sex could be, and it was a humbling moment for me. Amber would later tell me that at times she forgot I was even in the room. Would I ever be able to shake those images? How difficult would it be to always know that I had seen her sexually transported to a place I could never take her?

His dark, muscular body was pressed against Amber and she was kissing him. His flaccid cock (still longer and thicker than my erect penis) was wet with their mixed juices. I felt a pang of jealousy and a strange urge to assert myself. I had asked for it all though. I introduced the idea to Amber who resisted it initially and told me I was the only man she needed or ever wanted to be inside her. Still, I persisted and over time she finally warmed to the thought of a black man taking her in front of me. Now, she lay beside this black man and seemed in awe of what he had done to her. He appeared almost smug now as he ran his hands all over her body like he owned her. She had responded to him in a way that I had never experienced with her. I watched them and also noted his creamy seed slowly running out of my woman. He knew that he had just fucked this beautiful white woman better than I ever had or ever would. Amber knew it to. He also knew the only thing that I was going to do about it was, maybe, to go down on her and lick his sperm out of her well-fucked pussy and swallow it. Arrogant bastard!

It did make me feel frustrated, but my smaller white cock was hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum. The reality had lived up to the fantasy. This black stud had fucked her like no one before. His cock was long and thick…probably three to four inches longer and twice my thickness. To say she loved it would be an understatement. Could I actually complete this odd but incredibly erotic humiliation by swallowing his sperm from my lover's pussy? Was it not enough that I had to watch this black guy fuck her and know that she just experienced the best sex of her life? Was it not enough that my potential wife would now think of me as having a little penis? Would she always think about the cock size of other men and wonder if they could take her back to that orgasmic place? Did I have to add to the humiliation and complete emasculation by going down on her and swallowing the sperm from best cock she ever had? Would it change things for Amber to see me do this? Still running her finger lightly along her wet lips she repeated her question, “Baby?”

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