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Piano Lessons

Monica’s piano students were mostly younger beginners, but she did teach a few very committed and talented high-schoolers and one or two grads. One of her brightest stars, Josh, was about to turn 18, and for some time now, he had shown a boyishly awkward, obvious crush on his gorgeous 31-year-old teacher.

She found it, and him, absolutely adorable, and after a time, his attentions even boosted her erotic daydreams. It never got in the way of the lessons, as once they got concentrated on the work, he always managed to focus and let his incredible gifts shine through.

The one impediment to his budding artistry was his stage-fright, or stage terror, as Monica called it. She tried everything along the way to help him through, so he could play in front of audiences, but he still tended to freeze up and lose his focus and muscle memory, if too many strangers were around to hear him play.

It was during one of her recital-prep coaching sessions, as she tried to intentionally distract him with tickling touches, and shoulder grabs and loud noises in his ears, that she noticed him fidgeting in his seat more than usual. One look down and she saw just what was making it happen. His eager cock had risen to a well-endowed bulging fullness in his pants, from her soft touches and mere closeness, and no matter what he did, it would not go down.

His face was red from his heated blushing, but in his determination for her not to see his embarrassing uprising, he laser-focused on his music, and somehow finished the etude brilliantly, despite the distractions, both from Monica’s attentions, and from his own pulsating crotch.

When he was about to leave at the end of the lesson, she hugged him sweetly and tightly, then kissed his cheek to let him know how proud she was of his breakthrough. She could feel his hardness still tempting her, as he shook a little nervously in her embrace, and then, he almost forgot to let go. And as he waddled away, a little uncomfortably, an idea hit her.

He was just of age and he wanted her. She was single and adored his boyish attentions. ‘Why not?’, she though, as the inspiration hit. He had a lesson scheduled for the day after his birthday - perfect timing. She sent him an email note about lesson prep.

“I have a new idea about how to get you past your stage fright. I also have a birthday present for you. See you at 4pm. Plan to stay a little longer. It may take some time” She wasn’t going to mention that the solution and the gift were the very same thing.

She greeted the birthday boy, startling him with a big celebratory kiss, fingers in his hair, and once he got through the shock, a little tongue breach, some butt grabs and some obvious hip pressing. She whispered in his ear that she did catch his erection last lesson, and was extra proud of how it got him focused. She nuzzled her hips across his rise and said, “Sometimes, you just need the right thing to get you into the zone.” She rubbed his bulge and hummed “We may have found yours”.

She sat him down on the bench and kissed him softly, making sure he was okay with this sexual approach to his mental block. He could barely form the words when she asked, but just kept nodding his head eagerly.

She added, “You have three pieces to work on, so we’ll work in three stages. Then I’ll give you your present.”

The first stage was her fully dressed, fondling him sensually, kissing his neck and halfway through, whispering dirty promises in his ear. As she rubbed his growing bulge through his jeans, she encouraged him to concentrate and try not to think about what she was doing. He was fine until she whispered that thing about letting him cum down her throat. He faltered, but when she barked “Concentrate!”, he got right back into the music.

After his first piece’s success, she sent him in to grab them some water from the kitchen, as she prepped for the second stage. He entered and froze. She was fully naked, gorgeous with a natural bush, and he could not place the glasses down quickly enough, lest he drop them.

“Yes, second piece, with me naked. Sit and play.” He needed no taunting this time around, as her naked flesh nuzzling him from behind and the sides was enough to set everything ablaze, and in the mix, even she herself started to get a warm rush down below. He managed his music even better this time, and his reward came once he finished playing, and she placed his warm hands on her breasts, encouraging him to let them run all over her, for a few minutes.

“Last one”, she purred, “and this one’s the hardest.” She giggled a little, as she unzipped him and pulled out his dripping fierce cock. “Mmmm, yes, verrrry hard.”

She made him scoot his stool back a bit, as she knelt before him, holding his thickness in her hand ever so gently. “Same idea. Focus and ignore what I am doing. Remember, don’t cum, just play. Make the music be your orgasm.” She kissed the wet tip of his cock, and smiled up at him as she licked his precum from her lips.

She nodded for him to start. He swallowed hard, breathed deeply as she had taught him, and reached for the keys. She repeated again, “Don’t cum, just play.”

Off he went into this dramatic concerto, as she licked and kissed and stroked his gorgeous hard flesh. His mind and body was on fire, but he channeled it all into his rhythmic fingertips. As he played above her, she lost herself in her own desire, and she, too, had to concentrate on not swallowing him whole, and making him erupt into her mouth, as she suddenly longed to do.

Her boy had excelled at this naked, lewd exercise, just as she knew he would. She rose up to kiss him proudly, as he shook with joy and fever and accomplishment. She straddled his lap and nipped at his panting mouth, and she unbuttoned his shirt, bent on getting him naked as well.

“You were brilliant, Josh, and if you can play with all of that going on, you can focus in any setting, no matter what. And if you need a reminder before you play, take your breaths, and just before you start, whisper to yourself, “Don’t cum, just play”, then imagine me kneeling naked between your knees.”

She made him raise his ass, just enough off the stool for her to pull his jeans down, then she hovered at his tip, with her wet labial folds caressing the swollen head of his cock. She smiled warmly and said, “Happy Birthday, Josh. You can play me now… and cum as much as you want.” And she dropped her sweet gurgling cunt’s grip slowly downward, to swallow him deep into her enveloping walls.

They fucked on the stool and the piano and the floor and the dining room table, making an entirely different brand of savage music.

She, of course, was there at his next recital to whisper lewd promises in his ear beforehand, and remind him of his new mantra. “Don’t cum, just play.” Then she added in a whisper, “Your cum is for me.”

His mother asked at the reception afterward, how Monica had finally cured her son of his stage terrors, and got him to play so boldly that day. The teacher smiled and even blushed a little. “Oh, sometimes, you just have to find the right incentives…” and let it trail off.

Josh excused himself from his folks, for a little post-recital conference with his teacher, before going home. It was time for him to collect his rewards, and give his teacher some as well.

He’d so fucking earned it. And so had she.

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