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OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 3.....

I had my bathing suit and cover up on as I packed my pool bag with my necessities for the afternoon. I was still thinking of my night with DeShawn and was wondering how he would act when we saw each other again at the pool with the rest of his f****y. I was on my way to the door when there was a knock. I looked out and it was Paul, DeShawn’s father. He was wearing a suit and tie and I said hello, since it was a surprise to see him at my room. He asked if we could talk and I invited him into my room to sit down. He had such a serious look on his face and it was rather intimidating coming from such a tall and athletic man. He proceeded to tell me that DeShawn had been caught sneaking back into his room at nearly 5 am this morning. When he was questioned about his whereabouts, Paul said that DeShawn had refused to answer. Paul then told me that he had grounded him to the room for the day and that he wanted to talk to me about some answers. I told Paul that I would answer any questions that he wanted and that opened up a whole new can of worms.

Paul told me that he had been in town for his meeting three days prior to his f****y arriving and meeting him for the rest of the week. He went on to tell me that he had recognized me from a dinner that he had attended at a restaurant. Paul said that he had seen me on the arm of an older man in a cowboy hat and that I was helping him to entertain a group of Asian men. He shot down my story of being here with my dad earlier in the week and told me that he knew what I was and that he had seen more than enough girls like me when he was younger and playing sports at a higher level. I didn’t try to lie and I told Paul that I was a stripper and that I often worked as an e****t, but I didn’t feel it appropriate to say so when I met his f****y. He said that he was fine with that and that he thought that I was a beautiful woman and could understand why his sons were interested in me, but that he didn’t want his boys to get in trouble. Paul specifically wanted to know if his boy was lying about being with me because he was doing something i*****l, such as d**gs. He said that he didn’t care if his son and I had sex, since his boy was a grown man, but that he didn’t want him to ruin his college career by getting involved in d**gs or in other i*****l activities.

I told Paul that I never did d**gs and that DeShawn had just stopped by to talk last night. I told him that I knew that his sons kind of had a crush on me, but I wouldn’t tell them what I did for a living or get them in any kind of trouble. Paul seemed to be much more relaxed after we cleared the air and he thanked me for understanding his concern with his boy and I. He said that he had hooked up with similar women when he was younger and in college, but that none of them had been as pretty or as nice a me. He said that he was supposed to be at a meeting sponsored by his wholesaler this morning, but just had to stop by to see me first and to make sure that his son was not going to get into trouble. I told him that I was sorry that he was missing his meeting and he laughed it off, telling me that it was much more fun getting good news about his boy and finally seeing what one of these luxury suites looked like. I asked if he wanted a little tour and he bluntly told me that he would, but only if it included a visit to my bed. I was a little shocked at first and was wondering if he was joking. Paul said that if he was going to miss his meeting, he might as well spend his time doing something worthwhile. He stepped up close to me and I had to lean back to look up at his face. “So, what’s an afternoon cost to be with a girl as sexy as you?” he asked. I didn’t miss a beat as I told him my price and he pulled out his wallet and proceeded to pay me. I took his cash in my hand and took him into the master suite for his special tour.

It was a little difficult trying to undress such a tall man. He took off his coat, shirt and tie as I worked on his belt and the front of his pants. I reached my hand into his boxers and pulled out his massive organ. I knew right away where DeShawn had gotten his huge cock gene. I didn’t have to kneel or even bend at the waist to take his black pole into my mouth. I stoked it with both hands as I tried to suck on it. He had the thickness that his son lacked, but he had every bit of the length plus more. I held it in my mouth, sucking and pumping his slab of meat and was amazed at how it kept growing. I had to start licking his shaft since it had become to big to fit my lips around. He told me to suck on his balls and I did so, as I held up his long shaft. His dick spanned the length of my face as I took each of his balls into my mouth and sucked them individually. It was like I was standing up under the shadow of a small black palm tree as he and his penis towered over my face. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and again took his orders to keep sucking his balls. He pulled me over to the bed and laid me on my back. Then he stroked his cock over me as his balls hung over my face and lips. I kept sucking and licking him as he jacked off his long, thick, ebony log. He knelt over my head and I was now licking his scrotum and the area between his asshole. He reached out and his long fingers began to rub my moist pussy lips. He moved up further over my head and told me to lick his asshole and then I felt two of his fingers slide deep into my slit.

My tongue poked and prodded his anus and his hairy scrotum scratched my chin and neck as he moved back and forth, allowing me to suck his testicles and then slip my tongue into his ass. My pussy was stretched further as another of his long fingers joined the first two and plunged into my wet hole. Paul stood up once again and then turned my head and tried to f***e his cock in my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and he was able to shove at least 3 inches of his behemoth into my mouth, without my teeth hurting him. His hips moved back and forth and so did his hard cock in my mouth. He tried to shove his rod deeper into my throat and I nearly started to gag as I pushed up to stop his downward thrusting. His 3 fingers were fucking me rapidly as he pulled his horse cock from my mouth and placed it between my breasts. His ass was over my face, as I held my breasts together in an attempt to wrap around his giant wiener. He titty fucked me as best he could and slapped his cock against my tits. His pre-cum began to ooze from the tip of his penis and it allowed for him to slide much easier between my breasts. After a short while Paul got off the bed and made his way between my legs. He easily slid his three fingers into me again, all three as long as an average sized cock, as they explored my vaginal depths. I felt a bit of pressure as a fourth finger slid in some time later. I was moaning as Paul nearly fist fucked me with his huge basketball palming hands. Then I watched him lick his index finger on his other hand and then slowly slide it into my ass. I told him that I had some lube at the bedside and he slathered his fingers with it and before long he had four fingers in my cunt and two in my ass.

I came deeply as he put his face close to my twat and his tongue flicked across my hard clit. My orgasmic contractions f***ed all but two of his fingers out of my pussy, but he kept stroking the remaining two in my pussy and the two on his other hand in my ass. Paul eased himself around and over top of me and we were then in a 69 position as I started to once again lick and stroke his hard black pipe. He was now sucking on my clit and all 4 of his fingers were deep in my cunt, while his arm and hand reached under my butt to allow his two fingers to fuck my asshole. His height allowed him to perform positions not possible for a shorter human. I came again and this time he moved me to the middle of the bed and slid between my legs. He buried his gigantic cock deep into my spread open hole and proceeded to pump me like his son had the night before.

I couldn’t believe how loud I was screaming as he fucked me mercilessly. “How do you like that big, black cock? “ he kept repeating in my ear with each thrust. I couldn’t answer him if I had tried and I just kept moaning and grunting out loud, occasionally screaming out when his hard dick would slam into my cervix. Paul pulled his massive wet cock from my cunt, my gaping hole looked red and my lips were swollen to twice their normal size. He grabbed the bottle of personal lubricant and squirted it generously over the length of his long, black hose, rubbing it in and preparing himself to dive back into me. He pulled me toward him and flipped me on my stomach. I was like a rag doll to him as he spread my ass cheeks with his big hands and pressed his oiled up cock into my behind. It slid in easily and he rammed it deep into my ass. Never had I taken a cock so large anally. “How do you like that big, black cock now?” he asked again, this time in my ear from behind me. He was fucking my ass hard and fast and then he pulled out, just as quickly, and drove his cock into my pussy. Over and over he kept alternating between my cunt and my ass. Pumping me 4 or 5 times in one hole and then pulling out to thrust 4 or 5 times in my other hole.

Paul was so big and strong and I was at his mercy as he fucked me. He slapped my ass and pulled my hair back as he pummeled both of my openings. I lost track of time as he assaulted my poor body. I had never had such rough sex and in such a brutal way. I had taken part in a few S&M parties, I had been double and triple teamed, cocks filling each available opening and I had been fucked by multiple men in a couple of gang bangs and over the course of a night, but this was so much different. It had always been a controlled situation in the other settings, but now Paul was in control. He would stop to rest every now and then, catching his breath as he laid on top of me, sweating and asking me if I liked how hard my sexy body had made him. He would fuck me from behind, on my back, over the side of the bed and he even held me up on his cock and fucked me against the wall. Each time, he continued to alternate between my ass and then my pussy. I glanced down at his watch during one of his rest breaks, as he laid on top of me with his cock in my ass. Nearly two hours had passed since he had come to my room and I was so sore and worn out.

Welts, in the shape of his hand, covered my ass and my hair was a tangled mess from sweat and tears that poured down my face as he fucked me. My breasts were sore from being squeezed and sucked and my face had been smacked rather hard with his long cock on a number of occasions. I was currently lying on the edge of the bed, his cock slamming into my pussy and he had two of his fingers in my mouth for me to suck. His face was straining and I knew he couldn’t last much longer. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and then pushed me on the floor to my knees. I was kneeling before him as he held his long, black cock over my face and began to ejaculate. Long strands of hot, sticky cum blasted over my face and into my hair. He began to rub his swollen cock over my face and more cum sprayed out and covered my cheeks, nose and squirted into my right eye. He pressed the head of his cock into my mouth and I began to suck him as he continued to fill my mouth. He kept stroking harder and cum ran down my chin, as his dick slipped from my lips, dripping onto my sweaty breasts. Paul smacked his cock across my lips and used his tool to scoop the excess cum into my mouth. He held it in front of me and I continued to lick him until he was clean.

I stayed on the floor on my knees, too tired to get up, as Paul slipped back into his clothes. Cum was all over my face and hair and my body was a sweaty, worn looking mess. My pussy was red and swollen, my labia hanging down from my gaping vagina, with remnants of spunk and lubricant dripping from my open hole. My ass was equally as sore as were my reddened butt cheeks. “I don’t think I have ever fucked like that in my life.” Paul stated, as he stood over me. He gave me a hand to help me up. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a young, sweet sexy thing like you and you brought the a****l out in me.” he said. “Damn girl! If only my boys knew what you could do. If my meeting wasn’t due to end soon and I wasn’t supposed to be back to my room, I would have loved to fuck you again. I could tear that shit up all night long.” he bragged. He pulled out his wallet and tossed a pretty nice tip onto the torn up bed. I took a deep breath and just stared at him as I stood there naked, my face and hair covered in his cum. “Maybe we can get together one more time after my f****y leaves? I’ll be here another two days after they fly out. What do you think?” he asked. “I’ll definitely charge you quite a bit more next time.” I said and then smiled. He left and I once again made my way to my trusted Jacuzzi to soak. It was just the thing you needed after a long hard day of fucking and sucking.

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