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Love of my life

Ever since I was a k** I had an image of a guy in my head. I saw him in my dreams and I knew somehow I'd meet him one day. I went though life knowing this image, but not really thinking it was real. I got married, had a k** and raised her and never met the guy till one day I was at a convention and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. I knew it was him instantly, even from that distance, so I made my way over to him to chat. He was pushing his product for his company and I pretended to be interested but somehow I could tell he was interested in me. Not just in a hot girl I wanna fuck you way, but I could tell he was seriously into me almost instantly. Nothing happened, I left with his card and he took mine and I went to go find out about him from my circle of business friends. I told my friends about him, and they all laughed. Apparently he was gay, and in a big way. Everyone I knew told me he wasn't into women, so I shelved the idea of being with him. Being in the same industry, we ran into each other a lot over the next couple of years and became great friends. I knew he was gay, but somehow my female radar told me this man was seriously into me, and not just as a friend. I never acted on it, but one evening I got him to e****t me back to my hotel room and offered him a drink. He came in, sat down on the couch and all of a sudden told me he'd had an image of me his entire life in his head and almost jumped out of his skin when he met me. He said he'd never been with a woman, but if I wasn't married he'd want me to be his first. I couldn't believe it. He felt the exact same way at the exact same time, but wouldn't touch me cause I was married. My k** was grown and honestly my marriage was dead, so I went home and instantly got a divorce. The next show I met him, and told him what I did. He couldn't believe it and we spent the evening and night together. It was the best sex of my life. You woudn't think a virgin could fuck like that, but I guess all the practice on gay men helped. After blowing several loads bareback inside of me, we fell asl**p in each other's arms and when we woke he had a bad look on his face. I knew it was over, he told me he loved me but he was gay and couldn't do this. I cried but honestly I was happy he gave me the courage to end a bad loveless marriage. Anyway, that's what happened to me, and how I had the best sex of my life.

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