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Me being slutty

I was at the corner store the another night. I wanted a pack of smokes. I went in and chated with the clerk got my smokes and went out side. I light one open. As i was having it a cute guy came up to me and ask me for one. So being a nice girl i gave him one. we started chating about this and that. I noticed a wedding ring on his finger. I said aww your married and cute. He laughed at me and said his wife was at work until 1am. I took his hand and said well then your in luck. We got in my car and went to my place. In the car i told him to whip out is cock. he did but it wasnt big just a nice size. I told him to touch himself. he started jerking off for me. At the first red light i bent over and started sucking him off. I made him cum in my mouth. The light turned green and we took off again. he was up set by cumming so fast and said his wife doesnt fuck him anymore. when we got back to my house, i riped his jeans off when we were on my front step. i jerked him until he was hard again. i turn around and push his cock into my lil pussy. he only fucked me for like 5 minutes and was cumming again. i shock my haed at him and smiled. we went in side and sat him on the couch. I undressed and teased him rubbing my clit and pussy. fingering myself alittle. he got hard right away. i climbed on him slow puched his cock in me again. i was riding him slowly and kissing his soft lips. he last long enough to make me cum. i turn around and did him can fast and hard. i told him if he made me cum again i would let him do me in the ass (my fav) as soon as i said it he started cumming again i pulled him out of me and swallowed his load this time. i told him it was fun and it was my bed time. i drove back to his car. he got out and kissed me good bye. The worst married man i ever fucked. Next time i will tell you about the best one i have had ;-)

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