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My old english teacher

I had left school about 4 years earlier when out of the blue I saw him. it was Mr.G from my old high school I was sure of it. I was in down in Sydney(from Brisbane) for a 4 week job so was surprised to see him here in the pub as I knew he still taught at my old school in Brisbane . it was about 2 pm and we had been at the pub since lunch as the job site had been rained out for the day. my 2 workmates and boss decided to go back to the hotel after a steak and a few beers. So as I was drinking alone I thought I would go say hi. Mr.G saw me walking towards him and I could tell by the look on his face he was trying to work out where he knew me from. hi Mr.G I said its me Greg I was in your English class 4 years ago remember? oh yeah right Greg R. I remember you now ,how are you he said. I had grown a little and filled out and my hair was a little longer but it finally clicked. yeah i'm good just down here for work, I'm in construction now,doing a job in the city. What are you doing in this part of the world? I asked. I'm at a teachers conference, well that's where I'm supposed to be he joked.not much happening there today and I don't have to do my talk til tomorrow, so thought I would just chill out for the day he explained. so we got chatting over a few beers mainly about school and what we had both been up to. when I asked about his wife (who was also a teacher at our old school)he went quiet and then said they split about a year ago. that's a shame I said she was hot!(oops must have been the beer talking ). he looked at me as if to say are you for real? yeah for sure! I said. at school they were both 41 but she was a bit of a milf and I wasn't the only one who daydreamed about her. he was surprised by this as I explained as much. well there you go he said didn't know all you horny buggers were wanking over my wife. still do I joked. he laughed and then said so do I! I laughed and seeing we were both feeling good I quickly slipped in don't suppose you got any pics of her? its been a while I joked. Can do better than that he said seriously got some videos on my laptop if you wanna come up for a look? come up? I asked. yeah I'm staying upstairs here, the school really lashed out this time. sure I said why not? so we finished our beers got a few takeaways and headed upstairs. it was actually quite a plush room for a pub had a big open bedroom/living room, small kitchenette and a big bathroom with a spa. I slipped of my work boots and socks cracked a couple of beers as Mr.G set up his laptop and plugged it into the TV. We were both pretty quiet and I wasn't sure what was happening but knew where I wanted it to go so was getting harder in anticipation then an image started to appear on the big screen. there we go he said proudly this is one of us in holiday in Bali. it was Mr.g moving back away from the camera his quite impressive cock I must say swinging between his legs. then Mrs.G appears in just a sarong and wet hair. she was as hot as I remember. they embrace in front of the camera as Mr.G removes her sarong to reveal those tits me and my mates had all drooled over as school k**s. in the video Mr.g's cock starts to harden as mine does in real life.I notice he's not really watching the video but more my reaction to it and this just gets me harder. I have watched this so many times since the divorce, one of our best he says. mm very nice I say as I adjust my cock hoping he will make a move on me. Whip it out if you want he says as I look over to see he has already managed to get his out without me noticing. that was all I needed so I obliged and got fully naked and sat back down. I had always fantasised about Mrs.G but also about Mr.G too or both together and was going to make the most of it. Mr.G did the same as on the video Mrs.G was sucking Mr.G on the bed. We were both fully naked and fully hard now as I watched Mrs.G sucking on Mr.G's fat cock. She's pretty good at that I said . watch this next bit he said quickly as on the video Mrs.G proceeds to lick and finger his ass hole. wow I say that's hot. ever had it done to you ? he asked not yet I say hoping he was going to offer. and he did. but think we both need a shower first. agreed I said. Mr.g lead me to the shower by the cock it was so hot. how about a spa I said. sure he replied and started to blast the hot water. I sat on the edge of the spa and stroked as he walked over and started to wank in front of me as close as he could . I pulled him in by the ass and wrapped my lips around his cock. mmm he moaned as I started to work his cock in and out of my mouth. we were both in heaven as he complimented me on my cock sucking. you know one thing Mrs.G didn't do? he asked let me cum in her mouth he said as I didn't stop to answer. I just let out a muffled mm? and decided then and there i was gonna take his load. i increased my speed and played with his balls and within minutes he declared he was gonna cum. i didn't skip a beat determined to make him cum and he ,did spurt after spurt till i could take no more and wanked out the rest til it was just a dribble then proceeded to suck him again til i had cleaned up every last drop.WOW he said as he turned off the water and got in motioning for me to join him. you know how long its been ? he asked. your turn now he said let me suck u. youve gotta lick my ass first remember? i said. so i gave myself a quick wash and sat up on the edge of the spa with one leg up on the edge as he quickly moved in and started lapping at my hole like he was starving and slowly slipping a finger in . this was amazing i had never felt anything like it and being like a fantasy come true just made it even better. as he fingered me he moved up and took my cock in his mouth and started to give me some of the best head i had ever gotten. i think he wanted me to return the favour and feed him my load but i had other ideas. i wanted to fuck my teacher! i stood him up bent him over and proceeded to lick his ass getting it nice and wet then i stood up and as i rubbed my cock head on his hole i said im going to fuck you now and when im ready to cum im gonna do it in your mouth ok. he just groaned and said do it fuck your teacher. think he may have had the same fantasies? so i f***ed my cock into his tight hole and as i slowly fucked him his ass loosened enough so i could get a good rhythm going as i knew i wouldn't last long. Holding him by the hips fucking him hard he seemed to be loving it as much as i was. i was soon ready to cum and pulled out he turned sat on the edge replaced my hand with his and started jerking and sucking furiously til i was spraying the back of his throat and mouth. i was spent but he kept sucking not allowing my cock to soften and i was soon enjoying it. now iwant u to cum in my ass he said . now ? i asked yes!fuck your teachers ass and cum in him! yes sir Mr.G i said half joking half living in my fantasy. so i proceeded to fuck him some more this time my cock went in easy and i started to really fuck him hard thinking i wouldn't be able to cum again so quick but i could feel my balls start to tighten and could feel him alternate between jerking his cock and playing with my balls and ass. can i cum now sir? yes now cum inside me greg. i did as i was told and dumped my load in his ass as i kept pumping away til i had no more left. we both just stood there enjoying what i was to find out a new feeling for both of us. we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in the spa or bed sucking and fucking and watching videos. it was an awesome day and we were both getting paid for to catch up a couple of times during the week too and he gave me some vids of my 2 favourite teachers.

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