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How my BBC fantasy for My Wife Went Wrong CH2

Much to my surprise, Melinda said she would be willing to try to seduce a black man for sex on our anniversary weekend out of town. She laid down some ground rules. 1) she alone got to pick the man. 2) she wasn't promising anything - she might just dance with him or kiss him or just touch or give him a bj or go all the way. It all depended on how she felt then. 3) he had to wear a condom if she did have sex with him. she knows just how fertile she is and didn't want an STD. 4) I had to promise her I would keep things under control and only let happen what she agreed to.

I quickly agreed to Melinda's rules (although I hated the condom rule as I always had a fantasy about her getting a huge creampie. I also prayed she would not decide just to kiss some guy and stop) and we both felt aroused from the discussion and had an amazing an long fuck session where we both talk about our versions of the perfect BBC fantasy come true.

As the weekend approached I was excited and could tell Melinda was, too. Together we went shopping picked out a couple of very sexy outfits designed to seduce any man she wanted. My favorite was a wrap-around purple top that cut down deep between her big breasts. She picked a short put loose-fitting skirt that showed off most of her legs and would be easy to hoist over her hips in a fit of passion. Melinda picked out a black bra which pushed her near-perfect pale melons up even higher into the dip in her top. Finally, she added a pair of black thongs with a thin lace front. I could see her smoothly shaved slit through them. The shopping made me so I hot I got Melinda to suck my cock as I drove home. I cheered her on the whole drive home, telling her to imagine she was sucking a nice, strange black cock. I came into her mouth as we pulled into our drive way.

Finally, late Saturday morning we left the k**s with my parents and headed out on the 2 hour drive to the city. When we got there, we went to lunch first as our room wasn't ready yet. We enjoyed a nice meal and sat and had a few strong drinks to get us in the mood for what was to come. We were both, clearly, nervous and giggled and blushed as we talked about what might soon be happening.

Once we got checked in, we took a short nap and then Melinda showered and came out to get dressed. As she dried off, I walked over and pulled her towel away. I kissed her and joked, "I want a piece of you one more time before some giant black cock stretches you out so bad you won't even be able to feel me any more." She giggled and kissed me back. "Don't you wish," Melinda teased. I pushed her back on the end of the bed and dove straight for her fresh shaved pussy. I kissed her outer lips saying, "I better lick this one more time,too, just in case."

I knelt between my sweet wife's smooth thighs one last time before she was to become a black cock queen. I licked her sweet twat and circled her clit with my tongue until it hardened and she came in spasms. I then quickly stood up, dropped my pants and plowed my very hard cock into her cunt. As i fucked in and out I wondered if the next time I did this her pussy would feel different. I pushed Melinda's knees up and got traction standing on the floor and drove in and out of her her well-used mommy-pussy. It was still pretty tight despite being a mom three times over. I leaned forward and sucked Melinda's tits. Soon I flipped her over into doggy-style and rode her pussy from behind hard. As she is fertile as I reached close to my orgasm I did what we usually do. I normally pull out cum on her belly or tits or even face some times. Today, however, in doggy I had a great view of Melinda's virgin anus. I pulled out and came 6 or 7 big squirts using her asshole as a bullseye. I reached down and rubbed my cum into her ass with my finger and even inserted it a little before she told me to nevermind that hole. I knelt down behind her and licked my cum from her asshole and pussy. I imagined what hot it would be to see all that cum on those parts but know it wasn't mine.

After the awesome fuck, Melinda and I cleaned up and got ready to go to a nearby club in search of her first BBC.

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