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Wife caught With Boss Turns Into Threesome, Part 2

I looked at my wife, she had desire in her eyes, she put her finger to her lips and gestured with her other hand for me to enter the room, I was unsure at first but to see her there, her nipples as hard as steel, crouching over another man's cock, was too much to resist. I slowly entered our bedroom and looked down at her boss, to my complete surprise I saw that he was blind folded and tied to the bed. I remained silent, he did not know I was there, he was too busy recovering.

My wife grabbed my cock, I nearly said something but I stopped myself, she then licked my pre cum with a huge grin on her face.

Dave suddenly asked my wife to untie him, "I haven't finished with you yet" was her reply, she then stopped swapped my cock for his, he was not ready for an encore, she put the whole of his limp cock in her mouth as she stayed in the crouched position.

I moved to be behind my wife, I knelt down to get a great view of her gorgeous wet pussy, I moved in for a closer look, I ran my tongue along the length of her soft cunt lips several times, it felt so good, then I slowly sank my tongue inside her, she thrust her hips down on my face, it was so wet in there, I could taste the cocktail of Dave's cum and her juice.

I pulled away to see Dave's cock starting to swell in my wife's mouth, he was nearly ready!

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