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First suck from a man.

When I was about 16 we moved right down the street from a park. Again this was back in the sixties. i started hanging out there a lot. One evening I was still there Mom and Dad must have been having one of their fuck fests and had forgotten I was out. I had to take a piss so I went into the nearest bathroom. This was on the other side of the park from where I normally hung out. The urinals didn't have partitions and there were no doors on the brick stalls. I was taking a piss when a guy in his 30's walked up the the urinal beside me and pulled out his dick. It was semi hard and he started to piss while standing back far enough that I could see the stream coming out of his hole. I watched him as I finished and shook the last drops from my cock. I noticed he was trying to look at my dick. If I hadn't had stolen a few beers from the fridge and drank them before I came I probably would have walked out. Hell I wouldn't have needed to piss if the beer wasn't running through me!! I backed up a little so he could see. As I have said I was pretty proud of my cock. It was 6' long and had a good girth. Not bad for a k** my age. The guy finished but instead of shaking it off he started to rub up and down the shaft. I had seen my dad stroke his dick to get it hard for mom but I had never seen one this close before. As it started to grow harder so did mine. We stood there just watching each other stroke. He let go of his dick and reached over to grab mine. I didn't know if I wanted that so I started to put my cock back in my pants.

"I'ts OK you don't have to let me touch it. Bring it back out. It's a nice looking cock for a boy your age you should be proud to show it off."

I took it back out and just let it stick out of my pants. It was hard and standing at a 45 degree angle. It jerked every once and awhile. He was right i was pretty proud of my dick.. Mom always told me that the girls were going to be very happy to suck on it and have them put it in their pussies. She always said that right before she took it in her mouth.

This time when the guy reached for it I let him. He wrapped his hand around it and started to slowly stoke me. His hands were rougher then my moms hands. I started to enjoy the feeling. I watched as he stroked me with his right hand and rubbed his dick with his other. I was getting harder and the tip was starting to turn the purple color it always did before I get ready to cum. He let go of my cock and told me to come with him.

He went down to the end stall dropped his pants and sat down on the toilet. His hard on was sticking up in the air. I was happy that we went to a slightly more private place. Standing out in the open where any one could walk in was bothering me. He leaned back started stoking his cock again then reached out for mine. His had some pre cum running from his tip. He used my cock to pull me closer. He started to undo my belt. My heart was pounding so loud I could feel the pulse in my ears and my dick throbbed with every beat. I had some pretty mixed emotions. I had never had another guy touch my dick before. I felt like I was doing some thing wrong but damn it felt good. He let my pants drop to the floor and started to rub my ass with both of his hands. They were rougher then moms hands but they felt good. My cock got harder and the head turned more purple. Pre cum was running from my pee slit. I didn't care now what he did but I knew if he didn't do some thing with it soon I was going to start jerking myself off.

He stopped rubbing my ass and grabbed each cheek with a hand and pulled me to him. His mouth opened and in one stroke he took me all the way in. Again it felt harder then moms throat. His tongue was rougher and it almost felt like he had ridges down his throat. His nose on my stomach was harder and I could feel the stubble from his beard. But the feel was so different that my cocks pre cum just started to run from the tip. He reached his hand around and started to stroke my balls. I put one hand on each of his shoulders for support. He started to suck not hard but just enough so that when he pulled his head back my dicks skin pulled tight. He then pushed it back down his throat and did it again. The third time. I started to shoot my load. As my cum spurted out of my slit he pulled me as deep as he could almost hurting my stomach with his nose. When he started to swallow his throat seemed to milk my cock from the base to the tip. I stood up on my tip toes it was so intense. I dug my hands into his shoulders so I wouldn't fall over.

Mom had been sucking my cock for over a year now every time dad went out of town but I had never felt anything like this. The excitement of getting caught. The fact that I was buried balls deep in a guys mouth his hands pulling me as deep as I could go so he got every last inch. My cum spewing. Him sucking. Fuck it felt GREAT!!!

He just held me there my cock throbbing in his mouth. Milking the cum from my dick. When I started to pull out he just held my ass tighter and kept me there. It wasn't until I had half lost my hard on that he let it slip from his mouth.
I was spent. He had sucked my dry and licked up what had run out of his mouth. I stood there trying to get my balance and my breath back.

He reached down and pulled on his dick until his cum shot over the floor. I had to back up so it wouldn't get on my shoes. I reached out and gave it a couple of strokes then bent down and pulled up my pants.

I walked out of the bathroom with my heart still racing. The rush of what had just happened still running through my head.

When I got home I looked into mom and dads bedroom. Dad had mom on all fours and was ramming her from behind. Mom lifted her head and gave me a little smile as I walked by. Dad was so into what he was doing his eyes were half closed and he never saw me.

As I took my shower I started to jerk off to the picture of dad ramming mom but I ended up coming to the sight of the top of the mans head as he sucked me dry my dick buried in his throat.

I started visiting that bathroom in the park at least once a day. All I had to do was walk in and some one would be there to suck me off. Now that I'm older and visit the bathrooms to do the sucking I know how nice it is to have a young hard cock throbbing as they spew their cum down my throat.

I'm glad the man who first sucked my cock made it such a great experience for me. I never would have known what I was missing.

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