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Her first shemale

It was no secret to me that my girl was bi; we had talked about it and I encouraged her to express and explore her bi side. When I managed to get us a date with a hot girl, I decided to keep it a secret.
I took my girl to a nice dinner, and while being seated our date for the night showed up and introduced herself- her name was Ann. We had a nice dinner, and on our way back I asked the girls to sit on the back seat. Ann was not shy, and neither was my girl, so before I knew it Ann had her hand up my girl’s skirt and they were kissing hard. By the time we got home, my girl was already wet and moaning.
We got in the house and immediately Ann kneeled down and started eating my girlfriend while I began kissing her and caressing her boobs. Slowly, with the help of Ann we got her naked and she was laying on her back being eaten while sucking my cock. Ann was sucking her clit and fingering her, and I began fucking her mouth hard. When I realized she was going to cum, I pushed her head down all the way so she took all my cock in and kept it there for a few seconds. When I finally let go, she screamed louder than I ever heard her. I took my clothes off, and Ann moved up and told her “it’s time for you to go down on me”. My girl took off her bra and I heard her moaning a “mmmmmm” while looking at Ann’s boobs. She started sucking the nipples while hers were in turned pulled and twisted. I was between her legs, sucking on her clit and licking and fingering her wet pussy- so wet, my fingers were making a pretty loud noise every time they were going in. My girl started unzipping Ann’s pants and as she pulled them down she reacted in surprise, discovering what I already knew- Ann did not have a pussy, she had a cock, and a pretty impressive one at that. She looked at me and I nodded in approval so she started sucking on it, her hand holding the balls. I went back to my eating, while I could hear her wet mouth sliding up and down the hard cock.
We changed position, and she was now on her elbows and knees, still sucking on Ann’s cock while I took her from behind. I was smacking her ass and pounding her ass hard. I could feel her juice running out of her pussy, and soaking my hard cock while she was taking as much of Ann’s cock in her mouth as she could. I made her cum twice, and each time she was very loud again.
We took a break to switch positions, and now I was laying on my back with her lips wrapped around my cock, sliding up and down, and sucking my balls and the head of my cock, while Ann was pounding her cunt. I knew she liked the feeling of new cock in her pussy, and that turned me on even more. She is a frequent cummer, and she came twice more quickly then she looked at me with a luscious look and told me she wants me in her ass.
She got up and laid with her back on my chest while I was sliding my cock in her ass. I knew it was rough, because we didn’t use lube, but that seemed to turn her on more. I started fucking her hot ass, and Ann slid her cock in her pussy. It was a weird feeling, cause I could feel her penetration, but also a hot one. We were both moving in and out and my girl couldn’t stop cumming, It was a continuous loud moan and scream, peppered with a lot of dirty talk. “yeah, give me those fucking hard cocks. Fuck me hard, pound that cunt, bitch” then directed at me” fuck that asshole, fucker! Fuck it, I am your slut, fuck me hard”.
She was over the edge, as my hands were pinching her nipples and pulling them and my mouth was sucking her neck, my tongue in her ear and licking the neck while her hands were on Ann’s boobs. She started screaming “I want your cum! Both of you! Fill my holes with your cum! Cmon, fuck my holes hard, cum for me!”. I felt Ann moving faster so I started too, and we came a few second apart. My girl was now yelling incontrollable. I made her get up and immediately took a pic of her ass and pussy with our cums running out of her. As I was showing her the pics, Ann went down on her again, and licked her own cum and mine then came up and started kissing my girl hard, the two sharing all the cum.

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