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Sarah rang me the other morning to say that her twin s****r had arrived and she wanted to meet me. Gina lived in another state studying at the university and was on holidays.Sarah had told me lots of things about her and that they were identical. She had also told me that they often feel pain if one or the other hurt themselves even 100's of miles apart and that the first time we had sex her s****r could feel the pain in her groin and rang her to find out if she was ok. I am sure Sarah told her s****r everything as she had told me things that Gina had got up to with guys.
I hurried and got dressed and rushed over there. When the door opened I was surprised at how alike they were. The only way I knew which was Sarah was her hair was shorter but other than that it would have been impossible.
We sat on the sofa with me in the middle. Gina shocked me when she said" Sarah told me you have a big cock"
I looked at Sarah and she laughed and said I think you should show it to Gina since you have already given her numerous orgasms when you fucked me.
Now I was shocked and unsure about this but Sarah reached over and undid my belt and pulled my trousers down followed by my briefs.
My cock sprung out and Gina leant over and took hold of it and said " wow you didn;t tell me it was this big" and started stroking it.
Sarah started kissing me and asked would i fuck her s****r for her.
What could a guy say.
Gina then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it while she stroked.
What shocked me then was Sarah was undressing her twin, removing her top and exposing her beautiful firm breasts. Gina stood up still bending over sucking my cock while Sarah removed her skirt and panties.
Looking between Gina's legs I could see Sarahs hand rubbing her twins pussy.
Man this was too hot for me and I just shot the biggest load ever into Ginas mouth. She gasped for air and then continued to suck me dry.
Sarah came and sat by me again and kissed me on the mouth and asked if I liked her s****r sucking me off. I said she was awesome and couldn't beleive you fingered her while she mad me cum.
"oh she said we often gave eachother relief if we were horny and didn't have a guy around"
Gina was still stroking my cock which was now getting hard again.
Sarah told me to lay on the large rug on the floor, which i did.
Gina crouched over my cock and slowly lowered herself down taking my cock deep inside her. She moaned with pain as my cock pressed against her cervix. All
8 1/2 inches were in her. She said " oh you are so big and it feels so good"
Sarah had undressed by now and staddled my face and lowered her wet cunt onto my mouth.
My tongue flicked her hard clit and she moaned, then I licked and pressed my tongue inside her as her s****r rode my cock.
Gina came first which was amazing to feel her body shake and shudder as her orgasm exploded which was followed by a gush of come from Sarahs cunt into my mouth. She just squirted loads onto my face. Sarah had never squirted when we had had sex before so she must have been really turned on by her twin fucking me.
Sarah was still riding me only now with long slow strokes. Watching my cock sliding in and out of her while Sarah looked on really stirred me up and my cum errupted deep inside her. She kept going until my cock went limp and slid out of her.
Gina rolled over on her back along side me and Sarah lent over and licked my cock clean and then moved between Gina legs and began lapping up our creamy cum.
I was astonished how these s****rs could do these things to eachother but they explained that they were often left alone at home when they were teenagers and found some porn movies their parents had which turned them both on and enjoyed making the other cum.
They hadn't seen eachother for six months but certainly made up for it over that weekend and luckily I was part of it.
One time we did it Gina suggested that Sarah lay on the bed with her on top of her and me between their legs fucking both of them A few strokes in one and then the other. I pulled it out one time and accidently pressed it against Ginas ass, Which she said "yeah fuck my ass and then her pussy"
I did this only for a short time as the feel of her tight ass soon had me cumming in her.
The whole weekend was like this and I went home wacked and Gina was to be there for 2 weeks.
Maybe there will be part 2

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