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How do you solve a problem like Maria pt 4

Chapter Four

How do you solve a problem like Maria Chapter four

Maria stood naked as the Baron walked around her inspecting her carefully.
Tapping his riding crop against his tweed trousers . Maria had a slight, not unpleasant smell of carbolic soap and her short blonde hair was clean and fresh. Her body was in fact as near perfect as could be.
Maria hardly fitted the stereotypical Germanic picture of womanhood .
Her bottom was perfect and her pussy was free of hair .Her tits were not large but perfectly firm just as a young girl should be.
Georg knew the Mother Superior quiet well and was aware of her reputation for strict discipline of which he approved.
“Bend over” he said to Maria as if to test her obedience and readiness to accept orders.
Maria knew the routine, she had been through this procedure a thousand times before and wasn’t surprised to feel the Baron’s hand between her legs which she opened to allow better access.
Georg’s finger traced a line along her cuntal lips as he felt for her clitoris .
It wasn’t hard to find . It was well defined and was standing to attention .
Maria’s cunt was in excellent order and slightly damp to say the least.
There was no need to ask if the girl was a virgin . All of the convent girls were virgins .
“Stick your bottom out further” the Baron snapped and Maria complied without hesitation .
This was of course just a routine examination for the Baron as he moistened his index finger in a little lotion and ran his finger around Maria’s pretty pink anus.
“Relax your arse girl” said the Captain and Maria knew that he would be probing her arsehole and not for the first time Maria felt a finger enter her bottom hole . Usually the finger had been a slimmer digit of one of the convent girls or a holy s****r but somehow this finger felt better belonging as it did to a handsome man .
The Captain probed deeply and frigged Maria’s arse a few times .His experience told him that Maria was not an anal virgin which didn’t surprise him for one moment.

He examined with care Maria’s tittie’s and found they were indeed as firm as they looked and he tweaked her nipples which were standing out a full quarter inch.
“ You are aware that I have six girls in need of discipline I take it” he said softly.
“Yes sir” she replied meekly .
“Very well “ said the Captain , “You will be supplied with appropriate clothing and sl**p in the anti chamber next to the girls sl**ping quarters”
“You will of course be expected to discipline all of the girls and you will be subject to my discipline also”
Calling for Greta with a short blast on his whistle he ordered the maid the e****t Maria to her chamber .
“Leave those rags here”
he said looking at Maria’s cloths with contempt.
With that Maria scuttled hastily out of the Captains office stark naked ,her pretty pink bottom wobbling slightly as she left with Greta.

“Did he feel your cunt”? said Greta as she led Maria up the main sweeping stair case. Maria nodded …… “And did he finger you arsehole too”?
“ Yes” said Maria. “He did”
“He always does” said Greta with a wicked smile.

Maria was delighted with her quarters as the Baron called them . The mansion even had something called “central heating” and most rooms including Maria’s had a hot radiator .Six brass bedsteads with warm quilts stood along side each other. For a fifty roomed mansion some might have thought it strange that the c***dren were bedded together but it made sense
To have them arranged in such a way so that a governess could supervise the c***dren all the better. There was also an alcove off the main bedroom that had three large French style roll top baths and four toilet bowls with flushing devices and wooden seats which Maria had never seen before.
What really delighted Maria was her own room at the end of the main bedroom as an anti-chamber in which was a good sized bed and some quiet elegant furniture. There was no door to separate the two rooms but at least it was Maria’s own room. Clearly she would have to share the baths and toilets with the c***dren which was no hardship at all .

The concept of privacy was unknown to Maria in any case and the total lack of toilet privacy was no different to that at the convent.
Maria was still as naked as the day she was born and was thankful for the wonderful central heating which had it source in the cellars beneath the mansion.

After a half an hour Greta and another maid called Trudy returned with a small carrying trunk .
“The Baron has instructed us to dress you miss” said Trudy a pretty red haired girl who was slightly plump but had a pleasant demeanour.
“It wouldn’t do to meet the c***dren nude would it” said Greta
It was only then that Maria realised that she would have dominion not only of the Barons c***dren but also all of the maids and perhaps even the cook
Who was much older, almost as old as the nuns at the convent!
The Baron had implied this surely?
Inside the trunk were some very smart and fashionable clothes. Maria had never imagined she would ever get to wear such luxurious garments.
Quickly and efficiently the two maids began transforming Maria into a real lady.
Firstly a crisp white cotton blouse with a floral tie , Then something that Maria had never seen before. A strange looking garment that Maria was later to find out was called “ a suspender belt” . The purpose of the garment became clear as the girls produced a pair of delicious sheer silk stockings which they rolled onto Maria’s lovely slim legs and attached the top to the clips of the belt.
Then the skirt was produced. It was a black pencil skirt . Maria had never seen the likes of it before , except on the rich ladies of the city. I was extremely short but really no shorter than the dress she had arrived in .
The black patent leather three inch high shoes completed the picture
As Maria stood before the cheval mirror in the bathing area Trudy fixed Maria’s hair with a clip so that her short blonde hair was a perfect and fashionable “bob”.
The only thing lacking was a pair of knickers but Maria knew “no knickers rule” and she wasn’t used to them anyway.
She admired herself in the mirror for some time as she turned she saw her pretty bottom was showing to full advantage in the “clingy” skirt and the cheeks of her arse were almost visible.

A series of sharp whistle tone brought Maria back to reality.
“The Baron wants us
downstairs” exclaimed Greta.
Dressed in her new finery Maria accompanied the two pretty maid down the long sweeping staircase. From the bottom of the stairs the view of three pretty bottoms and cunts could clearly be seen ,
The door to the Captains office was open and six girls stood to attention in front of the Baron.
Rosemarie was twenty and a good four inches taller than the new Governess.
Maria was eighteen ,thinner and more delicate she was but a year younger than Maria the Governess . Next to her stood Louisa a pretty dark haired girl .
Marta at just f******n and finally Gretl who was twelve and had blond pigtails. Finally there was Freda a baby of ten.
All of the girl wore Military style uniforms . Starched white blouse’s with ties,
Very short flared plaid skirts and very sensible shoes
The Baron blew his whistle for no apparent reason before introducing Maria to his daughters.
“This my dear c***dren is your new Governess Miss Maria”
The girls curtsied in unison and as they did Maria could not only see the girls were as she was herself bare bottomed but several of the girls exhibited the tell tale red lines of a recent bare arsed caning.
Gretl was considered to young to be caned but her bottom was red despite this as she had been spanked smartly at school that very day.
Rosemarie and Maria blushed as their Father explained that the new Governess was empowered to discipline the girls in any way she saw fit .
The c***dren were of course used to being caned and spanked but never by so young and slight a girl who was younger than Rosemarie and smaller in stature than most of the girls.
The Baron was totally unimpressed by the girls blushes as he went to his “special” cupboard and produced two sturdy canes and a wooden paddle which he handed to Miss Maria .
“I want you to use these as often as you deem necessary “ he said.
“ My c***dren can get quite out of hand “ and our policy here is ,spare the rod and spoil the c***d.
“Miss Maria” as she was henceforth to be called spoke for the first time .
“Is the Whistle entirely necessary sir”.
The Baron simply frowned and gave the whistle another loud blast!
“My dear s****r in law Elsa is visiting tomorrow and I want no questioning of my authority”
“c***dren , you may go and play for an hour “ he said,
“Maria , please remain here. Another blast from the whistle was the signal for the c***dren to leave.
“Maria “ said the Captain “ You are here as a governess to my c***dren and you have already undermined my authority”
Maria curtsied and bit her lip .
“It would be well for you to learn a lesson at this point” he said and he returned to the hated cupboard and produce a fearsome “senior cane”.
Tapping the caning ottoman with the cane he bade Maria to bend over and “present”.
For the second time that day Maria ‘s bottom was exposed to the Master. This time her pretty arse was framed in stockings and suspenders and her tight pencil skirt was raised for the cane .Her pink arsehole fascinated the Captain as did her perfectly clean shaven and plump cunt lips as they seemed to pout in defiance. The ottoman was low and f***ed Maria into a very presentable position with her legs well spread and her arse presented a perfect target.
The Captain was a master at the art of caning and could position each stroke of the cane with exacting precision.
The first stinger was in perfect symmetry with Maria’s cunt lips .
“Ahhhhhhhhh” said Maria as she felt the usual cut of the rod with that curious sense of pain and pleasure she was so familiar with.
The second stroke arrived a few seconds later and ran parallel with the first stroke but just above Maria’s pink anal hole.
“Out of the frying pan ,into the fire “ thought Maria as the third of six hard strokes landed sharply between the former cuts.
“Arggggghhh , Oh sir “ she gasped in dread of the three remaining strokes of the Barons cane to come.
Maria’s cunt as usual betrayed her as a clear fluid dripped from her cunt .
The Baron had seen this all to often and knew that that girls often became sexually excited during a bare caning. The Barons own cock was tenting hugely in his tweed trousers . Maria glanced back and saw this and was fascinated at the size of her Masters cock. “ It must be eleven inches long” she thought secretly!
Maria raised her bottom even more and her vaginal lips opened slightly giving the Baron an even more exciting view of her femininity .
How she wished she could rub herself off she thought …. Perhaps later in the privacy of her bed or bath .
The Baron was thinking likewise that he would love to thrust his throbbing cock into Maria’s arsehole but thought better of it for the moment.
His thoughts drifted off to the scene in the alleyway at the Bishops Palace and those young girls getting fucked so well in the cunt. The Baron had not fucked in so long and he craved a woman’s wet pussy.
He had arse fucked several of the maids before but it wasn’t the same somehow. His cook , a woman of forty six had assisted the Baron on many occasions . She was still a very attractive woman and had a large but still firm and talented arsehole.
The forth and fifth stroke landed solidly on Maria’s arse cheeks with a satisfying “thwack” as Maria held her position bravely . Her cuntal juices were flowing copiously now and the Baron ran his hands over her bare bottom and cunt. “ Maria is a rare beauty indeed” he thought as he delivered the last lash of the senior cane.
“Arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Maria had nearly orgasmed at that one but the pain was dreadful indeed .
“Now ,you may go “ said the Baron . “ A lesson well learned I hope my girl” ?
“Yes Sir” said Maria as she pulled down her inadequate skirt and walked slowly to the door with a very red and striped bottom and soaking wet cunt.
The great war had decimated both Germany and Austria. A third of its men lay dead in the fields of Flanders and the Austro Hungarian Empire was but a quarter of it former size and no longer a world power. The last of the real men were either working in agriculture or had gone to Germany to rebuild the infrastructure under the guidance of the new Chancellor Heir Hitler.
All that remained in Austria were a few old or infirm men ,a few boys and a few members of the Aristocracy.
The land was replete with war widows and young girls.
The only work for these poor women and c***dren was in service or as shop assistants.
With so many girls in dire need of employment it was small wonder that the Baron could take his pick of the pretty young teutonic specimens who would otherwise have starved.
Similarly the older widows who were still attractive were too old to expect to find a suitable husband.
Hilda, The cook had been in the service of the von Trapps for many years .
She was 48 but still an attractive woman with a comparatively slim frame but quiet a large bottom which the Baron found strangely erotic.
Hilda had “serviced” the Baron on several occasions since the death of his beloved wife and if the truth be told even before.

In the huge kitchens below stairs Hilda was working hard preparing the evening meal with her silly young assistant , a f******n year old girl called Jennifer. Whenever a party or ball was arranged more kitchen staff were drafted to assist ,but for the time being , Hilda and Jennifer were sufficient.

When Captain von Trapp walked into the kitchen Jennifer was on her knees scrubbing the tiled floor , her bare arse sticking in the air as she worked and her hairy snatch was visible . Not that anyone gave a damn . No one wanted to fuck the stupid girls cunt .
Hilda curtsied to the Baron and said “can I be of assistance sir”
Hilda looked at the Barons huge cock tenting from his tweed trousers and immediately new how she could help .

“Jennifer” said the cook , “I think you can take a short break”
“No” said the Baron. “let the silly cunt stay , the floor needs a good scrubbing”
“Yes sir, of course sir” said Hilda as the baron approached Hilda knew the routine of old and in fact welcomed the Captains need.
She had lost her useless husband several years ago and was glad to be rid of him as he was a pathetic short dicked man.
Hilda dropped to her knees and unbuttoned the Barons trousers letting his eleven inch cock free. Not only was the Barons cock hugely long but it was a thick as a marrow and although uncircumcised his huge bell end was throbbing and seeping pre spunk.
Hilda ran her tongue around the helmet before sucking as much dick into her willing mouth as possible. She knew the Baron liked a full blow job and she would have to accommodate the full prick before she was done.
She allowed her smock to drop to the floor exposing her very large tits and hairless cunt to the Captains gaze.
He had seen it all a hundred times before but her huge large nippled tits never failed to arouse him.
Hilda sucked away furiously cupping the Barons large balls as she did so . The sucking was, as Hilda knew just the preamble to a vigorous arse fucking which Hilda loved.
Jennifer glanced around to see the action and wished so much it were her lips around the Barons Dick and her arse about to be fucked!

On the heavy scrubbed pine dresser next to the green painted wall Hilda assumed the position she knew the Captain demanded without asking.
The dresser was huge piece and easily large enough for what was about to take place. Hilda on the dresser face to the wall presenting her huge arse spread wide for the captains ease of entry.
Dropping his trousers to the floor exposing his firm and muscular arse he leaned over and taking a firm grip of Hilda’s huge tits for leverage and pressed his huge bell end against Hilda’s willing arsehole.
Hilda’s ring piece dilated in anticipation as the Baron entered her smoothly.

Hilda had been arse fucked so many times before she knew how to relax her sphincter
but even then she had never been able to accept the full length of the Captains eleven inches.
With a full three inches still outside her arsehole the Captain pumped his cock as hard he could ,his arse muscles rippling with lust .
Jennifer couldn’t control herself a moment longer as her hand reached between her legs as she began frigging her pussy furiously ,her pussy dripping with cunt juice.
Hilda love that “full “ feeling inside her and wished for more.
As if reading her mind the Captain ordered Hilda to turn to face him . Her knees were trembling somewhat as she obeyed.
Now with her fat bottom on the dresser her cunt was fully displayed as the Captain decided what he really yearned for was full cuntal penetration .
Grapping Hilda’s ankles he spread her legs wider than they had ever been spread . Her cunt gaped and glistened with her wetness as the Captain broke his own rules regarding cunt fucking.
With one mighty thrust he pushed his eleven inches of thick cock into Hilda
Who sighed with a gentle groan .
“ I haven’t had a period in six months sir” she gasped
“I don’t give a fuck” said the Baron as he felt the woman’s cervix as he bottomed out,
It had been eight months since the Captain had cunt fucked a woman and nearly six years since Hilda had any cock inside her pussy .
To be filled with eleven thick inches was beyond her dreams and she shuddered with lust at every thrust.
Hilda’s cunt lips gripped the Captain like a vice and her cuntal muscles rippled with sheer delight. The cunt juices ran from her pussy like a torrent into her arse crack .
It was simply too much for the simple minded Jennifer who had four fingers in her fanny and was beginning to moan loudly as an immense orgasm approached inexorably..
Normally the Captain would have withdrawn and spunked over Hilda’s tits and belly but he felt safe enough to ejaculate his full load into Hilda’s fine snatch .
Hilda had her first cock induced cum for the first time as the Captain emptied the contents of his bollocks inside the woman.
His spunk formed a pool on Hilda’s arsehole and dripped onto the dresser surface.
Jennifer was cumming noisily and she knew that she had broken every rule by having an unauthorised orgasm .
The Baron withdrew his still fully erect cock . He had cum well but somehow still felt unsatisfied . Hilda had her limitations and the Captain yearned for more and more , but not with a lowly cook.
“Have you a birch rod” said the Captain .
“Why yes” replied Hilda.
He knew in fact that cook kept a good stout cane and a birch rod in the broom cupboard.
“Give that little slut thirty lashes on the bare arse” he said as he wiped his still sticky dick .
“And ten on the cunt too” he added as he left the kitchen in no better humour than he had entered.

In the c***dren’s bedroom Maria had entered and her bottom was still stinging and red following the severe caning from the Baron.
She knew she had to stamp her authority onto to c***dren and was concerned especially about Stephanie and Maria who were big girls and Maria feared a rebellion .
The girls were preparing for their baths and Rosemarie and Maria were jumping from bed to bed which was definitely not allowed.
Rosemarie was nude and Maria wore a cotton nightgown which only reached her waist as she had it for several years . It did nothing to conceal her bottom or pussy . Marta was resting quietly on her bed and Gretl was sitting on the toilet shitting as her face was red and she was clearly forcing a large turd . Sitting next to Marta was baby Freda who was pissing.

“Stephanie and Maria” said Miss Maria .
“Yes Miss” the girls replied in unison.
You must be aware that jumping on the beds is neither ladylike or safe.
“Yes Miss” we do said Maria and Stephanie nodded in agreement.
“Well, since you both know you have done wrong you must know I am going to have to cane you both”
“Oh please Miss” they cried . “ please let us off this time, we promise to never do it again “ ……. Maria was not so easily fooled . They were testing her resolve and they all knew that.

“Come to me this instant” said Maria . “Both of you now , over this bed and be sure to hold your bottoms high”.
Slowly but obediently the two girls assumed the required position side by side with their bottoms high in the air and legs well spread.
How humiliating thought Rosemarie. She’s younger than me and she’s going to cane my bottom hard.
Miss Maria selected a good cane from her stock and ordered the girls to spread their legs wider still.
Both girl had hairless cunts and pink arseholes.
“Two peas in a pod” though Miss Maria.
Maria gave the two naughty girls eight hard strokes each and Maria was sobbing whilst Stephanie was bright red in the face, Both of their bottoms were well striped and crimson red.
Maria knew that she had won the battle of wills and all of the c***dren would be obedient from now on .
“Gretl and Marta “ have you pooped yet? Maria enquired
“Yes Miss Maria” they replied although Marta had merely pissed and had not shit .
“Clean your bottoms please” ordered Maria . ! “And the rest of you” she said looking at the four remaining girls .,” Get you bottoms on here now “ I want you all pooped in twenty minutes or you will know what to expect” she said tapping the cane against her silk stockings!
Stephanie and Maria sat on the wooden seats and began straining to shit as the remaining s****r took their place next to them
“And remove that silly night gown Stephanie” said Maria . “It looks silly”!
With a sigh Rosemary removed the short garment and Maria could see the reason she was wearing it . Stephanie was quiet a large titted girl .
“Run the baths” snapped Maria , “ I want you all spick spot in time for supper”
The baths filled quickly and each girl shared a bath . “You’re all such fortunate girls” said Maria “To have such lovely hot water to bathe in “
Nice perfumed soap lay in each soap dish .
Six naughty girls were safely seated in the three baths and Maria supervised the whole procedure with a long wooden handled brush with a hard mahogany back she was able to see that each girl was cleansing herself properly . Any fooling around and Maria was quick to smack the recalcitrant girls bottom smartly with the back of the brush.
Fifteen minutes was allowed and Maria announced there would be a full body inspection directly will special attention to the girls bottom holes and vagina’s.
As it was at the convent so it would be here Maria determined.
The baths were soon complete and six girls leaned against the three baths with there bottoms fully exposed for Maria’s inspection.
The three youngest girls passed with honours and Maria gave them a gentle tab on the arse as a sign of approval.
Moving on to Stephanie and Maria she did a more detailed inspection .
Stephanie had by far the largest tits but Maria was not far behind . She would also become a large breasted woman in time.
Spreading Stephanie’s arse cheeks she saw that her arsehole was perfectly clean and her pussy lips were in excellent condition. A quick smack sent Stephanie off to dress for supper.
Maria to was perfectly clean . Maria marvelled at the fact that whereas Stephanie’s arsehole was a slightly darker shade of pink ,Maria’s was a light puckered pink , a little like her own ….. Smack ,smack and Maria was dismissed likewise.
Maria gave Marta and Gretl a cursory inspection and sent them on their way

Warning all of the c***dren to be on their very best behaviour Maria took the opportunity of swiftly undressing and using the still warm water left by Marta and Gretl she stepped daintily in to the bath .
Maria revelled in the decadent luxury of the entire bath to herself and the gloriously perfumed soap as she worked up a lather of delight.

Miss Maria’s tits were almost as large as Maria’s and her nipples were longer and more erect.
She soaped her bottom well and slid her finger sensuously between her cunt lips fingering her hard clitoris as she did so .
Moving more quickly now Maria rubbed more vigorously and clenching her teeth together to suppress the inevitable groans of intense pleasure ,she quickly brought herself to a huge orgasm………..
The girls were by this time dressed in evening wear. Nothing elegant of course , Simple casual wear of short skirts and woollen Jumpers .
Maria knew that there were further garments in her trunk .She would look later as she decided to dress herself in the clothes she had on before her bath. A quick brush of her hair and Maria led the c***dren downstairs for “formal” supper with the Baron.
The huge mahogany table was a sight to behold . It was laden with two huge silver candelabra, the finest tableware and Myson china!
Supper was taken in virtual silence and Maria sat next to the Baron with the girls on either side of the thirty two seat table which was necessary when the Baron had a party or ball which wasn’t often since the death of Agathe.

Following dinner the Baron sat at the concert Steinway pianoforte and they all sang one of Georg’s favourite songs, Edelweiss.
The c***dren loved to sing and Maria had an excellent voice. The Baron smiled at Miss Maria and for the first time in her life saw a hint of tenderness in a persons face.
Bed time was at nine thirty exactly . This rule was strictly adhered to and as the long case clock struck the half hour the c***dren kissed there Papa a goodnight and Maria accompanied the girls to their beds.
Maria was the last to leave and the Baron asked her “have you punished any of the girls yet?”
“I have sir” she replied nervously.
“Stephanie and Maria were jumping on the beds and I caned them both”
“Good” said the Baron ,dismissing her with a wave of his hand.

In the bedroom the girls were standing to attention at the sides of their beds.
“If any of you need to p*o , now’s the time said Maria
The girls indicate that they didn’t .
“Well I certainly do” said Maria
“Please get ready for bed”
Only the three elder girls had any night wear ,the rest preferring to sl**p naked as did Miss Maria who had never possessed a night dress.
Maria undressed openly . There was no place for modesty here and certainly no need for it.
The girls were safely tucked up under their warm quilts as Maria sat on the comfortable toilet seat.
“How luxurious” she thought although she could see the girls looking at her.
Maria was used to that and it didn’t bother one jot.
Maria farted loudly as a large brown turd dropped into the china bowl.
Another prolonged fart was followed by another good sized turd and Maria marvelled at the flushing device hanging from a long chain.
“Ahhhhhhhh “ said Maria “that’s better” .. Carefully wiping her pink arsehole … Front to back with the nice toilet paper on a roll she made her way still nude to her bed at the end of the room.

Under her lovely warm quilt Maria’s fingers moved naturally towards her pussy for her usual nightly masturbation ,
It had been a traumatic day for Maria and she was a little unsure about the households customs regarding cunt play .
It was with some relief that she saw Stephanie and Maria were openly wanking outside of the quilts and Marta was fingering her pussy also.

Throwing caution to the wind Maria kicked off her quilt and began her much needed cunt relief ………… It didn’t take long before the familiar groaning started and four girls came to a wet and noisy orgasm …….

The Good Captain lay alone in his huge four poster bed nursing his still erect penis.
Tomorrow he knew Elsa and Max would arrive. He wasn’t sure about Max but he loved Elsa’s company . She was no naughty and yet so much fun ………………..

It was a beautiful spring morning . The c***dren had risen at six as usual and the four elder girls had gone to school into the capable hand of the lovely Miss Finkelstien.
George had finished his morning swim in the cold pool and felt invigorated. Miss Maria was in the Kindergarten room teaching the three younger girls simple arithmetic and breakfast was all cleared away.
Georg heard the large Mercedes before he saw it meandering up the long road to the Mansion gates.
Coming to a rest on the gravel drive the Mercedes stopped .
Max was smoking his pipe and Elsa looked a vision of loveliness as Georg
Greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.
Twp of the maids hurriedly bustled around trying to help with the large trunks Elsa always travelled with .
“Darling George “ said Elsa. “Hurry ,hurry , I need to pee” she laughed as she ran into the house leaving Georg and Max alone
“Typical woman” said Max , “Cant hold her water” !
The large trunks were carried into the Mansion whilst Georg and Max engaged in some small talk .
“Come” said George Lets go inside for a drink .
After a good drink and a short rest for Max, Georg said “Where is that naughty s****r in law of mine” and wandered up the sweeping staircase in search of her.
Elsa was of course in her magnificent guest room and Georg politely knocked and entered.
“Oh ,dear Georg” she said. “I’m so happy to see you”
Elsa was standing there in high heels , a waspy corset and silk stockings and a pretty pill box hat. Otherwise his beautiful s****r in law was bare naked .
Her tits were truly magnificent and her pussy was perfectly clean shaven !
“How do you like my hat” she said turning like a ballerina.”
“Lovely” said George but in truth he was looking at Elsa’s lovely bottom and cunt.
“Come here you lovely man” she said as she kissed Georg once again .
George embraced her an his hand as if with a will of its own caressed Elsa’s perfect bottom and vagina .
“So much like Agathe” he thought

End of chapter four

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