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Tequila Three Pt. 1


I had a good friend once, We will call her Mickey. We were drinking buddies more or less. We had an attraction for each other but never did anything. Her boyfriend broke up with her and so she showed up at my apartment with her friend, Val, and a bottle of Tequila.

We went upstairs to my lounge to begin drinking. We played a party game called "never have I ever" and took shots for whatever act you have done when the act was mentioned. Mickey was an adventurous d***k, sporadic and free spirited.

"Hey guys, lets run topless around the building." She suggested. I'm a guy. I agreed to it. Val nodded. Next thing you know we were out the door, two women and myself, topless and free running around a building at three in the morning and 20 degrees outside.

After heading back up Mickey said, "Your turn, you decide whats next." The ball was in my court. I recommended another round of shots. After we took them Mickey and I turned to Val, it was her turn.

"I just want to make out with you." Val said d***kenly to Mickey. Mickey agreed.

Mickey laid on my bed as Val bent over her, they were sloppily and f***efully making out. Topless at that.

I lay beside them, watching, suggesting what to do next. They made out.
"Val, take your jeans off, they must be restricting you." She did. I ran my hand down Val's back as she made out with Mickey. Val was a fine girl, very thing, but beautiful, next to no breasts at all. She might have weighed 90 pounds if that. Mickey was meatier. C breasts and c***d bearing hips.

Mickey worked her skirt off too.

MY dick was growing harder at the sight. I refrained from interfering just yet. Their kisses were growing more passionate, more intense. Someone would make a move soon.

Mickey made that move. She slid Val's panties down. She played with Val's finely managed bush. Mickey slid her finger in. Their kiss broke. This was my chance. I moved in.

Mickey was fingering Val who was sitting on top of her, I leaned in and kissed Mickey, she was very receptive. I slide my own hand into Mickey's panties and begin fingering her. Val and mickey looked at each other. A silent agreement was made.

We were going to have a threesome.

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