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The Cock Huntress

The Cock Huntress part 1-2

I walk into a bar and you are there. alone looking for cocks. I walk up next to you and order a beer. your drink is empty and i ask if i can buy you a new one sure you say. You tell me that your car broke down and that your hubby is home sick. You ask me if i would be a dear and give you a ride home. Well im here with a friend of mine Jake that's him over by the pool table. well i really need a ride home please you say. Alright but my friend is coming to ok. fine just please take me home. So i go tell Jake we have to go and im giving you a ride home. On the way out to my car Jake stares at your big boobs. You make a comment see anything you like. Jake pipes up as he is half tossed and says what fucking size are those juggs. I slap him on the back on his head now shut up do not disrespect this lady after that you reach over a start rubbing my cock. And you whisper in my ear that your horny and want to be fucked hard. Your hubby is sick and you want cock. Then you say that we both can fuck you while hubby watches. Once we get there the lights are off. So we go in you are nice and make us all a drink. you say ill be right back im going to change. when you come back out you are stunning black fishnets black garders black peekaboo bra and crouchless panties. Jake said come here i slapped him again. You say are you boys just going to stare or are you going to use this slut. After that Jake was naked in no time. You only had one request that we fucked you in front of your hubby, Jake was all over your boobs even before we got to your room. We pounded your holes for hours. and when Jake came on your face he woke your hubby up as i was pounding on your pussy. then he says come here and suck my cock as he fucks you. So i unmount you as you start on his limp dick. my hardon is gone but you suck off hubby quick. Now its just you and i pound your pussy some more. By now you have came 20 times. And your poor pussy is getting sore. So you say lay back and ill just suck you off in my mouth ok. you and Jake can come over tomorrow and pound my pussy some more.
Part 2
I wake up and Jake is sl**ping in a chair beer still in hand I go give him a nudge wake up Jake. He rolls his eyes open what time is it he asks 9:30 why? Shit i was suppose to do something today. I mean this morning and it was important but i can't remember what it was. Oh well what happened last night anyways. You don't recall getting fucked? No not really well we did i gave a gal a ride home from the bar and she fucked both of us right in front of her sick husband. Yeah look she wrote her number and address down and gave it to me. Said we could come over tomorrow and fuck her some more. Well Kevin you have to take me home im sure Sally will know what i was going to do. Ok but im calling her before we go. Ring ring ring hello this is Lucy well hello Lucy this is Kevin do you remember late night? How could i forget Kevin it was wonderful. Im still a little sore how are you and Jake? Oh we are good i am calling to see if your offer still stands? Yes are you and Jake coming over well i am Jake has something to do this morning. But i can come over! well ok but i really like two or more cocks. Let me drop Jake off and i'll be over Lucy about 40 minutes ok ,Alright bye then. I drop Jake off at home and Sally is yelling where the fuck have you been all night? Me and Kevin stopped to have a few beers and thats all i remember besides waking up in his chair this morning. Well you better get going you where supposed to fix your mothers car this morning. Damm i knew it was something important. Gotta go Kevin call me later. So i leave driving along i think to myself i should swing by the bar maybe one of my friends are there. I pull in and it looks like Dans truck is parked here great he will want in on this and i walk in. Dan is sitting at the end of the bar looking rough.Hi Dan whats going on today? Nothing my wife is having a birthday party for her s****r who is turning 21 today and the bunch of them pitched in and hired some male strippers. Told me to get the hell out and don't come back till after midnight. Iv'e got to tell you something Dan last night i was in here and met this girl who was alone her car broke down and she needed a ride home well me and Jake gave her a ride home and she invited us in to fuck her right in front of her sick husband. Ahh so you and Jake got lucky then? Dan that's only the half of it she said come back tomorrow and you can fuck me some more. Ok so why are you here? well Jake can't make it and i need another cock to go with me to her place right about then Bruce walks up. She want's two or more cocks at once get it. So you want me to go with you to fuck this gal right? you got it. Do you remember the last time we got caught? Darlene said she would cut both our cocks off if she ever found out we where fucking some gal Kevin. Bruce says hey now can anyone join in on this Kevin? Bruce your shop is closed today right! Yeah why? Well Dan here is going to park his truck in your shop for the day so it won't be seen. Then the three of us are going to drive to her place and fuck the tits right off her. Ok lets go Dan you follow Bruce to his garage and we will all ride in my car.After we get Dan's truck stashed they bail into my car and we leave before anyone see us together. Along the way we stop and get some beer lots of beer.About five miles away i call her on my phone now you guys be quiet while i talk to her. Ring ring ring hello this is Kevin im five miles away Lucy OH and i brought two friends is that what you wanted? Yes it is i hope they have big cocks for me.When you get here Kevin pull down by the horse stables and park there. I was so loaded last night i never even saw any horse stables. Ipull up the long drive around the house and down the hill to what looks like big barns. put it in park and start walking up to the house. Lucy meets up at the back door. She is wearing a see thru nighty and her big boobs show right thu it. Well who are your friends Kevin? this is Dan and this is Bruce. Guys this is Lucy well come in she says. Dan i carrying a 12 pack of beer. Why don't you all have a beer while i go change i'll be right back make your self's to home.Bruce see's the big screen tv and says lets turn the game on. No you stupid fucker we are not here to watch football. Fuck we should have left you at the bar.You are not going to fuck this up for me and Dan got it. She comes back wearing black panties a half cup bra high heels black fishnet stockings with a garder belt. You boys comfy cause i want to see them cocks.I waste no time and kick off my shoes drop my pants and pull my shirt off im striped in a flash. Kicking off my socks she comes over to me first.Well Kevin i see that you remember this pussy from last night.And she grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth.The other two are just now taking there pants off.Dan walks up behind her and unclasps her bra we won't be needing this anymore he says. Bruce is trying to pull her panties down but is having no luck. Lucy stands up pulls her panties off and lays down on the floor. Kevin you fuck me first you got short changed last night. Dan an Bruce bring your cocks up here as she points to her mouth. And Kevin don't cum in me these other two still need to fuck me. I want you all to shoot your cum on my face so i can go show him what a dirty slut iv'e become. I had thought about eatting this pussy the whole drive up here now i know why see wanted more than one cock? She wanted her face spooged so she could show her husband. Like last night when she had us fuck her right in front of him. OH well maybe he likes seeing his wife treated like a common slut. Either way we are all going to blast her. Im pumping her like there no tomorrow and she is swapping sucking each cock keeping them both rock hard. It ell her im going to cum and she pushes both of them away come here she says. Jack that wad onto my face Dan doesent
wait at all he plows right into her used cunt and starts his own piston like fucking. She grabs my cock and slurps it into her greedy mouth sucking slurping till i pull it out and explode on her face.Dan must have been a horny bastard too because now he is there jacking his cock off on her face.Bruce is in her pumping away as me and Dan sit down and open a beer. She tells me to go grab the instant camera off the kitchen counter and bring it back. So off i go to retrive it. When i get back she is sucking on Bruce's cock. Then he pulls out and sprays her face.When he is all done cumming she say's to me now stand over me and take lots of pictures of my face Kevin.After i have taken eight she sits up now take a few more. Wads of cum dripping down onto her big boobs. more to come

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