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How do you solve a problem like Maria pt 2/3

How do you solve a problem like Maria Part two

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune
must be in want of a wife.
Georg von Trapp was such a man and having served gloriously in the Austro -Hungarian
Navy during the first world war with distinction and valour had been rewarded with the title Baron von Trapp and a generous pension along with two hundred hectares of prime
Farmland . With the land came several farms a small village but the piece de resistance was the delightful mansion house set in delightful gardens and a central courtyard.
Although the mansion looked ancient it was only sixty years old and had many modern facilities not the least of which were “en suite” bathrooms to many of the principle bed
Chambers. In the central courtyard was a swimming pool which was unusual but welcome as Georg was an athletic man who like to keep in good shape.
It was one leave from his post as a submarine captain that he met Agathe ,the daughter of a wealthy industrialist at a party given by the Grand Duke of Silesia and it was love at first sight. Agathe was a beauty, tall and athletic . She was the perfect statuesque picture of Germanic youth .
After a very short courtship they married in the cathedral in Vienna and spent their honeymoon in Vienna at Agathe’s f****y home.
Not a moment was wasted as Georg had but two more weeks of leave before taking command of his new ship , the submarine which he was to name after his gorgeous and much love wife.
The first night they spent together as man and wife was filled with a sexual urgency of lust and passion. How quickly they stripped themselves naked and Georg entered her cunt strongly and masterfully taking her virginity in a moment .
At six feet two inches tall Georg was a full four inches taller than his bride and as her long legs wrapped around his back he pumped his huge cock into her waiting pussy relentlessly as her large but firm tits heaved with the passion only a young bride can feel as she surrendered herself to his urgent demands.
Agathe had her first cock induced orgasm within minutes as Georg shot his hot spunk deeply into his wife’s vice like vagina………. It was that very night that Agatha became pregnant with there first c***d.
They made love four times that night and Agatha as if by instinct took Georg’s huge cock into her mouth and once again he shot his steamy sperm into his wife.
Morning ,noon and night Georg and Agathe spent in each others arms as if testing each others sexual endurance, not even stopping when the pretty your red haired maid came to clean the suite or bring morning coffee and breakfast.
The maid would simply smile and go about her business yet lingering whenever possible to watch the two lover’s fucking each other senseless and secretly wishing it were herself
Riding the Captains huge dick.

Georg was fucking his wife from the rear when he noticed faint marks across Agathe’s
Otherwise perfect bottom . He traced a line along one of the lines and asked “are these the marks of the cane my darling” ? Agathe was close to yet another orgasm as she gasped ,her voice faltering with passion, “ Papa cane’s us regularly , and Elsa too”.
Georg was a firm believer in strict discipline for c***dren and wives as was the time honoured fashion in Austrian society.
“I was hoping that you would continue to punish me likewise darling” said Agathe.
“Of course” said Georg slapping her sharply on her pink arse. “It was my intention to do so and my duty as a husband” . With that Georg doubled his efforts and thrust deeply into his beautiful and naughty wife’s , now sore cunt bringing them both to another noisy and dripping wet orgasm.
“And what of Elsa? said Georg? “Papa will see to that little minx my darling, unless you wish to spank us both” she giggled.
Georg didn’t reply but imagined how nice it would be to spank and cane Elsa who was two year the younger of the s****rs and similar in so many ways except Elsa seemed somehow “wilder” and if anything “naughtier” than Agathe.
The idea of caning Elsa stayed hidden in Georg’s mind for the next nineteen years ,as if burning a hole in his psyche . Surely this could never happen he thought………………

All to soon the honeymoon was over and as he bid a fond farewell to his beloved wife George set off to join his ship as Master and commander of the submarine which carried the name “Agathe”
In the first year Captain von Trapp and his crew sank no less than five allied cargo ships in the Mediterranean .
Back at their luxurious apartment in Vienna ,Agathe worried herself endlessly and yearned for the safe return of her beloved husband . Her belly grew every day larger as her staff of maids pandered to her every need . Agathe kept a supply of canes and paddles to keep her maids well disciplined as they were of peasant stock and could be quiet a handful . She took great delight in caning the girls tender young bottoms but secretly wished it were herself bent over the “horse” being caned by her handsome husband.
Each night she would finger herself to a noisy orgasm, dreaming of her lovers return and on occasion would give her own bottom a good slapping with a wooden paddle in anticipation of the good things to come …… perchance…………..

George did indeed come home and as a hero of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and it was at this time that Georg was raised to the Aristocracy as a “Ritter” and granted the estate in Saltsburg .
Agathe had given birth to Rosemarie three months earlier and the handsome couple immediately started on the production of their second c***d “Maria”
Georg was recalled over and over again and continually distinguished himself as a true hero and over the next few years Georg and Agathe became the proud parents of four additional c***dren ,all girls except for Werner who was a bouncing baby boy.

Despite his efforts, in 1918 the was ended in defeat for the Austro-German alliance and the von Trapp’s retired to the Saltsburg estate with few regrets.
Agathe’s father had died over a year ago leaving her and Elsa a sizable fortune and George has his capital and a pension from the state which would leave them independently wealthy for the rest of their lives ………………………………......

By the year 1920 Baron von Trapp and Lady Agathe were living a pleasant life .
The older girls were attending a good private day school in Saltsburg and in the tradition of its most famous son ,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were clearly talented in music and in particular ,singing and playing the pianoforte . It was a strict school which Georg approved of and the Principal and his worthy staff did not hesitate to cane the bare bottoms of their students for the slightest infringement of the school rules or any misbehaviour .
The staff were empowered to deliver up to six strokes of the cane or paddle in class
On the bare but for more serious offences the recalcitrant c***d, be it girl or boy was sent to the Principal for a more severe punishment which could be as many as twelve strokes of the cane, paddle or even the feared birch.
Rosemarie had grown into a pretty girl of 18 and her s****r Maria was nearly 17 and were no strangers to the cane.
Many of the girls wore no knickers as it was considered unnecessary and unhygienic by many parents.
For the boys it was a more laborious affair as they generally wore smart short pants and blazer or in some cases leather lederhosen which had to be removed completely to access their bare bottoms.
Both Maria and Henri von Steiner had been caught chattering that morning and both were ordered to “present” there bare arses to Miss Finkelstein over her desk for a summary caning.
It was easy enough for Maria to simply flick up her short skirt as she bent over the desk to expose her firm ,pink bottom for punishment. She knew there would be no appeal and no mercy shown and it was pointless to make any fuss at all . She knew that the entire class of boys and girls could see her puckered anus and still hairless cunt which always made her blush with embarrassment . It was even more humiliating for Henri however as he had to undress completely and expose his large balls and cock as well as arsehole much to the delight of the girls .
It was not unusual for a grown boy to sport an erect prick and Henri was no exception to this ……
Side by side over Miss Finkelstein’s desk the two bottoms awaited the first of six strokes of the cane each.
Both anal holes dilated in anticipation of the severe caning they richly deserved and Maria’s cunt was clearly seeping a clear liquid .
It was the Austrian way to be brave when undergoing such a punishment and shame on any c***d who cried ,especially a young man such as Henri.
Neither was it the custom to “spare the rod or spoil the c***d “ , Miss Finkelstein believed a caning should cause as much pain as possible to teach the c***dren a lesson they hopefully would never forget.
Miss Finkelstein was an attractive young lady of 24 years who not only was an accomplished musician but a talented athlete with a supple body and a very strong arm.
She chose a cane from a collection of instruments in the class cupboard . There were three canes ,two good wooden paddles and a stout leather strap but on this occasion she chose the heavier senior cane as both of the recipients were fully grown and well able to accept a more severe bottom warming.
Maria clenched her teeth firmly as the first stroke left a clear red stripe across her shapely arse. “Ouchhhhh “ she cried as the cane did its job landing in precisely the place intended.
Moving on to Henri who was not as brave as he hoped and was sporting a huge erection, Just as Miss Finkelstein enjoyed she brought her arm back and delivered with maximum effort a stinging stroke just above Henri’s balls. Not that she would have cared as she had often deliberately caned on the balls for full effect.
“Arrrgggghhhhh” came the cry from Henri’s lips …. The pain was tremendous , Just as it should be!
By the third stroke both Maria’s and Henri’s bottom were a bright red and both of them felt their bowels loosen and felt in danger of pooping themselves in full view of the class.
Not that this was unusual in any way as anyone who has been caned in this way will be aware and it was not unprecedented for a student to actually shit him or herself to their utter degradation.
As the last two strokes were delivered with gusto the two miscreants were clenching the arse cheeks and arsehole’s clenched to prevent such a humiliating accident.
They were fortunate ……….. This time.
Miss Finkelstein allowed Henri to go to the school lavatory to get dressed and also Maria who desperately needed a p*o.
There were no separate facilities and Maria sat on the toilet and let rip as Henri watched and started to dress himself. His dick was still fully erect and a glob of spunk was clear to see on his bell end . Maria f***ed a huge turd from her pink anus, then looking at Henri’s poor striped bottom and his obvious distressed penis said “ do you want to have a wank Henri”? “I really don’t mind “she continued. Henri’s lip quivered as he said “ I don’t suppose you could do it for me” with a hopeful look on his face.
“Oh for fucks sake “ she said , “give it to me you silly goose “ and gripping his turgid cock proceeded to give Henri the hand job he craved.
“If anyone comes in “ said Maria “we will get the cane again”
“Its worth it “ said Henri as his eyes rolled with pleasure.
Maria was playing with her pussy which was sopping wet as she masturbated Henri’s fat cock.
“Have you ever fucked a girl” said Maria teasingly
“No, never “ said Henri as he again blushed at such an intimate question.
“Would you like to fuck me?” said Maria growing bolder .
“ I would love to fuck you Maria” said the boy.
“Well you cant you dirty little boy” Maria laughed although her bottom was beginning to really sting as she wiped herself with the rough toilet paper supplied by the school.
“If you fucked me and made me pregnant you would have to marry me and my father would kill you “ Maria teased.
Maria slowed her hand because Henri’s cock was beginning to pulse and Maria wasn’t finished with him quiet yet.
“If you really wanted to fuck me it would have to be in my asshole and then you would be my fuck slave” ….. Maria was really getting into this prick teasing role .She had the poor boys dick in her hand and wanted to torment the c***d .
“I would do anything for you Maria” said Henri with a look of desperation and resignation in his eyes.
He had heard about Butt fucking from other boys and he knew that some boys enjoyed being penetrated by other boys but had never considered that a young lady would ever allow such a thing.
“If you hurt me or fail to fuck me well “ said Maria “ I will tell Miss Finkelstein that you spunked off on my face”
“Oh please” said Henri “Please don’t do that , I will promise not to hurt you “
Maria presented her red bottom to Henri and said “well fuck me well you bastard or I certainly make you pay “
Henri pressed his cock end against Maria’s ass opening , he was as hard as a rock and Maria’s bottom hole was surprisingly well lubricated as he slid his entire cock deeply inside her.
“Now fuck” Maria said, “In and out Henri, in and out “
Poor Henri was at his wits end as he felt his sperm rise . He knew he couldn’t hold back for more than a few seconds and he believed Maria was perfectly willing to tell on him if he failed to please…….
Henri was grunting like a wild boar and sweating profusely when the moment came and he shot what seemed like gallons of his salty spunk deeply into Maria’s back passage.
Maria looked back at Henri’s face and now limp dick and smiled.
“Would you have really told on me “ he asked with a pained look of despair.
“Of course not you silly fuck “ said Maria . “What kind of dumb cunt do you take me for”.
Henri and Maria returned to their class and resumed their seats and sperm was leaking unseen from Maria’s dilated bottom hole.

Maria was concerned that her father would see the cane marks on her bottom when she took her evening bath and that bothered her a lot as he would surely give her another dose of the cane for being naughty at school .

Back at the von Trapp mansion Georg was relaxing by the cold water pool . Georg like the freezing water as he felt it was good for himself and his f****y to go for a daily nude swim to stimulate the skin and keep a healthy body. Swimming was a comparatively new recreation in Austria and swimsuits were hard to come by and completely unnecessary in a closed courtyard in any case and the Victorian taboo regarding nudity was unknown in central Europe.
In truth Georg was a little bored. His life was idyllic but lacking in adventure and he secretly wished he was back at sea again, but Austria no longer had a navy due to the terms of the Geneva convention and in any case had no ports from which to set sail.
His deep love and passion for Agathe had not abated over the years and he had fucked her firmly that very morning and given her still perfect bottom a smart slapping which she loved so much.
Agathe had complained later that she felt “out of sorts” and had decided to stay in bed for the remains of the day.
George had engaged six maids and a very good cook to care for their every need . Maids were easily come by as the country was in a deep financial depression and jobs were hard to come by . Many people in Austria and Germany were going hungry and inflation was rocketing .Georg had heard that many young and not so young girls were selling their cunts for the price of a cheap meal in Vienna . Even his beloved city of Saltsburg with its meagre population of 130,000 had several prostitutes selling their wares every evening for a couple of schillings or less. Peasant farmers daughters were easy pickings and to lose ones job meant almost certain starvation. It was said that even a lonely goat heard could satisfy his lust on a young and beautiful teenager for the price of a cup of coffee at the Stifskeller
Vienna was turning into a city of decadence like Hamburg and Berlin and he had heard that sex shows were a regular occurrence in all of this city’s.
Earlier that day Georg had good cause to punish two of his servant girls . Greta for breaking a particularly valuable ornament and Agnes for trying to conceal the evidence.
Both of the girls were fifteen and very pretty with dark hair and slim figures. They were aware of the Captains way of dealing with such carelessness as they had both been spanked and caned before and they knew their bare bottoms were for it!
In their smart traditional short maids uniforms and starched cotton hats they were ordered to present themselves before the Captain one at a time for a bottom warming.
Greta was first as she bent over the Captains ottoman , the girl as expected had no knickers and she held her bottom high with her long legs spread widely for the Captains appraisal . Georg selected a medium cane from his stock and flicked the girls dress over her shoulders to present the most perfect bottom imaginable . There was no doubt that this part of Georg’s duties were extremely pleasurable as the girls puckered arsehole and bare cunt were exposed to his gaze. He was a red bl**ded man after all and the sight of a girls bare bottom was always a delight to behold. The girl was openly weeping as Georg delivered ten swishy and stinging strokes to the poor girls tender bottom . Greta’s bottom was bright crimson as Georg took the liberty of feeling his handiwork and caressed the girls arse and cunt as was his right and privelige .
“Send in Agnes and stand in the corner” said George “and hold that dress up “
Agnes was sent for and Greta took her place of shame in the corner with her dress held at waist height so that Georg could admire his work and humiliate the c***d.
Agnes stood before the Captain who ordered the girl to undress completely .
“You are to be punished more severely because your crime is greater in trying to conceal the truth from me “ Agnes had good sized tits for her tender years with prominent pink nipples . The girls was completely at the Captains mercy and she knew it .Georg replaced the cane and selected a sturdy wooden paddle from his “cane cupboard” . Walking around the naked girl he felt her titties and nipples tweaking them as he made his inspection. Agnes was indeed a fine healthy specimen of Austrian womanhood with firm buttocks and muscular legs…. “Assume the position” he ordered in his masterful way.
The girl bent over the still warm ottoman and spread her legs as wide as she knew the Master liked. Her hairless pussy was a delight and her light brown anus seemed to wink at the Captain cheekily. Georg ran his hand between her legs as if testing her womanhood at a meat market . The girls pussy was wet as he had rightly guessed….. They always were.
“Have you been playing with your pussy “ he asked . “Yes Sir” she replied . The simple minded girl didn’t even have the sense to lie. This was probably just as well because the Captain knew the ways of young girls and knew that they all masturbated regularly .
Standing back and taking careful aim the Master delivered the first of fifteen very hard swats to the unfortunate girls slim bottom . The c***d simply could not believe the pain as the paddle left its red mark on the left arse cheek! After a few seconds the second swat found its target on the girls right bottom cheek and the girl gulped in disbelief. Of course she had been caned and spanked many times before but this was a new experience for the c***d .The paddle hurt her poor bottom so much she was close to tears as she anticipated the next thirteen swats and she wondered how she could bear it! But bear it she must and by the sixth stroke Agnes was on the verge of shitting herself and hardly cared as the pain was so very severe. The captain was aware of the dilemma Agnes was in and had made many of the girls poop themselves in his presence On this occasion however he didn’t want the girl stinking his office up and the girls anus was fully dilated and she was ready to shit . That much was clear. Quickly he delivered the remaining swats and ordered the girl to run quickly to the toilet where she could relieve herself .Her fiery red bottom quivered as she ran from the room clenching her arsehole in desperation.
The Captain had never fucked any of his serving girls as he was fiercely loyal to his beloved wife.
As fate decreed Agathe was even worse the next day and the Doctor was sent for who after a thorough examination declared that Agathe had scarlet fever . A great sadness descended on the von Trapp mansion as the Mistress lost her fight for life and died early in the morning on January the 20th .
What seemed to be perfect happiness was snatched away from the Captain and his c***dren and darkness and despair paid its visit as it so often does in the affairs of man.
George was inconsolable at the loss of his beloved wife as were the six beautiful c***dren. Elsa was heartbroken as the f****y von Trapp stood at Agathe’s grave to pay their respects and grieve the loss they all felt.
That night Georg lay in bed wide awake whilst the c***dren wept alone.
Who could replace their beloved mother?

End of chapter two

Chapter three. Where Maria arrives from the Abbey as a Tutor to the c***dren and housekeeper to George………………………………...............................................

Chapter Three

Elsa had returned to Vienna with her new friend Max who promoted stage shows and musicals and it was rumoured was involved in the production of sex shows for the elite.
Elsa hugged Georg and promised him she would visit as often as possible. In fact Elsa and
Agathe were so alike in many ways although Elsa was slightly younger she was a painful reminder of his dead wife.
The c***dren loved Elsa of course as she was so playful and she had no c***dren of her own and yearned to spend more time with them.
Georg moped around the house and in some respects neglected the girls behaviour, as long as they were quiet and didn’t disturb him , he was content to let them be.
In Vienna Elsa was doing what she loved and did best. Elsa was a wealthy woman in her own right but she was a tremendous exhibitionist and lived for sex. It was for this reason she had hooked up with Max in the business of entertaining men of a certain class and stature with highly erotic private shows of fucking and other erotica such as spanking and caning of women of all ages . Elsa was also the co-owner of an established cabaret in the city. Times had changed with the new order and sexual shows were well tolerated by the police and Magistrates. The cabaret was very sexual in its own right but no fucking was ever shown on stage. Max would interview prospective would be actresses and in the time honoured fashion would use “the casting couch” to great effect.
Max was partially impotent but he still felt the girl up and made them put on special shows for his own amusement as he relaxed in his huge wing chair and masturbated.
The special sex shows were the domain of Elsa and with literally hundreds of girls and women to choose from she carefully selected the right girls for her “special” clients.
Spanking and caning shows were the rage all over Europe and the clients were encouraged to make the best use of the girls bottoms ….. For a mild or severe caning and if the client wished to fuck the girls cunt or arsehole.
More often than not a large cocked man was a part of the show and the client simply watched and wanked.
Older and fatter ladies were often in demand and they received the same treatment as their younger counterparts.
Elsa certainly had no financial need to perform but she loved it so, she would often substitute herself telling the client that the “regular” girl was unavailable.
She would only do this for the men she desired and after a good fucking in both of her willing holes would either suck the lucky mans big dick or present her beautiful bottom for a severe caning either before a group of horny young men or for a single man.
Elsa was in her natural element either supervising a caning of a plump older woman and the arse fucking that followed .
How she loved to see a huge mans cock enter a plump mature woman’s arsehole having witnessed a severe caning of perhaps twenty or thirty stripes of the cane across her fat bottom.
Her motto might well have been ,”no cock to large or arsehole to tight” as the women were required to leave no man unsatisfied in any respect…….. Girls as young as fifteen were expected to provide the same service and were grateful for the few shillings they received .

Georg had a vague idea that Elsa was somehow involved in the sex industry but was unsure of the details … He was to much of a gentleman to ask.
Three months had passed since the death of Agathe and Georg was at his wits end over the problem of how to cope with the c***dren’s well being. He was a man of honour and was aware that he had been neglecting them .
He had spoken to the Bishop who had promised to “see what he could do”.
Three weeks later the Bishops office had telephoned him and asked if he could call at the Bishops palace to discuss a possible solution.
True to his word Georg set out on the appointed day to see the Bishop and hear his proposals and any much needed advice.
Driving his huge Mercedes Benz convertible down the long winding road towards Saltsburg and the palace his thought never far from his beloved wife.
Georg had been virtually celibate for several months but for the first time since he could remember he felt the beginnings of an erection in his trousers.
Apart from his morning swim in the freezing pool Georg had not ventured outside and he looked forward to his visit to the city. Perhaps he would call in at his favourite book shop and browse a while.
Georg parked the luxury car in a nearby street as he had an hour to kill . Passers by, men and women alike tipped their hats in respect for their local hero and his aristocratic status.
Georg walked slowly and aimlessly in the general direction of the shopping area of the old town .Down a narrow alleyway he could see two women ,one a teenager of about sixteen and an older woman of about forty , her mother perhaps plying their trade as cheap whores as they leant facing the wall whilst two young men fucked them solidly from behind. They were completely bare arsed ,their dresses held high as the two men thrust their huge cocks into the whore’s cunts. It was always a chancy business allowing cuntal fucking as they could easily have become pregnant and it was considered much safer to be arse fucked or even sucked off ……… But the customer always got what he wanted and clearly these boys wanted cunt.
Georg lingered a while taking in the sight of the women as their knees trembled with the effort of holding their bottoms at a suitable height to allow a good entry for the mens pleasure. He would feel his own cock growing as he watched. He had all but forgotten the feel of a woman’s cunt .
Georg wandered off towards the Bishops palace totally forgetting his plans to call in at the book shop.
Next to the Great Cathedral of Saltsburg stood the comparatively modest palace and Georg rang the bell on the imposing and heavy oak door.
A pretty raven haired girl answered immediately. Dressed in the mandatory short black dress Georg couldn’t help but be impressed by the girls pretty young legs and pert slim bottom as she led the Baron towards his Grace’s office.
“Ah George” said his Grace, “I’m so pleased to see you” said the Bishop.
“Your Grace” said George, taking a seat behind the large and ornate desk.
“And how are you my dear chap” said the Bishop.
“Bearing up” said Georg with little conviction as he still had a vision of the two whores in the alleyway.
“It is your c***dren I wish to speak off” said the Bishop with a serious face. “How are they?” he continued.
“As well as can be expected “ said Georg.
In fact Georg had little idea how the girls were and felt a little ashamed at his lack of knowledge.
He had been doing his best in the circumstances but had little contact with his c***dren during these last few months . As far as he knew ,they were doing well enough at school and he had only had occasions to spank Brigitta and Marta twice. The two girls were only twelve and thirteen respectively and although he could and perhaps should have caned them both he had decided that a smart bare bottomed spanking would suffice. In truth he had forgotten what for.
Georg had put all of his c***dren in naval type uniforms and when he wanted their attention he used a system of signals on a “boatswains” whistle to call them when needed. They too were required to partake of a morning swim in the “cold” pool ,naked of course and from what he could see, they all seemed to be in operational condition.
“I have been in communication with Mother Superior Bernadette at the Abby of St Beryl’s and she has been kind enough to offer you the services of one of her novices, a girl called, errrr Maria whom she assures me is well able to tutor and discipline the girls as well as perform the duties of a Governess “ …. “I am assured by the good Mother that the girl is of good character and she will serve you well “
“Good good” said George. I certainly need the help . “When can I expect her your Grace”
“Tomorrow morning” said the Bishop. “And don’t forget George , Maria is a well educated girl ,but she is still a girl and I’m sure she will need a firm hand”
“Thank you your Grace” said Georg as politely as he could. “I think I know how to deal with young girls”.
At eleven o’clock precisely Maria was standing at the gate of the von Trapp mansion as she reached out with her slender finger to ring the bell she could feel the knot in her stomach tighten. The bell rang loudly which startled Maria and she felt her anus tighten.
She didn’t feel quiet as confident as she did earlier.
From a hidden door emerged Greta the pretty blonde maid who had been caned by the Captain on many occasions.
Greta opened the huge iron gates and said with a pleasant smile “you must be Maria”
“please follow me , the Baron is expecting you “
Little Maria followed the girl as directed to a large double door where Greta knocked and waited. “Oh fuck” thought Greta, “the last time I was here I got my poor arse caned”
The whisle blew a series of complicated notes and Maria was led to the desk of the famous Baron von Trapp who was sitting in his large leather chair smoking a small cheroot.
Somehow Maria had not expected the Baron to be so large or so handsome As he was .
Beautifully dressed in a fine Naval uniform of a Captain of the Royal Austrian Empire Maria felt a little intimidated by his stature and importance.
Georg looked at the girl . She was tiny by comparison to himself certainly and even to his own daughters and maids.
“Turn around” the captain ordered.
Maria turned quickly as ordered.
“Hmmm thought the Captain, “She’s a pretty little thing” … “Nice little bottom too”
“Your clothes” said the Captain” Will not do at all”!
“As a Governess , you will be required to be dressed in an appropriate manner”
“Yes Sir” replied Maria meekly as she turned to face her employer again.
“I see you are wearing knickers” said the Captain” …. “No one wears knickers in this household snapped the Captain “ twiddling his whistle.
“Get them off now”! he snapped “ and those rags, get them off too”!
With a look of resignation Maria dropped her knickers to the ground and removed the short dress of which she had been so proud.
Maria stood naked in front of the Captain bare naked and her small tits stood to attention .

End of chapter three

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