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My first 3some

It is a message i wrote to my friend...but somehow think it is interesting (or at least i hope is true one, happened 22.11.2012. in Osijek)

Well, u asked me bout my fantasies...would love to have a master who would treat me as a puppy with doggy tail plug in my ass nd take me on a leash. would like to hump his leg nd cum on it nd lick my cum afterwards...but i do have some of my own true experiences...never was involved into bukkake party but guess i am still young LOL.

Last week i was in my first 3some. It was nice but it isnt something i am interested anymore. think i am more 1on1 type of guy. one guy i know contacted me (he is married, wf, 35 kn from my city; 42 yrs, 175 cm, 15 cm cock size, stocky build, hairy chests) if i am interested into 3some. said nature i have no inhibitions nd love sex. He came nd we drove to 3rd guys house. 3rd guy is divorced, 47 yrs, 190 cm tall, 20×5 cm cock size.

Well, it was too much for me to take up my ass. All my measurements r right (like all my profile) nd as a pettit guy, my ass wasnt stretched for that monster. Dont get me wrong, i love to be fucked, i am more bottom than top, but i cant accept everyone.

So, we undressed nd lay on a bed. I licked chests of my friend nd he dived on a 3rd guys cock. My friends cock was clean (i love to suck dirty cocks...the taste is amazing ;) but i like to feel his flesh in my mouth. i sucked him nd licked his balls nd then licked his ass (he is top but he likes that).

Nd then i went to a monster cock...that was a nice prick. i grabbed it with my hand nd slammed my face with his cock. we wasnt washed nd my friends mouth didnt clean it completely so i enjoyed in his taste very much. he didnt wash his cock nd his balls had that warm lustful scent i love so much. I licked him up and down, but i couldnt get more than his head nd few cm of his cock in my mouth. I felt his precum oozing from his cock nd few drops of cum. He tasted quite salty but i liked his taste.

My friend wanted to suck him so we have changed object of our affection. i sucked him nd he sucked that monster...he liked it very much ;) I sucked his smaller cock i could accept in my mouth. I could suck him without problems, till his balls hit my chin. He isnt shaved nd i like the scent of a man trapped in his pubes, that excites me so much. So i sucked him deeply nd apparently i was so good in that that he came in my mouth. love the taste of cum...his pulses of cum filled my mouth nd i swallowed every drop. He is not into kissing though i would like to swap cum in a lustful cummy kiss...but u cant have it all, right?

He was stroking my cock nd his explosion in my mouth nd his warm hand triggered me to cum...i came in his hand nd he feed me with my cum. I licked his fingers clean nd while i stroke his limp i said, love the taste of cum.

The whole time i was thinking to sit on that monster cock, but i was afraid. i have 20 cm dildo at home, but i couldnt never fuck myself with it. Nd guy didnt have lube. My friend fucked me last time, but he used saliva as lubricant. His cock isnt huge so he could fuck me without problems (at that time i, as a lustful power bottom was fucking him actually so he came very quickly in my ass...afterwards i wanked on his limp cock nd lick him clean)...

But that monster was a different story i can tell u...I started to lick his cock up nd down, his hand were on my head guiding me to accept more...i accepted all i could...i licked his cock, slapped my lips and face with it while my 2nd friend coupled his balls nd massaged my cock. finally, his cock started to explode in my mouth. what a taste it was...salty ;)

Nd his cum wasnt thick like mine but i smeared over his head nd lick it after he stopped cumming...i have rough tongue nd i licked him up nd down, swallowing part of his cum but i use the rest to lube his cock nd lick him all over again.

Think i am a real cum slut...I wasnt fucked that time...but my great fuck buddy called me that day so we arranged meeting in his apartment next day nd...well, that was the most erotic nd wonderful experience in my life...we fucked wild nd licked, sucked, touched...but that is another story ;)

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