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I Used My Son After Coming Home In Need Of Sex

I’ve just got back home, all horny and merry with drink after a night out with the girls from work, one of them is getting married and all we talked about was men and sex. My pussy could do with a thorough fucking after seeing the cock on the male stripper, I thought I was going to come just watching him do his act.
The house was empty when I let myself in and my son is still not back from his night out. He is eighteen and there is just the two of us living here now.
I go up stairs desperate for my bed and pull my dress up over my head, suddenly catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Standing there in black hold-up stockings, a black lacy bra holding my 36dd tits in and knickers having to contend with my motherly size 12 tummy.
Not bad for nearly forty and I give myself a quick touch up, squeezing my tit and I slip a hand over my lacy knickers. That’s when I notice how damp my crotch is, talking and thinking about men all night has made my little kitty wet, I need some cock desperately but there little chance now, I think to myself.
A little play won’t harm me and I slip my hand inside my knickers, I feel extra warm and wet as my finger slips along my slit. It’s not long before I have a finger inside me, frantically finger fucking myself. Standing watching in the mirror my body shudders to a climax and my finger feels extra sloppy now.
Panting long and hard as my orgasm ends; I am now yearning for something to fill my fanny. Slipping my knickers and bra off I jump on to the bed with my dildo ready in one hand. The satisfaction as it spreads my fanny lips apart is immense; the only thing to better this would be to have a man sticking his shaft deep inside me. Next best thing is to think it’s a man fucking me and my hart throb is Mathew fox, just the sight of him makes my knees go weak and my pussy leak.
I slip my silk nightie on and go down stairs; Party of Five is already loaded in the DVD player and I settle down on the sofa to watch. Sitting up against the arm with my knees raised I started to feed the dildo back inside me, ready to pause the disk when he comes on the TV.
He’s paused on the best bit, no shirt on and I start to fanaticize that he is fucking me, twisting and turning the dildo as it slips faster back and forth has me screaming out for more. Then I thought I heard the door shut and quietly fuck myself, waiting and listening for more footsteps, but they never come. I’m a little wary now, I sometimes wonder if my son spies on me as I hear the floor creaking outside my bedroom some nights.
I think about Mathew’s slender body over me again, fetching me off to a whopping big orgasm and shout out his name as I come.
“Mat…hew, Math……ew, I‘m coming”
Still recovering from the best orgasm in some time, I do hear a noise
“Is that you Justin?”
“Yes mom”
I quickly shut my legs and pull what little nightie over my stocking tops, jamming it between my legs to keep it in place just as Justin walks in
“Not watching that again,” He says
“It’s reminds me of happy times”
I notice a very wet patch on the front of his trousers, then the bulge of his cock that it’s leaking from. Shit I’ve never thought about my son in that way before and he looks big too, was he watching me I wonder to make him that hard
“I’m off to bed, night, night mom” he says
“How about you massaging my feet first, I’ve been in heals all night”
“Ok then”
He sits down and I lift a foot on to his leg for him to massage and he gently rubs my stocking covered foot
“That’s nice love” I tell him
I fetch my other foot up on to his leg and feel the hard bulge in his trousers and start to gently rub it with my foot, I can now hear him gently sighing. It feels like it’s getting bigger and harder in his trousers. I do something no good mother should do and part my legs slightly, just to give him a glimpse of my legs and stockings. His breathing increases and I decide to part my legs some more, this time my nightie slides down my nylon covered leg revealing my stocking tops.
Justin gives a couple of deep breathe, shuts his eyes, then I feel his cock twitch and a steady pulse as he comes in his trousers. Shit I’ve just made my son come with my foot and I can still feel it pumping it’s good’s out.
I reach forward to hold his hand and get a glimpse of what he saw of me, shit I forgot I wasn’t wearing any knickers and my big dark hairy fanny is on full display for him to see.
“Are you alright” I ask “Sorry silly question?”
I lift me feet off his leg and see an even larger wet patch in his trousers
“Let’s get you cleaned up”
“Mom it’s alright, I can manage”
“Let me please, it was my fault it happened”
I lower one leg to the floor as I spin around in a panic reaching for the tissue, realizing I have just giving him the most stretched flash of his mom’s open fanny again.
Quickly pulling my nightie down to cover myself, I reach over and dab his wet patch as my motherly instinct kicks in, then realize what I was actual cleaning up.
“Do you want to do it” I ask
“Do you want to do it” I ask again
I look up and catch him looking at me, staring intently at me in fact. I look down to see what he’s looking at and find my tit hanging out over the top of my nightie. My little spaghetti strap must have slid down off my shoulder when I spun around and now the fullness of my 36dd tit is on show for my son.
He hasn’t noticed me watching him yet, he is so absorbed yet so innocent looking, I don’t think he has seen a woman for real. I should have covered myself up but I was over come with a strange feeling, a longing to let him see me.
I made the most of jiggling about, leaning forward hoping the other one might pop out but as my hard nipple slides against the silky material, I am starting to get sexually aroused now.
My tissue dabbing on the outside was of no benefit really, just an excuse for me to touch his cock and it still look’s and feels mighty big in his trousers after it has come.
I lean back against the arm of the sofa making sure I pull my nightie up off my fanny as I go, I must look like some slut, tit hanging out, legs spread wide apart and a dripping hairy fanny, waiting to see what my son does.
He might be my son, my little boy, but I am looking at him as a man to fill my desire of a cock inside me at this moment. I lift my foot back on to his leg, rubbing his cock with my toes. His hand slides back on to my foot gently massaging my toes and then I felt his other hand slide up the back of my calf. It went up and down my calf a few times before sliding down my thigh to my stocking top. He played with the pattern on my stockings and kneaded my naked leg spilling from the lacy top; I shut my eyes and take long slow breaths, taking in the pleasure as he played.
A little higher, I willed him to go, feel my wet fanny for Christ sake I thought to myself. Then like a bolt out of nowhere, I felt my nipple being rubbed and squeezed through my thin nightie. I can’t help myself and squash his hand tighter on to my boob rubbing it in a circular motion round and around.
He’s looking at my tits when I open my eyes with a naiveness look about him, a look like it’s his first tits to feel. This excites me all the more and I jump up and straddle his legs, kneeling up, I offer my nipple in to his mouth, which he greedily accepts. I pull him in tight squashing his face in to my 36dd tit while he sucks.
My other hand fumbles with his belt trying to undo it, which come’s free eventually. I pull down his zip and pull at the stud giving me access to my son’s cock. It’s pushing up the front of his boxers as I circle it with my hand, how big and hard he feels. All thought of my son obliterated from my mind, I pull the waistband over his cock and felt his naked cock end rub up my bush.
Fuck, too far gone to care now I hold his cock steady as I lift myself up and entering it in to my wet slit. Forcing my fanny down his shaft he spread my lips apart then fill his mom’s yearning pussy with pleasure, all I’ve wanted all night was a big fat real cock and now I have it. I start to ride him while I still have his head in my tits. Slamming back down on to his cock with f***e many times over.
I can not hide the pleasure he is giving me and moan out aloud while speeding up, I’m riding him like I ride my dildo, straddling a chair but with loads more pleasure. The feel of a real cock sliding up my pussy walls has me on the verge of an orgasm just then he lets out a muffled squeal in to my tits.
I felt his cock expand then explode deep inside me, setting off a chain reaction with my pussy muscles. I’m too far gone to care that I’m getting a pussy full of seed from my son and keep my fanny wrapped tight around the base of his cock, milking every last drop of cum from him.
My bosoms are hot and sweaty with him breathing in to them and my fanny feel like its going to explode with the amount of cum he is pumping in to me. I needed that, a good seeing too, but not with my son, eventually realizing. I quickly lift off his cock, grabbing the tissue, I used to dry his leg and jam it against my fanny while I climb off him completely .
Pulling my strap back up and covering my tit, I leave the room and go to the bathroom all in a confused state. I hear him come to his bedroom, at least I don’t have to face him until I can think straight, tomorrow morning at the earliest and I go to my bedroom for sl**p.

The sun wakes me the next morning, I have such a bad head and where and the fuck am I, my lips are stuck together and as I lick them, they taste of sex juice. The air is overpowering with the smell of stale sex also. My fanny feel that sore and there’s that much spunk between my legs, it feel like I must of had had a rugby team fuck me last night, Shit I’m not on the pill any more.
I look around, and the room looks familiar, not unlike my son’s bedroom. Shit, I turn over and there is my son with a bite on his neck, the size of France.
My mind is hazy but little snippets are coming back to me, I came in to his room last night to tell him it was wrong what we did down stairs. I know we cuddled to show there were no hard feelings between us and then I kissed him goodnight.
Shit I remember forcing my tongue inside his mouth and grabbing his cock. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again with his big hard cock, I was such a slut shouting out to him to fuck me harder then showing him what doggy style was before finally sucking his balls clean, no wonder I feel sore.
I slip out from the bedclothes finding myself naked with a bite on each tit and another stream of cum on the verge of escaping from my sore fanny. Quickly plugging the hole I run to the bathroom and while sitting on the toilet I come to the conclusion that I will never get that d***k again but how am I going to sort this out with my son now?.

The End

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