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Eva, My fuck-buddy

It all started when we exchanged smiles. Something in her look just made me smile that afternoon. It's not that she fits the "model look", but everything in her was fitting and in proportion. And she definitely knows how to dress for her face and body. I must smile when I see her. And really, why not? It's our human way to say, "I really like how you look." It also makes it easier for me to tell from her look back whether she is into me or not.

Luckily for me, her answer came before I started smiling. Apparently, she was staring at me with a bit of a smile before I notice her, and both our smiles got warmer since our eyes met. I had a brief thought about what in her looks that attracted me so much. Was it the face with her thick baby-lips and the hair neatly folded behind her? Or is it the little cleavage showing from her short dress. These boobs seemed to stand out telling how firm they are. Maybe it was the confident way she is sitting with her legs slightly apart? I really had to smile. If I am gay, I'd move a bit in response to how confidently good looking this woman is. I am not, and she was slightly smiling at me, so I gave her a slowly more confident smile, and she smiled just as nicely.

You probably composed a different mental image than what this story is going. We were not in a bar, nor on a beach, nor even a garden. We were sitting not-so-close from each other in a bus. It was a Saturday, and the woman had a couple of shopping bags with her. My other racing thought was, what am I going to do? It's a bus, and most probably she will go out some other place than me. She may not even be interested in anything but sharing that human smile, and I don't like to get refused in public, especially in a bus. I am also a bit shy, so I was afraid I have no time to think about a good plan to talk. It happened to me before in bars, not to mention, a moving bus.

The woman stood up towards the door, which was near my seat. Her smile is still present and inviting, and I am still thoughtless. In other situations, we would keep smiling until the bus leaves, but her bag torn with the bus stopping a bit roughly. I naturally reached helping her gather her stuff in my hands and went outside the bus with her, although it was my stop, because finally we are alone and I can ask her. We rearranged the bags, and I asked her if I can help her carrying the bags home. Aww, those two seconds of torture. Slap me for being so upfront, beat me for being so dumb and inexperienced, or refuse gently, these are two seconds of torture. She said, "my pleasure," and suddenly it's all happy thoughts, relief, and joy inside of me, and suddenly all the energy torturing me inside for those seconds turned into a happy cheerful feeling.

We chit-chatted along the tiny walk home. Her name was Eva. She had an interesting job that I knew nothing about, yet was able to spark my curiosity about the aspects of it. Her daily life was both exciting and challenging. It looked like she was so independent for me since we talked about this job. We arrived home, and she invited me to a cup of tea. Oh, a tea person. "I really really like you," or so I thought in my mind. Before entering the building, she told me, "I have a little, 6-year-old son. I hope it doesn't bother you." It didn't. Let's face it, she is a perfect woman so far, and she probably knows we will not be dating seriously in plans that I parent her k**. A perfect female, sexually available and inviting, probably with reasonable expectations from the relation, and I really wanted something casual at that time. So, I happily went in.

I remember one of my close female friends getting pregnant, and the father walked away from her. After that we had sex every now and then, but with no strings attached. It was sensual, fulfilling and did not change how we felt about each other as friends. Just friends who like to see each other naked from time to time, who rub their bodies against each other sometimes when they are alone, and still care for each other as friends. It really worked at that time, but I traveled for work later on.

Eva went in to prepare the tea, and came back few minutes later with two cups of tea saying, "The k** is still sl**ping, the home is ours now," with a big smile drawn on her face. I smiled back and thanked her for the tea and letting me in. Before the tea was done, I started to tenderly touch her thighs. She came close to my face, I came close and we kissed. I put my hand on her waist and I kissed her many small kisses then a deep one with a bit of tongue. She sucked my mouth more, and I kept kissing. I moved my hands up Eva's back reaching her shoulder, and moved my mouth to kiss her neck. Then I started slightly drawing her dress down, and moved back to mouth sucking. She asked, do you want to move to my room, and of course we went in. She locked the room behind us, and we started undressing. I like sucking tits and playing with my fingers down a woman's waist. If it makes her closer to orgasm, it makes me more self confident. And just when I started sucking her clit, we heard the room's door knocking. She came to attention, and said, one second, quickly dressed, went out and closed the door behind her so the k** doesn't know anybody is there. Naturally, I was so embarrassed, lost the mood, and of course, worn my clothes as well.

Ten minutes later, she came in stealthy footsteps, and told me she is terribly sorry, asked me to leave her my phone number and leave discretely. Well, that was disappointing, but understandable, if not expected much to our naivety.

Eva called me later early the same evening, told me she is again terribly sorry, and she would make it up to me if I let her. She asked if I was free this night, as she can arrange for her s****r to babysit so that the two of us have a decent plan. I happily agreed. I was not confident, but I felt she'd call soon. Eva was horny that day, and we had unfinished business. We went to a club were we danced, drank and just about midnight we were grinding each other's bodies, as close as we can, and I was feeling her butt, to much of our joy.

We started moving off the club to my place, which was conveniently close by. During our walk, Eva and I exchanged gropes and kisses every two steps. Eva was indeed horny and knows what she does. I like that in a woman. We reached home, went up, and in a flash light we were undressing each other. Suddenly all these clothes we were wearing seemed too much. How do you hide this sporty waist under this blouse. How is these perfect boobs are being chained by this sexy bra. How are these nipples that taste like heaven were under all these clothes. I wonder if she was thinking the same, it was clear to me she was enjoying her time just as well. I took her skirts and panties off. Her thighs were so womanly, of the sporty kind. In between those thighs was one of the most beautiful pink pussies I have ever seen, clearly wet and dripping with sweet cum of really inviting smell. I licked a bit of it, and used the rest to lubricate her pussy. The moment I started licking her pussy again, she grabbed my hard-on penis and said with a heavenly smile, I will try to make up for you what happened earlier today. She took me in top, started sucking my dick, while opening my butt cheeks and moving them together in a steady repeating movement. She really knew what she was doing. Really.

Meanwhile, I was licking her pussy, moving from labia to the other, stopping for a while sucking on the clit. These thighs are perfect, I like that my face is in between them, and this smell is so good. Minutes after her caressing my penis I moved back to a couple of kisses on her mouth, holding and teasing her breasts. Do I really have to choose between these lips, these delicious breasts, her pink pussy, or her thighs? I was going crazy, but her moving hands on my back to my butt was only saying, come on, it's time for the pussy dance.

So here is it my tongue again on her pussy, licking and lubricating her more with my saliva, or tasting more of her cum, either way I was liking what is being done more and more. Eva started lightly and deeply moaning, and I continued, she kept moaning, and I was also enjoying it. Then she barely gathered her breath and asked for my penis inside. "Put it in," she said, then she slowly repeated, "put it in." I quickly unrolled that condom on my penis and it was right in.

If experience has taught me anything, it is that when I am inside a woman, my hands should move around her body's erogenous zones, and my mouth should, for the most time, kiss her mouth. I sometimes like to think the woman feels like she is doing as much fucking as I do, and I have to glorify this part at the end. Every time I do this, their experience becomes more personal and more intimate. So, I did, and her beautiful face, and delicious lips helped me more and more and suddenly I felt her pussy's throbbing around on my penis. I couldn't control it anymore, apparently neither she was. We held each other closely while each of us gathered their breath. I kissed her a couple of kisses, saying, "you were wonderful." She nicely replied, "you brought the best out of me tonight."

A moment of priceless silence, then I told her, "now we continue that cup of tea we left that afternoon?" She burst into laughing, and her boobs were bouncing while laughing. I brought us two cups of tea, and we suddenly were touching and holding each other while drinking it. After we were done with it, we went for two more rounds of shagging. It was a magnificent night.

Later we became close friends, as well. Eva was witty and interesting as a person, and she liked me for who I am just as I did for her. It's nice since we both take things lightly, we are both easy-going, and often have common things to do, aside from shagging. We also shagged often, whenever we both had a good chance.

It's something really I want to say. I have deep respect for her as a mom. Even her being-mommy-related issues were interesting to talk about, and maybe she took the whole thing about relations lightly after she got her k**. She knows really how to enjoy a shag, while keeping her image as a mom for her k** without too much distractions to his side. She really is independent, and she really has a lovely smile.

Last weekend, Eva and I spent a whole day almost in bed. She gave me a boob job with her firm boobs. I masturbated her three times. I became addicted to having my mouth sucking in her pussy, while she is sitting on my face and my nose is slightly stuck between her bums. I came addicted to her boobs and their soft touch in my mouth. We became quite solid fuck-buddies.

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