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Annie Shows Me How

Annie was the first girl I ever had sex with. This happened many years ago when I was at that age when a boy becomes a man. I had hair growing on my balls and I was horny all the time. I was always trying to sneak peaks of my mom in the buff and any other female for that matter. I was also hitting on every girl that I saw.
Annie seemed to know how I felt and flashed me her tits and even her pussy. Annie was my older s****r. Annie had dark hair and very nice tits. She had big brown eyes and a cute face. She and I had always been close.
On this particular afternoon we were home alone and would be for several more hours. Annie and I were bored and sitting around talking. The conversation soon turned to sex and Annie asked if I had any luck getting laid or even seeing a girl naked up close. I told her no and asked if she could help me out. Annie smiled real big and stood up and took her clothes offand sat back down in front of me with her legs spread giving me full view of her snatch. She had one cute pussy, not very hairy and pout lips. Her lips were open just enough to show a little pink.
I reached out and touched Annie's pussy, i pushed my fingers around her lips and thru her soft pubes. She was wet which at that time I did not fully understand what that meant. I smelled my fingers and this made me even more horny. My pecker was about to explode and hurt very bad. Annie asked if I liked her body and I told yes very much so. Annie asked for me to remove my clothes and I did. She was amazed at my pecker and how hard it was. She stroked it and fondled my balls. Pre-cum leaked from the tip of my pecker as she explored my goods. I pushed my fingers up inside her and she moaned.
We both laid out on the floor and explored each other much more. After several minutes of play I asked Annie if I could put my pecker inside her pussy, just for a minute. She said no, that would be wierd. I asked her again and this time begged her and she said yes but only for a minute. Annie laid flat on her back and lifted her legs and spread them wide. I in position and pushed my pecker inside Annies sweet pussy. She breathed heavy and told me that it felt amazing. I pushed till my pecker was in as far as it could go. My balls were pushed up against Annies ass. I sat there enjoying Annies warm cunt and she was enjoying my cock. I pulled my pecker back almost all the way out then pushed it back into her very slow. Annie told me that it felt so good but we had to stop. I just kept doing this nice and slow and Annie was really enjoying it. I made a few more slow thrust but then my balls were so full that as soon as I hit bottom again I exploded deep inside Annie's sweet pussy filling her womb full of my hot cum. We both screamed out in pleasure and I collasped on top of Annie.
Annie told me that it was the most amazing thing she had ever done and she wanted to do it some more. I fucked Annie several more times that day and then every chance we got after that. We did everything under the sun also. I still fuck Annie to this day.

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