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Sharing my beautiful wife with my best friend

My beautiful wife is always in a state of arousal, always turned on and wet with naughtiness in mind. We traveled to the Emerald isle recently and stayed with friends, my best mate actually. A few drinks and some wit and banter got the conversation to more daring raunchy level, with sexual likes and pervesions. Secrets were revealed and it opened a night of flirtation and temptation. My 28 year old wife Zara loves sex and when we are alone we act out our fantasies, threesomes being a favorite, and this was a night with no exception. We eventually were about to retire for the night and it was just three of us tidying away the glasses and she was just giving a usual friendly kiss n’ cuddle goodnight to my best mate, when he just went into a rant of how beautiful she was and embraced her passionately in front of me which I eagerly encouraged. I came behind here and pressed myself against her beautiful pert arse, she giggled nervously as she was sandwiched between us and could feel how turned on we both were. Our hands were everywhere and I whispered into Zara’s ear to let him feel how wet and turned on she was. He was demented and his lusting for to explore every inch of her petite toned body, his fingers probing under the waist band of her leggings, into the wet crotch of her saturated skimpy panties.I pulled up her tight white vest to give him full view of her gorgeous breasts which he immediately sucked on. It was all so very risky and a noise had f***ed us to abandon the intended fuck fest, well for him at least, as his wife was just only upstairs. We continued to pleasure each other and discuss a plan that would actually lead to reality, it was such a turn on for us both that we reached cliamax more rapidly than usual.
The following morning we awoke to an empty house and I wanted to make this fantasy real. I phoned his mobile and asked “So are you going to come join us or not?” He said “Are you really serious?”. “Yes!” I responded “If you come now”. With that he was on his way. I told Zara who was a little nervous but excited at the thought, we decided to shower in preparation for our first time real sex trio.
Zara was making her way out the shower and as she entered the room, there he was standing before her with a hungry look in his eyes. He asked her what took her so long in the shower. She giggled and said she had to wash the wax off from ‘down there’. His eyes widened with excitement and he took a step closer to her. “Can I see?” he asked, but before she could respond he began unraveling her bath towel and sat her down on the bed
I had just finished in the shower and was walking up the stairs towards the bedroom slowly as I realized it was suspiciously quiet. The door was ajar and as I approached the room I could hear the gentle moans of Zara. I slowly opened the door slightly further and watched in awe as my best friend was licking her beautiful smooth pussy. His face was buried deep into her as she was lying on the bed on her open white bath towel. He didn’t stop to acknowledge my entrance, just continued to devour her sex. I stood above her head and dropped my towel revealing my pulsing member, as she looked up at me with uncertain expression which soon turned into pleasure as I reassured her with a smile.
I was stroking my cock to the sight before my eyes, so fucking aroused from watching them. His actions were gentle and loving and her response making my cock throb. She moaned , squirmed as we both feasted on her beautiful form. Her breathing fastened she reached out to grasp my length, pulling me towards her wanting mouth. I slid my penis across her lips and into her mouth taking my hard flesh into her throat.
Her body trembled with delight, her pleasure doubled, I needed to have her and pulled legs towards me and smiled “my turn”. I turned her body over, she spread her long, luscious legs apart revealing a very wet, and wanting pussy. I held her ass cheeks apart and slipped in slowly, giving her every inch of me bit by bit. Her pussy was hot and very tight, she made my friend reposition himself so she could suck his cock and balls, he just couldn’t hack it as his body stiffened and she swallowed his load. He lay back exhausted and quivering and watched as I fucked my Princess with a crazed passion. We carried on into the afternoon, he had returned to work, and every position was tried until Zara and I both came. I filled her with my cum and I too was drained dry by the most beautiful woman whom I adore with all my heart. You may ask why, and the answer is simple “her pleasure is my pleasure” x

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