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Fornicating with my English Teacher

I’ve never gotten along with girls my age. All my luck has been with older women. I’ve always carried myself a lot like an older man – a gentleman and I dress more mature than guys my age. I always have. Not to mention my immense size – over 6 foot 3 when I was in high school and my strong work ethic. Perhaps older women are attracted to me because I’m so responsible and knowledgeable? I’ve even been told by my college professors “you remind me of my X-husband” or “you remind me of my b*****r” on more than one occasion.

In my first xhamster story I told you about how I slept with a married mother of 3 from my job. This time around, I’m going to tell you about the third relationship I had during my high school years. Once again, I’m not into writing fantasy – I only write true stories. I do not use real names – so I can never be traced back to this, nor can anyone else. We’ll call her “Ms. Ganelle”.

Ms. Ganelle was a 25 year old English teacher in training during my sophomore year in high school. She was about my height – very large for a woman – and had very large breasts, thin legs and was little overweight due to her chest size. I’m personally not into very large breasts. I like my women to have C-cups. Asian girls I’ve dated have had A’s or B’s mostly, but one of my chubby girlfriends had D’s. Ms. Ganelle wore the stereotypical “English teacher style glasses” and typically wore long dresses and a shawl. I’d never been sexually attracted to her, but apparently, I just wasn’t paying as much attention to her as she was to me. During this time I was 17. I worked across the street from the school in a convenience store – my first job.

Let’s fast forward to the juicy part.

It was a day in June (my mother’s birthday) and we’d just finished singing “Happy Birthday” to mom. All the sudden, a call comes in and someone says “it’s for me”. I’d expected any call coming in would be for mom, but it just so happened it was Ms. Ganelle. She’d gotten my contact number from her attendance book and told me she wanted to talk to me. I had no idea what she wanted to talk about.

I took the phone to my bedroom and laid down ready to chat. She came right out and told me that she had a crush on me. I was completely taken aback by this. Not knowing what to say, I simply replied: “I like you to!”. Mind you, if this same type of conversation happened this day in age, she’d have been arrested and lost her job- if anyone found out about it.

For the next 2 or 3 hours I sat and talked with her on the phone. She told me: “you always give me strange looks with your eyes” and I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. I just agreed with her and let her keep talking. Over time, the conversation evolved into: “how big is your penis” and “how many girls have you done it with”. Each new question out of her mouth shocked me even more, but I stuck in there and answered them. We talked for a long time and later when we were about to conclude, she told me she’d visit me at work while she was in summer school teaching.

During my work week, she did visit me. She came to my job and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and a little hug. She asked me to come to school after work – to her classroom. The high school was very large and the rooms were mostly secluded after the school day ended. Most of the teachers rushed home along with the k**s while some stayed behind for paperwork duties or 3rd and 4th period classes.

I came into the English office one such day and sat with her at a desk. Back then, it wasn’t standard procedure yet to keep the room door open when a teacher conference with a student. This was the 90’s after all. Back then, Male teachers typically had to keep the door open if they had a female student, but you didn’t have the problems of female teachers and male students fornicating. Back then, catholic priests and altar boys weren’t even a big deal. Not till the 24/7 cable media frenzies began.

Anyway, the office was a small cube shaped room that she promptly locked as I came in. I sat next to her and we talked a little more. It wasn’t long before she wanted to escalate and suddenly she was kissing me on the lips and I had one of my hands on her breast. She nonchalantly reached into my shorts. Her warm hand felt wonderful as she grabbed my quickly hardening penis and started stroking the shaft of it. I was extremely excited. I’d never gotten attention of the sort from girls my own age without having to press the issue. Here – I’m getting it right away!

She stopped kissing me, backed her chair up, tilted over and put her face in my lap. The warm gooiness of the saliva in her mouth dripped all over my penis like a perfect lubricant. Her head bobbed up and down like a chicken and she took her second hand, rubbed my thigh and pressed her hand against my belly as I leaned back against the wall. The hallways were completely silent with the exception of a few students moving to the later day courses. No one could have known I was getting blown by my English teacher. In the unlikely event anyone put a key in the door and attempted to come in, we’d have enough time to cover it all up.

She slurped and stroked and LOVED my penis in a way I’ve yet to experience again. In college had a Chinese girlfriend with a smaller mouth and I could only manage to get the head of my penis in. Her teeth were jagged. She did what she could but it just wasn’t enough. Older women know how to do what has to be done I learned. Her head continued to bob up and down like chicken pecking for worms. And my penis got harder as she continued to stroke the base of the shaft, but I hadn’t reached the point I was ready to ejaculate yet.
I reached over and tried to finger her twat, but she took the next step, got up and lifted up her skirt. Her mound wasn’t very hairy. I started to rub between her legs and could feel nothing but oozing wetness. I leaned against the wall and didn’t have to speak a word. Ms. Ganelle quickly straddled me, pulled her thin cotton panties aside and slid the head of my penis into her oozing, waiting vagina. I had no condom available and no attempt was used to find one – or any other protection for that matter. She used the other two chairs beside me for leverage with her knees and bounced up and down on me. I grasped her hips and pulled her down each time she moved upwards. Eventually we were locked together with her vagina writhing against me. She was deep kissing me while her arms were around my neck.

Still no sound from the hallway. Classes had begun. Janitors wouldn’t be cleaning till everyone left the building, so we were pretty much safe to do whatever she wanted to do. I continued to thrust into her. I pulled her breasts out of her bra and they flopped on me. She used her hands to position the nipples so that I could suck them. Her kissing stopped as she began to have an orgasm and she simply laid her head on my shoulder and moaned lightly in my ear to keep anyone from hearing us. I thrusted deeper and she whispered to me:

You fuck me so well.

You’re so good at this.

“Don’t you love my warm pussy” ?

As she continued to climax she whispered: “oooooh, you’re the best fucking student there is…fuck me more”. “Keep fucking me”. “Just like that”.

Having Ms. Ganelle grinding on me was fun, but I couldn’t cum that way because she was a bit heavy. When a girl is on top of me and I’m not in bed, I have a very hard time cumming. I decided to have her get up and lay on the desk instead. She let me re-enter her vagina and her legs surrounded me to pull me in. I started thrusting easier and getting closer to orgasm. I banged away at her and she arched her back against me – tilting her head back and closing her eyes. She reached down to feel my tummy and then spit on her hand and grabbed the base of my penis as it continued to pound her. Before long, I could feel my penis tightening and knew I was going to cum. A few more thrusts and I prepared to burst inside her. Her vagina was so good at actually grabbing my dick and milking it for all it was worth– she could almost be considered virgin tight.

She couldn’t scream aloud so she just let out a quiet “uuuuhhhhhnnnn”. I looked at her and said: “oh fuck, I’m cumming in you Ms. Ganelle”. Thick, white hot beads of semen started spewing into her cunt and I continued using the sides of her vagina to squeeze my penis empty. My large hands squeezed her inner thighs tighter and tighter ensuring “proper” implantation of seed. When my grasp loosened, she pulled my member out and allowed a few bursts of goo to leak on her hairy mound. Semen which made its way inside her began to drip on the floor – leaving greasy stains like mayonnaise.

Ms. Ganelle got up, pulled her panties back in place, fixed her bra and fixed her skirt. We sat back down next to each other still panting and lightly touching each other in non-sexual spots such as the shoulder, stomach and the leg. A few minutes later, and we got up and left school for the day.

I had many more “sessions” with Ms. Ganelle. A few in her bedroom and a few in the office. In order for no one to get suspicious, she simply told people she was being paid to tutor me.

I didn’t tell anyone this story until long after I was in my 20’s. #1 I didn’t think anyone would believe it and #2, I didn’t have any close friends to share it with. I stayed busy with my studies and work. I was a pretty solitary guy. I guess this is a good thing, because it became a well kept secret and most of the student/teacher relationships end as media circuses. Fortunately, this happened long before media frenzies and cameraphones – which get everyone into trouble nowadays. It’s also a good thing she used birth control because I could have impregnated her 25 times over. I never used condoms with her and every single “session” ended with her swallowing my seed or having it staining her underwear.

To this day, no other woman has sucked me off as well as Ms. Ganelle. In that time, she has married, continued her career and recently gave birth. We are Facebook friends and every now and then I slip her an inside joke about all the fun we had.

Ms. Ganelle and “Jane” are just two of the older women I’ve been with. More stories to come.

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