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Thanksgiving gravy

We always kept our play away from f****y members.
Until now.

Home wrecked pretty good from Hurricane Sandy.
Did Thanksgiving at my cousin's place on the North Shore.

After weeks of cleanup and being exhausted meant by end of day there was no sex.... Me sucking cock does not count. I sucked, I swallowed, they sl**p.
Not my idea of a good time. I now had a man grinding his hard cock through my dress. Gus finally had energy for play!

We leave the mob for the far side of the house. Quiet and empty!
Gus is out of his clothes, I have pantys off and dress pulled up.

Ass on the dresser, one leg on the ground and the right leg over Gus's forearm. Finally !!!

Thick head buried.
Not wet (no time).
He will bash through.
Click and the door opens.

My cousin Christine is standing there to my right and just says "OMG, that is a huge cock".

"Chrissy, can you leave us alone?"
"Sorry" she says and when she turns away to leave she says "Do you share him?"
Stupid me says "Yes now get lost".
She leaves and in no more than a few minutes I'm cleaning up gobs of cum.
Now the knock on the door. It's Chrissy, she never left.
"Are you done?"
Gus answers yes, she opens door and says "Share now?"

Chrissy is maybe 20 pounds overweight with a absolutely huge chest.
I've noticed when she puts on weight, most of it looks to go to her boobs.
Which Gus loves. So mister shy guy says "Do you think it's too huge?"
Chrissy says she never had huge. Gus still without pants on wiggles a finger to wave her over. As she approaches he takes her hands and places them on his cock. Which leaves his hands to unbutton her top and pull her bra down below her tits.

Chrissy is looking down past Gus's hands and taking in the huge thickness of Gus, who is no longer growing soft. She looks at me and says "You're OK with this?" And I answer with two words "We swing."

With that, I tell them I'll be lookout and leave to stand outside the door and give her fair warning that he can be a brute.

From the hallway I heard Gus invite her suck him.
Thus got him rock hard again. I could later hear her gagging on his cock.
Then I could tell she was getting out of her skirt.
Then I could hear her saying she was unsure if she could take that.
Which was followed by doors opening. Chrissy was getting lubricant.
Then muffled groans mixed in with her OMG's.
Eventually this was followed by a breathy "Don't cum inside.".

Which got me to open the door and peek.
Only to find my guy in his favorite lazy mans position on top of the bed with her on top of him. Let her control it. Gentelmanly for sure. Right? Wrong! I've seen this all too often. He is just lazy and he gets to focus all his attention on big tits.

She is panting and I could tell by her facial expression she was having an small climax at that moment. To her credit, she had taken in most of him. That was her undoing. The next thing I did was nasty.

"Gus, flip the bitch over and cum inside her hard."
Which prompted her to try to hop off.
Gus caught her waist, exchanged positions and slid right back in.
He put a hand over her mouth saying "You have to be quiet."

With that, I went back outside the door. This door was stopping very little sound. More muted groans were now accompanied by the sound of a bed rocking. Then I hear Gus declare "this is great, you have all of me now. Like it?".
Chrissy's response surprised me. "God I love it, you better cum inside."
And in no more than a minute I hear the sounds only Gus makes when he hits his climax. Which prompted me to open the door for a peek.

Chrissy is flat on the bed making whimpering sounds while her arms stretched above her head as her legs are wrapped above Gus's hips. Gus is standing on the floor, one hand over Chrissy's mouth, one hand pushing a boob and his face locked on the nipple. He is in his 'draining out' position. She's just coming down off a big orgasm. "Can you guys make more noise? Get dressed before you have the whole f****y over here." I command.

During dinner Chrissy is making lots of trips being the hostess to the mob.
I noticed more than a couple trips into the near bathroom. Later on when talking in private she tells me she was changing maxi pads which were soaking up all his cum. She also added that she's never been so stretched. The crazy thing I learned is she is just like me. When she felt him starting to cum she went into a really big orgasm too. Genetic connection?

We had lots of girl talk about stuff we have not spoken about in all too many years. We even fondly recalled different points of view from the time when as k**s we both joined Mikey in the shower. Our first dual blow job! Turns out Chrissy and her husband also hard swap / swing with bondage, though not very often. I thought it odd when learning they literally "wife swap" TV show style as they swap houses and spouses for a whole weekend.

This coming weekend is the big party at Chrissy's place.
Chrissy and John's friends Cal and Mary are invited but have not confirmed.

For the girls team:
Skinny young first timer Noreen.

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Look forward to my writing again next week.

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