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Old and young threesome fantasy...

A few months ago, I met a girl online who was into threesomes with older men and women. Her name was Kayla, and she was freshly 18, very petite, only about 5 feet tall and weighing only 80 lbs. She was blonde, had nice flat tits and a bit of an ass and a completely shaved pussy. She kept her hair in pigtails and had a "schoolgirl" look to her. Over the course of meeting her, she let me know that she really wanted to fuck an older couple. I'm just 33, only a little older, but she was okay with that. She wanted a woman, however, in her 50's or so.

I told her that I had never been in a threesome before, but was looking forward to the day, and I'm especially turned on by the idea of an old and young threesome...

She let me know that if I wasn't doing anything that night, that she would meet me to accomplish our mutual goal. I didn't even have to think about it... I agreed to meet her at a dive bar in town.

When I got there, I saw Kayla. She was dressed like a total slut, wearing only a tube top and a short skirt. The men in the bar were all over her, but when she saw me, she quickly ended all of that nonsense. She walked over to me and immediately put her tongue down my throat, squeezing my ass when she did this. I was rock-hard at once. She smelled amazing, too.

She could feel how excited I was to see her, and I thanked her for the warm greeting.

"You look very... Naughty tonight, Kayla", I told her.

"This makes things easier for us. It won't be long before were both in an old whores pussy.", She said, matter-of-factly.

I liked the sound of that. She was right, too, because not even a minute after she said that, we spotted a perfect mature woman staring at us. We knew exactly what was on her mind. Kayla approached her immediately?

"I'm Kayla. Want to have some fun with us?" she asked the woman.

"I'm Donna... What did you have in mind?" Donna replied.

"Well... My boyfriend and I saw you and thought you might like to go to his place. We could get more comfortable and fuck each other there if you'd like.", Kayla said.

"Mmmmm... I haven't been fucked for quite a while. I'd like that, but you look very young. I'm not sure why you'd want someone like me when there are so many other people in this place", Donna said.

"I just turned eighteen three weeks ago, but trust me, you are exactly what we want. How old are you, by the way?" asked Kayla.

"I'm fifty-eight, and very horny... Should we go?" Donna said.

With that we immediately piled into my car and left for my place. Donna was in a terrible marriage with her husband as we learned on the ride. They had not fucked in years. She was a very sexy mature woman... She was also on the short side, about 5 feet and 2 inches, and very heavy. Her curves gave way to giant tits, a huge belly, and an enormous hot ass. Donna also had brown, slightly curly short hair with touches of gray that ran through in little ribbons. Kayla was sitting in the back seat with her as we drove.

They were playing with each other and each had their hands up the others' shirts as we drove, kissing each other softly. I could tell that Donna's mind was blown, because she tore off her shirt and then pulled Kayla's top off, revealing both Donna's huge tits tucked in a bra, and Kayla's naked, perky nipples...

When we got to my place, both women were half naked, and couldn't leave each other alone. Kayla and Donna got to my couch and immediately started right where they left off in the car. Kayla pulled Donna's panties off and without hesitation started sucking Donna's hairy old pussy.

"Mmmm.... You taste so good", Kayla said.

Donna could barely let out a reply. This was my opportunity to pull of Kayla's skirt, exposing her panty-less ass. I spread Kayla's tiny cheeks and began munching her sweetly perfumed ass. She gyrated and pressed her ass into my face as soon as I did this. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my tongue in and out of her soft asshole. Kayla put her hand on her clit and wildly rubbed it as she continued to grind her ass against my face.

Donna was moaning during all of this... Kayla must have been experienced with pleasing a woman, because Donna seemed to be loving it. Kayla stood up to reposition Donna on her hands and knees on the couch. Donna's huge ass was sticking up in the air and Kayla spread Donna's ass cheeks and spit on her slightly age-worn asshole. Kayla slurped at Donna's hot asshole as I watched, astonished.

"Mmmm... I love sucking your pretty butthole, Donna.", Kayla said.

Kayla turned to me, "Would you like to try?"

Without hesitation, I ran my tongue from Donna's clit to her asshole, tongue-fucking her as Kayla held Donna's ass cheeks wide open.

"It's so yummy, isn't it?" Kayla said.

Kayla slid underneath Donna and started eating her pussy while I sucked Donna's ass. Kayla's soft hands pulled my cock out of my pants and she started tugging my cock against her smooth pussy while we both worked on Donna. I got very hard and then Kayla asked Donna if she wanted some cock, now. Donna definitely did, and Kayla guided my hard cock into Donna's slightly loose and wet pussy.

I gently pushed my cock all the way into Donna, listening to her gasp as I did so. Then I gasped as Kayla slid a damp finger into my ass, telling me to fuck Donna harder...

"That's right, babe, fuck her hard", Kayla commanded.

Kayla pulled her finger out, sucked it, and then started rimming my ass as I fucked Donna's pussy. I could tell that Donna was cumming at this point, from my cock hitting her in just the right spot. Donna's body was slightly convulsing with ecstasy as I continued ramming her pussy while getting my ass eaten.

I pulled my cock out and slid it into Donna's ass. It felt much better than her pussy, and her asshole gripped my cock surprisingly well. Kayla walked in front of Donna and stuck her ass in Donna's face. Donna moaned as she tongued Kayla's pussy and ass while Kayla furiously rubbed her clit. Kayla let out little sighs as she would grind her ass against Donna's tongue.

Donna's ass started to feel so good, but I didn't want to cum until I got to fuck Kayla, too, so I pulled my cock out of her now gaping asshole. I nearly blew my wad right there when I saw her cavernous butthole, wide open.

Kayla made me sit on the couch and then she sat down on my cock, thrusting my cock deep into her tight ass. Her smooth asshole felt much different than Donna's gliding over my cock. Kayla's asshole was tighter, but more forgiving than Donna's. Kayla's chest heaved as she bounced on my cock, and Donna got in front of Kayla so that she could lick her pussy while I assfucked her.

This made Kayla bounce even harder and start to squeal. Donna kept right on going, with even more intensity than before. I just sat there, trying not to blow my load into Kayla's ass as she clenched her ass muscles around my dick and rode me hard. Kayla began to twitch and scream as she started spraying Donna with her hot juice. That's when I couldn't take it anymore. I filled Kayla's ass with my hot cum as her fresh asshole pulsated around my cock.

It was the hottest experience of our lives...

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