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Liz.....Round 2

I got a rather unusual call from Liz, the ther****t I had met at Gloria's dinner party. "I've been thinking of you, and wondered how you are and what you're doing," she said. I told her I had been busy, with little time for myself. She laughed, and said, "As your ther****t, I order you to make some time to relax." Figuring it was just small talk, I relied, "And, Doctor, just what would you recommend for that?" She let out a wicked laugh, and said, "Pack a small bag, be in my driveway at six sharp...dress nice but casual." Sensing a deeper plan, I asked, "So, will I be admitted, then?" Her reply was short and concise, "Yes...into intensive care."

I raced home, showered, changed into a dress shirt, slacks, and boots, threw a few things into a bag, and pulled up in her driveway at 5:55 P.M. She hear my car, and came out of the house to greet me. She looked even better than I remembered....with her hair all done up and pinned high on the sides of her head, her makeup perfect as usual, and wearing a white low-cut sweater thriugh wich I could easily see the smooth white nylon bra she was wearing, a black silk narrow skirt which stopped a couple of inches above her knees, suntan coloured hosiery, and a pair of patent leather high heel pumps with ehat looked to be cork heels. A wide black leather belt wrapped her waist, and she had red pearls and matching earrings and necklace. She threw her arms around me and I felt her ample breasts press against my chest. "I've sort of missed you," she smiled. "Me too," I said. I grabbed my bag, and she told me to throw it into her silver Chrysler convertible. "We'll take my car," she said, "I'll get my bag and we'll be off." I watched with some degree of lust as she walked into the house and I saw the wide back band of her four-hook bra under her sweater. She came out, tossed me the keys, and said, "You drive, I'll tell you where." I opened the passenger door for her, and watched her skirt ride up her legs as she got in.

We were on the road for about fourty five minutes when I said, "Okay...if you don't tell me where we are heading, I will think I'm being a*****ed." She looked at me and said, "We're going up to the "Diamond Lake resort...I'm meeting a colleague there to give her a research paper. We'll have dinner and stay the night." I was now comfortable knowing what was in store, and began to speculate about getting Liz into bed as soon as possible. "So..who is your colleague?", I asked. "Her name is Molly, and we were friends in college. She is working on her PhD., and asked me for some reference material," Liz explained.

Two and one half hour later, we pulled up to the amazing complex to see. I carried our bags to the registration desk, and Liz told the desk clerk herlast name, and that she had an overnight reservation. "Oh yes...Mr. and Mrs.," said the clerk. I blinked rapidly as I looked at Liz, who just gave me a sly wink. "The suite has the king bed you requested," said the clerk. As the bellhop lead us to the room, the clerk looked at me and gave me a sinister wink of undertanding.

We got into the room, and Liz excitedly said, "OH GOOD...Molly is here and will meet us in the dining room at 9:45." We arrived at the elegant dining room and were lead to a booth in a far corner. There sat a woman who appeared to be in her late 40s or fifties, plain but attractive, with dark brown hair pulled into a severe bun, dark horn-rimmed glasses, very little makeup other than bright red lipstick, and wearing a charcoal blazer with silver stripes, matching long skirt which ended just below hwe knees, and a bright red satin button up blouse which did little to conceal her very large breasts. Introductions and cocktails followed, and i felt she was very stand-offish by the way she conversed. I realized both women were wanting to let their hair down, as evidenced by the rounds of cocktails we were consuming. We ordered dinner, and Liz excused herself to go to the washroom. An awkward silence fell over the table, when all at once, Molly smiled oddly, and asked, "Are you enjoying staring at my boobs?" I stammered a reply, but she cut me off saying, "No big fact it pleases what you see?" I nodded, and said, "What size are they?" Instantly she replied, ൰D, all real, and very firm." She pulled the sides of her blouse back revealing a black lace bra and the deepest cleavage I'd seen in a long time. "Lovely," I said.

Just then, Liz got back to the table, and our dinner came. We ate, had a couple more after dinner cocktails, and went into the lounge to listen to music. Liz wanted to dance, and each time I danced with her, it was more difficult to keep my erection from popping up. Then, Molly stood up to drag me onto the dancefloor. Her long skirt had a side slit which I hadn't noticed before, and I noticed she had a shiny black nylon slip on under it. She was also wearing black high hells with straps which criss-crossed her ankles, and light charcoal hosiery. She pressed her breasts into my cheast as we slow danced, and rubbed her thigh against mine. "Do my boobs turn you on Trev?" she asked. All I could do was to whisper, "Yes."

A while later, all three of us were feeling our drinks, and as we rode the elevator up to our floor, Liz passed out. I caught her with two handfuls of her breasts before she hit the floor, and Molly helped me get her to our room. WE laid her on the bed, and I covered her with a spare blanket. I turned around to see Molly standing with her hands on her hips, and her legs spread apart in a very domineering pose. "Well...I see she isn't the big hitter she once was," she said. "So...would you like to see what you've been staring at and bump-feeling all night?, she asked. I nodded and she took off her blazer, then unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Her black lace bra was gorgeous, as were the two large breasts it contained. She took her bra off next, and as I watched in amazement, unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing a very shiny and sleek black nylon half slip with a slit which matched the one in her skirt. My penis was at full erection as she circled me and as she passed in front, she brushed her hand over the bulge in my pants. "Let me see your tools," she said. I pulled my clothes off in an instant, and she smiled her approval as I stood before her naked. "Liz told me you like nylon slips and hosiery," she said, "Is that so?" I nodded, and she lifted up her slip to reveal a black satin garter belt with six tabs, holding up a pair of thigh high silk stockings which came halfway up her thighs. She wasn't wearing a panty. "Tell you what," she said, "Lets' have a look at what Miss Lizzie is wearing under those clothes." Molly sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled the sweater Liz was wearing up over her breasts. "Hmmm...nice smooth cup nylon bra, eh?" she asked. She then reached under Liz's legs to pull her skirt up, revealing a white nylon half slip which had to have had six inches of lace at the bottom. and a pair of suntan stay-up stockings with no garter. As Liz spread her legs to get a better look at her stockings, I saw the crotch of the white panty Liz was wearing.

I was mesmerized as Molly took the sweater and skirt comletely of off Liz, then did the same with her bra and slip. Molly's nipples were quite small, but her aerole were huge, and very dark brown. She laid on top of Liz, rubbed her breasts against Liz's, and began kissing and licking her neck. I picked up Liz's white slip and began to masturbate with it when Molly turned to me and said, " use my stuff for that." I knelt on the bed astride both of their legs, and began stroking my erection with the back of Molly's slip. "How does that strange slip feel on your cock, Trev," she asked. Soon, she had removed Liz's panty, and was licking her kitty. I had worked my habd betwen the two of them and was pinching Molly's breasts and caressing them. Molly pulled off of Liz, and took my full penis into her mouth, and I could feel the slipperiness of her saliva and Liz's juices. She backed off of me, sat up, and pushed her breasts together saying, "Fuck my boobs with that slippery cock!!" It felt wonderful to rub against her cleavage, and I wanted to cum, but she said, "Not yet." She again straddled Liz, and began rubbing her kitty against Liz's. I rubbed my penis against the back of her silk stockinged legs, and over the garter belt she wore. Liz was beginning to awake, and was moaning in pleasure with everything Molly did to her. Suddenly, Molly turned to me and said, "Fuck us both....NOW!" She slid up a bit higher on Liz, giving me room to get between Liz's legs. I pushed my rock hard erection into Liz, and ahe moaned in delight. Molly slid her ass down toward me, and in once easy thrust, I pushed deep into her. "Give me that big young cock," she growled as I pumped her. I alternated between the two for a long while, slowing at times to delay my explosion. Liz was now fully awake, and the two of them were sex-talking each other and telling each other how my penis felt inside them. I was buried in Molly when Liz said, "Let him cum all over your slip Molly...I want to watch him." Molly pulled away, moved off of Liz, and sat at the edge of the bed. Liz sat up, and very close to Molly. "Cum on Molly's slip for me Trev, " Liz said. Molly grinned and said, " you do on Liz's slips." I straddled Molly's lap, and began stroking myself. Liz was caressing my balls between my legs, and whispering encouragement to me. "You make him cum Molly," Liz said, and Molly's soft hand wrapped my aching penis and began to stroke it.
The way Molly's full breasts swayed and bounced just inches under my hot penis quickly got me to the edge, and soon, I was washing Molly's face, breasts, ans lap with hot semen. Liz and Molly embraced for a passionate kiss, and fingered each other. I pumped the last shots of my semen onto Liz's arm and back as the two of them shared their own climaxes.

We spent the night in that huge bed, and I filled both of them with my cum until dawn. I fell into an exhausted sl**p, and when I awoke, it was only Liz - showered and wearing only a pink nylon bra and matching hip hugger panty, and me. "Moly left a while ago sweetie," she said. Go shower, and we'll head for home. Tonight, you're all mine.

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