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Caught with s****r in laws panties part 2

........ So there I was on my hands and knees knelt in front of my wife's little s****r. She was sat on a chair in front of me, I was staring at her crossed legs I could just make out the top of her stocking poking out from the bottom of her skirt.

" do you like what you see you dirty little pantie sniffer" Amy said as she uncrossed her legs and opened them out a little wider

My spent cock was starting to harden again but this time I was very uncomfortable as the dirty knickers I was wearing were so tight they restricted its movement "yes Amy"

Amy spread her legs allowing my to gaze at her knicker clad pussy, she reached her hand down and touched the growing damp patch in the gusset of her knickers. I could see she was enjoying this as much as I was. "I want you to come and smell my pussy "

I needed no encouragement and leant my head down between her legs, the first thing I noticed was how warm her thighs were either side of my head as I moved my face right in to her crotch I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy, and with my face nearly touching I took a huge sniff. I don't know if it was the deep intake of breath or the scent of my s****r in laws pussy but my head span

"That's it you filthy perv, sniff my panties whilst I'm still wearing them. You dirty cunt" it was really getting her off I never would of guessed she was so kinky as I took another great sniff Amy pulled me by the hair so my nose was buried deep in her wet knickers, she let out a moan of pleasure. Amy stood up turned around and knelt facing the back of the chair, she lifted up her skirt and spread her arse cheeks, looking back over her shoulder she told me to "bury your nose in my arse "

I placed a hand either side of Amy's arse. Her arse was so firm and the straps of her suspenders were so soft my brain was going into sensory overload, I buried my face into Amy's spread arse my mouth was pressing against Amy's pussy and I could feel her swollen lips on mine. My nose was directly against her tight little arse hole. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought it would burst, the pain as the head pressed against the seam of the knicker I was wearing was becoming unbearable but I had never been so turned on in all my life.

I threw caution to the wind and extended my touch to touch against Amy's lips and as I worked my way from her swollen lips to her hard clit she let out an immense moan of pleasure. I licked her from her clit to her arsehole though her now soaked knickers, Amy pushed her arse hard against my reaching back and pulling me in my the hair, to the point were it was actually hurting my nose.

"Oh god don't stop you filthy bastard lick my sweaty pussy, I want o feel you try and push you tongue up my arse hole"

I was starting to get light headed from the lack of oxygen when Amy pushed my head back and whilst looking my in the eye with a stare that nearly made me cum there and then, pulled her sodden knickers to one side. I couldn't help but notice how much like her s****rs pussy it looked.

" as Iim giving you the honour of letting you put your dirty tongue on my pussy you better do a proper job" with her left hand holding back her knickers she spread her pussy with her right. I pushed my tongue as far up her pussy as I could managed, I could feel her juices running down my face. I pulled my tongue from her beautiful pussy and started to lick her puckered arse hole. I was amazed at how easy it parted as f***ed my tongue in, this clearly was a girl that loved anal sex. Amy moaned and groaned as I worked her holes. Amy quickly turned round and leaning back on the chair rubbed her pussy furiously forcing a huge orgasm out of her self and as she came hard she squirted her juices all over my chest.

" mmm I needed that, thanks you dirty boy" Amy leant forward and with her finger she lifted some of her juices off my chest and pushed it in my mouth, it tasted as sweet as her pussy did. I greedily licked her finger, then she pushed it down my throat making me gag. Amy looked at the huge bulge in the knickers that I was wearing, with put saying a word she extended her stocking clad foot and rubbed my cock, it hurt but felt so good at the same time. I watched as she positioned the shaft between her big toe and the next one and wanked my cock. "Pull my knickers to one side I want to watch you cum for me"

I pulled her knickers to one side and took out my cock, Amy placed one foot on top of my cock and the other underneath it and roughly rubbed my cock , the sensation of the nylon rubbing on my dry cock really hurt as I went to pull away from her a massive orgasm ripped through my body and thick spurts of cum shot over her stockinged toes.

"We'll now you've ruined a pair of my panties and a pair of stockings, clean them!" Amy pushed her cum covered foot into my mouth and as I licked my own cum from between her toes she massaged my balls with the other foot. " that looks as clean as your going to get it" Amy said looking at her foot.

"Thank you Amy" I said breathlessly

"Your welcome" Amy stood up, reached her hands up her skirt and pulled off her knickers "you can keep these"

They were so wet, but still warm and as I lifted them up to my face Amy smiled "I think we better keep this our little secret, don't you"

"Yes" I said now feeling a little guilty about what I'd just done, what would my wife say if she found out that I'd allow her little s****r to use me in the way she had.

" just remember, I now own you and I've you don't do as I want.... Well you be the idea"

Amy turned and left the room, giving one last glimpse of that fabulous arse.

Over the next few days and weeks we carried on ours sordid little game, I would go off to work in the morning and put my hand in my pocket and pull out a pair of Amy's knickers. I'd then go to the toilets at work and take a pic of me wanking over her knickers and send it to her at work.

I would be stood in the kitchen and Amy would wait for her s****r to leave then walk up to me and stick her fingers under my nose, which she'd just had up her pussy or arse, she love to watch me try and hide my erection when my wife came back into the room........


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