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Holiday fun

We were on holiday in the sun and had spent most of the day by the pool. A combination of the heat, loads of semi naked bodies and a few drinks was making both of us feel randy and I could resist feeling my wife's arse in the lift on the way up to our room. I pulled her bikini bottom to one side and fondled her bum.

As we got back to the room, we saw the maid's trolley outside our room. Great, I thought,as I opened the door to be greeted by the sight of the maid on the bed with her overalls up around her waist, her eyes closed and her hand down her knickers!!

She was probably in her early 40's and had very nice looking plump breasts and long, well tanned legs. She looked up almost as soon as we were through the door and closed her legs. She told us in broken English that she was really sorry but she couldn't help herself!!

We told her to relax and not to worry as masturbation is perfectly natural and if she wanted to, she should carry on. I could feel my cock twitching in my shorts and I knew that my wife was feeling hot. The maid smiled as I walked towards her and gently parted her legs. I knelt down in front of her and gently pulled her knickers down to expose a lovely glistening wet pussy. Her love lips were starting to part and I rubbed a couple of fingers up and down her moist slit. She moaned with pleasure as played with her clit and lips. I soon had a couple of fingers deep in her cunt and she was dripping juice. I pulled my fingers out and replaced it with my tongue and licked and sucked at her lovely, juicy hole. My wife was behind me and I could feel her pulling my shorts down to expose my stiff dick. She had taken her bra off to expose her magnificent breasts and erect nipples.

I stood up and kissed my wife, so she could taste the maid's juices. Angela (my wife!) then got went down on the maid and it wasn't long before the maid was arching her back and moaning with pleasure. My cock was rock hard and looking for relief, so I slid Angela's bikini brief's to one side and slipped it into her very wet twat. She looke over her shoulder and smiled at me and then continued to lick and suck the maid's pussy. It wasn't long before I shoot my load into Angela's hole and the maid let out a moan as she came.

I pulled my cock out of Angela's cunt and climbed onto the bed. The maid took my juice and spunk covered tool into her mouth and sucked and licked it until my dick started to stiffen. Angela had found her rabbit sex toy and was easing it in and out of her spunk filled cunt and letting the ears vibrate on her clit. She had her eyes shut and was obviously close to her own orgasm as the maid started to kiss her breasts and bite her nipples. My cock was stiff and ready for some more action and as the maid was on all fours next to my wife, I got behind her and slipped my cock into her dripping cunt hole. As I slid in and out of the maid's hole I could see Anglea bite her lip and l let out a low moan. She was nearly there. The maid then began to push the vibrator in and out of Angela's hole as I continued to fuck the maid and as I did Angela came. He body arched and quivered and when she relaxed, she opened her eyes and gently pulled the rabbit from her well used pussy.

The maid took the vibrator from my wife and licked it clean!!

I was still fucking the maid from behind when she said that I could fuck her other tight little hole. I took my dick out of her pussy and with the aid of some lubricant eased my member into her arsehole. It took a few moments for both of us to get comfortable and I could feel my wife between my legs. She had the rabbit against the maids twat and pushed it in until the ears were on her clit. The maid was dripping juice and I knew I was going to empty my balls very soon. The maid began to twitch and as my wife rammed to rabbit in and out of her cunt as I fucked her arse. I shot my wad deep into the maid and before I went soft, the rabbit did it's trick, the maid let out an almighty groan and had a fantastic orgasm.

We never did find out the maid's name, but both agreed that we would love to try a FFM threesome another time.

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